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fivefingers: anything at all about your five fingers shoes

2013.05.04 05:34 fivefingers: anything at all about your five fingers shoes

If you own a pair you already know how awesome they are so why not share with others! Post pictures of you and your Five Fingers whether its up a tree, on a rock, underwater, or at the office! Also feel free to ask any questions regarding Five Fingers shoes, or share concerns!

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Almost anything involving poking holes in flesh with sharp metal. New here? Welcome! In the app, tap on "community info" first. On desktop, check the sidebar first

2010.04.21 22:11 smckenzie23 Barefoot & Minimalist running

A community of barefoot and minimalist runners.

2023.06.04 18:21 Fieryyyy WSIB if I want a looter shooter/looter shooter-esque game with infinite progression and replayability?

I feel I might be searching for a game that doesn’t exist, but I figured I might as well try my luck. I’ve invested some 1,200 hours into Warframe, but I’m burned out on the game and don’t intend on going back to it (the developers of the game are making questionable updates I don’t even want to touch). With that in mind, I’m looking for a new looter shooter to replace it that I can play for thousands of hours, and possibly forever, but there doesn’t seem to be a single game that meets my requirements. I guess the best way to describe what I’m looking for is “Borderlands meets Chronicon”. I want a looter shooter with satisfying gunplay, that still has the infinite scaling and progression of Chronicon (like Path of Exile and Diablo), where you can get stronger and stronger with essentially no limit, and face tougher and tougher enemies that continuously scale infinitely as you climb the difficulty ranks. I’m not a fan of top-down ARPGs since most of them have really grim and dark art styles that don’t appeal to me at all, and their combat loop essentially boils down to holding down left click and watching things explode, which doesn’t seem fun. It seems that there isn’t a single game that fits my criteria, though, and all looter shooters have a hard cap on how strong you can get, or simply don’t offer enemies and game modes that scale infinitely. I’ve been searching for what has to have been years at this point, entirely in vain. Here are some games I’ve looked at, which don’t entirely fit what I want:
The Borderlands Games: They have a hard cap on how strong you can get, so I’ll probably end up putting them down eventually. Enemies also don’t scale past a certain level.
Destiny 2: I have no intention of forking out over $100 a year just to keep up with new content. I simply don’t have that kind of money. The game’s developers seem just as disappointing as Warframe’s, as well, and I have no plans to subject myself to all of that again.
The Division 2: Again, there’s a hard cap on how strong you can get.
Deep Rock Galactic: The procedural caves in the game provide plenty of replayability, but the game itself offers next to no meaningful progression. It’s not exactly a looter shooter, either.
Risk of Rain 2: It does offer infinite scaling, but doesn’t have any kind of permanent progression.
If anyone’s been able to find a game that fits my description of what I want, do let me know. I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 18:21 ta589962 Anyone else DC with Natural essence?

I’ve typed as either a DC or FN but clothing wise, DC definitely looks better on me. I look AWFUL in loose and flows styles. I really need things slim fit and tailored to look good. But the natural essence is 100% me! Baked goods always ready for guests, lover of all things warm and cozy. Barefoot in the summer, long wavy hair, I love hiking and yoga etc.
Does anyone else struggle with this?! How do you dress to accommodate your different essence?
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2023.06.04 18:20 SereinaMearcy Is my father legally required to financially help me during my studies?

Good evening everyone,
Before I ask my actual question, I need to provide some background information so that the answer is not simply a "yes" or "no," as the situation is somewhat complicated.
When I was young, my mother experienced domestic violence through my father. She divorced from him. At that time, my father was unemployed, and my mother had a poor lawyer who only focused on the divorce. The lawyer did not suggest legally securing that my father would have to pay child support once he had money in the future. It didn't occur to my mother either, as she was understandably emotionally distraught due to the situation and just wanted to put the whole thing behind her as quickly as possible.
As a result, my father hasn't really contributed much financially over the years. Of course, he would give me gifts, such as my electronic piano, electric guitar, or laptop. Meanwhile, my five-year-younger brother had his ice hockey hobby financed (around 100,000 CHF over the years, if not more).
Both parents received social welfare assistance over the years. My father simply lived off of it and never worked. My mother worked as a hospital cleaner during the day and as a waitress in the evening for a while. Now she is "only" working as a cleaner. Financially, she barely makes ends meet for us.
My paternal grandmother earned a good income during her life. She owned a beautiful apartment in the center of a Swiss city. However, she was very old and had Alzheimer's. Since she lived on the other side of Switzerland, it was not possible for us to take care of her. She was placed in a nursing home, where she lived for a few years. My father had to finance it because her money was essentially "frozen" due to her Alzheimer's, and he couldn't access it. Unable to continue financing the nursing home, he was forced to sell the centrally located apartment. He sold it for at least 800,000 CHF.
A few months later, my grandmother passed away. My brother and I inherited 20,000 CHF each. My father inherited much more, but he wouldn't tell us how much. I estimate it was over 100,000 CHF. That was 2 years ago. Today, he told me that he now has "only" 80,000 CHF left. He didn't say where all the money went. Although he bought a car, a caravan, and a motorcycle, the sum of the disappeared money doesn't add up. Additionally, he doesn't have to pay rent as he owns a two-story house with a large garden.
Now he plans to move to Colombia this year because the cost of living is cheaper there, he speaks the language, and he has a daughter there. The latter was completely new information to us. If he moves to Colombia, he also won't have to repay his debts to social welfare, for some reason. Before moving to Colombia, he will sell his house. He should get at least 1,000,000 CHF for it.
Now, here's the problem. I want to go to university next year. My mother is unable to financially support me. My father doesn't want to support me financially because he doesn't have to - he's not obligated to pay child support. My question is: Can I take legal action against him to make him contribute to my university expenses? I will need around 1,000 CHF per month. Of course, I could wait until his death, but I would still need to find a way to finance myself until then. I'm also afraid that I won't inherit much because he favors my brother, and he not only has a daughter in Colombia but also one in Canada. I don't know if my two unknown half-sisters also have a claim to the inheritance. There is also a risk that he will squander all the money before his death.
So, the two questions are:
  1. Can I take legal action against my father and ensure that he supports me financially during my studies? I live in Switzerland and parents are usually required to support their children until they are done with their studies.
  2. Do my two half-sisters have a claim to the inheritance? They had very rare contact with our father throughout their lives.
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2023.06.04 18:20 AutoModerator [Download Course] Roland Frasier – Ethical Profits In Crisis Accelerator (E.P.I.C.) (

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2023.06.04 18:15 frank_and_beans Thinking About Travel Differently

There are a few factors that have led me to start thinking a little bit differently about my approach to travel.
I've been lucky enough to do some fantastic travel over the past decade+. I've covered good chunks of 30+ countries on 4 continents. For these trips, I've mostly focused on "seeing the highlights." I feel like I've seen a lifetime of gorgeous churches/temples, ancient ruins, stunning vistas, white sand beaches, etc... I've eaten and drank my heart out. I've made intriguing (if transient) connections with travelers and locals. I guess this sounds a little like bragging, but there's a point.
My most recent trip was to Indonesia. My wife and I had two weeks, which is probably the most we'll ever have for a vacation again until we retire (thanks to American work culture). We did about a week of "highlights" in Bali, which was honestly underwhelming. I could see the potential charm of the temples and waterfalls and beaches, but it didn't really have any novelty to me. It could have been Tulum or Thailand or Sri Lanka or Crete or any number of places I've already been.
But then, we spent 4 days on a scuba diving liveaboard boat in Komodo National Park. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. It brought back all the joy and beauty of traveling and seeing the world with fresh eyes. It's already a memory that I'll cherish for the rest of my life. When I think about why it was so memorable, it seems like it was because it's just a thing that can't be replicated anywhere else in the world. Like eating the world's most delicious $1 bowl of noodles on a little plastic stool in a little town in the Mekong Delta. Or sailing a Hobie Cat solo around the North Sound of Virgin Gorda. Or rock climbing in Smith Rock, Oregon, or wine tasting in Franschhoek, or waking up early and having the gardens of Versailles to myself, or seeing lion cubs in Masai Mara.
Again, this sounds like bragging. I've been spoiled in two meanings of the word; the world has indulged me with beauty beyond anything I deserve, and my future enjoyment of travel has been somewhat blunted by my wealth of experiences. So it was with some trepidation that I just booked insanely cheap award flights to New Zealand (thanks delta). It was too good of a deal to pass up. But as I start to look into the "highlights" tour of New Zealand, I can't help but feel a sense of deja vu and ennui (pardon my French).
So what's the solution? Vow to staycation until I build up the urge to travel again? Maybe, but life is short, and family and career may limit my travel options in the very near future. Not to mention unexpected obstacles like pandemics, climate catastrophes, political upheaval, and my own health and fitness. Instead, I think I will try to chase that one thing, that irreplicatable experience that defines a certain point on the globe, and seek that out in every new place I go. Let's see if that approach works.
My question for you all is, how have you gotten over travel fatigue? That sense of dejennui? (Okay, I will work on my portmanteaus.) Has the focus of your travels changed with experience? And, selfishly, and specific recommendations for quintessential New Zealand adventures that can't be found anywhere else in the world?
TL;DR: I guess this is just another post about travel boredom and I'm looking for New Zealand recs.
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2023.06.04 18:15 MedusaCascde Sleep trained and night weaned - 13 mo

I found myself commenting a lot about sleep training my 13 mo. Posts about older babies usually have fewer responses because most people sleep train earlier. This post details how we sleep trained, night weaned, and dealt with early morning wake-ups. It does not include nap training.
Method - Sleep Wave from The Happy Sleeper book
Background - We moved when LO was 4 months old. I started a new job when she was 4.5 mo and she started daycare at 5 mo. We had originally planned to sleep training but after all that upheaval I was really enjoying nursing to sleep and rocking my daughter for awhile before putting her down. It was the most peaceful time of day for me. Also, it was working really well, so I didn’t feel the need to sleep train at them time. I’d also let the internet get into my head a little about sleep training and was less inclined to try.
As I said, it was working really well. I nursed to sleep, she got up twice a night to eat and that was really it until 8.5 months. Then, we had a never ending chain of ear infections which culminated in tubes at 11.5 months. Sleep was so terrible during that time (which obviously was inevitable) and while it got better, it never really recovered. So we sleep trained at 13 months.
Sleep Training - The Sleep Wave
I highly recommend reading the book. The method involves a sleep routine and 5 minute check-ins with a mantra.
Our bedtime routine: - breastfeeding - diapers and pjs - brush teeth - baby led play (awesome and highly recommend!) - sleep sack - books - rocking and lullaby - put down awake and say mantra
Check-ins: - If she was crying, we’d set a timer for 5 mins - timer goes off —> go in room, say a mantra like “it’s time sleep. We’ll be right outside. We love you.” Then, leave the room. No soothing. - Repeat check-in until asleep - She stops crying but then restarts, restart the timer when she starts crying again - Since I was breastfeeding (and to be honest baby is more attached to me), it was critical that my husband did the check-ins. Once we switched the first night, it was much faster. - We continued breastfeeding overnight until done with sleep training. If it had been 3 hours, I went in and fed her. Tried to put her down awake (didn’t always happen, I didn’t stress it). If she cried, my husband did the sleep wave. -If she cried between feedings, my husband did the sleep wave.
Night 1 - She was overtired. Fell asleep after one check-in by me. But woke up an hour later and screamed. I did a handful of check-ins that didn’t work great. She was standing and crying when I went in. My husband took over. I think after 2 check-ins with him, she went to sleep. She ate twice overnight, cried when I put her down, but went to sleep each time with 1-2 check-ins for Dad. She woke up a few times and went to sleep with check-ins.
Night 2 - cried when put down but went to sleep with 2 check-ins (I think). Ate overnight and woke up a few times but less than night 1
Night 3 - cried when out down but asleep after 1 check-in. Ate overnight twice. I don’t think she cried other times.
Nights 4-5 - I honestly can’t remember. She may have needed one check-in in the beginning or after eating. We were definitely done after 5 nights though.
Nights 6-7 - sometimes she would cry a little but always less than 5 minutes. Started timing limiting night feeds to 5 mins to prepare for weaning.
Night weaning - Reducing time
For a few nights before, I limited feeds to five minutes based on the book’s suggestion. Then, I dropped 30 seconds every other night. She eventually dropped to one feed and then none. If she regressed, I used the last amount of time. We were done in a week. She dropped them all before we hit the final time of 1 min 30 seconds. I think after that you start cutting feeds beginning with the earliest.
Early morning wake-ups - Sleep Wave and Green light
The downside of sleep training is it came with 5-5:30 wake-ups which were never an issue before. At first we just dealt with it but once sleep training and night weaning were cemented for a week or two, we followed the book’s advice.
We used the sleep wave from 5-6 am. The book recommends 6 am (or 11 hours after bedtime) as your okay to wake time. Even if that meant a check in at 5:55am. At 6 am, we went in, made a big deal about it being morning, and got up for the day. I also started using the green light and bird sounds on the hatch to signal it’s okay to wake. But I turn it on manually right before going in because we don’t actually need to be up until 6:30.
It took about a week. She just made it past 6 two nights in a row. Hopefully, it sticks. The book says to expect it to take 2-3 weeks.
Naps - We haven’t napped trained because we mostly don’t need to and she goes to daycare. Before daycare, we did drowsy but awake while we stayed in the room and sang. She learned to nap independently at daycare pretty much right away. Sometimes she wakes up to early on the weekends from naps. We hold her to if she hasn’t slept an hour yet. Since she’s only napping at home two days a week, we’re not going to nap train. Might do it when we drop to one nap if it’s an issue.
This post has gotten ridiculously long and it’s time to go to the playground. I’m going to edit it later. I’m sure there’s mistakes but I’ll post now so I don’t lose it.
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2023.06.04 18:14 fitnessador How to Stay Fit and Fabulous After 40 with the Right Diet #StayFit#Fabulous

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2023.06.04 18:14 Sleepy__neko- Alliance tips?

Hi there! I just unlocked alliance and I’m having a hard time just understanding why it’s useful. I don’t have a lot of cookies leveled up and it’s so insanely hard to decide what cookies to put on one team let alone 5 so I just pressed the auto button for all of them. How do I spread around the power to all my teams? Should I be spreading around the power..? Is alliance even worth running? Please I will take any tips in terms of alliance!
(Ps: my game likes to crash every so often and apparently it doesn’t like alliance so it crashes like every five levels and I have to reopen it and continue playing again..this contributed to be not playing since I unlocked it)
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2023.06.04 18:13 MoonlitSintari [AA] The Hunt

His vision was a void. Endless black was the extent at which he could see. No light was present even when he opened his eyes, but that was how they preferred it.
He opened his eyes and again there was no light outside. On the inside, there was a hum and chopping sound as many blades cut through the air to string them along on their journey.
“Closing in on drop zone, Almahar is now in sight”, the pilot relayed to them. His heart pumped faster and faster as the seconds drew by. No matter how many breaths he took it would not stop the impending fear of death.
“It's been quite some time since a new Incarnate has been spotted, hasn’t it?” A member of his squad asked the pilot. “Correct, Dark Force hasn’t been mobilized outside of Hirimazeth in many years”, the pilot answered. This news made his hands shake and his heart race faster.
“Lights on”, the pilot said, and all at once weapon mounted torches were aimed down at the sand. Ahead of them, a large spotlight beamed down drawing a path to their landing zone. What was he thinking getting cold feet now? There was no backing out of the mission. He was trained well and knew what they were asking of him. His heart eased and he regained control of his jittery hands.
The six of them hopped onto the sand on the outskirts of the city as they were just about to land. Similarly, another helicopter landed next to theirs and unloaded just as many men. “A backup team is on their way, but you're expected to capture the Incarnate without them”, a final order was commanded and the two SHOCK helicopters lifted off without them. Now there really was no chance for him to chicken out, but that steeled his heart now more than anything. They were trained and ready, he could do this. Flashlights lit up the walls as they rounded corners and shifted through alleys, guided by an overhead white beam.
They arrived at the Incarnate's suspected location and circled it. His team took the front of the warehouse while the other took the back and roof. Everything was still and quiet. An unnerving aura spread throughout them as no one had ever heard of a quiet Incarnate before. The two team leaders consulted each other on if they were at the right building, but they agreed they were. With hesitance, they followed the plan anyhow. Gas was dropped into the warehouse from any opening they could find and within minutes it filled the whole thing with billowing smoke. But still...nothing.
For minutes the team looked at each other with a sense of dread and pulled out their sealed masks. Now with renewed shaking hands he too put on his mask. They were going to breach.
Most of his team formed around one side of the wooden door while he was on the other. His task was to open it for the others to smoothly enter, but something was off. His hand shook on the handle as if it felt a presence on the other side.
Soon they were cleared for action and his heart rate once again began to build. “Three, two, one, go!” His heart rate was spiking but he built up his confidence. Through shaking fingers, he twisted the knob to open the door, but there was no need. The door suddenly became lighter and flung off its hinges with part of the beige mud brick wall soon following.
He was knocked to the corner of the building as his squad mates were launched through the air. Soon after, white nauseous gas poured out the side of the building alongside the scales and feathers of an Incarnate. He scrambled to find his weapon somewhere along the ground as the dazed and broken members of his team were cut down.
Two handheld crescent-shaped blades cut through the heavy sweat-soaked gear of his ally's before turning to him. His heart stopped as he locked eyes with the sneer of the beast. An electric cord then snapped into the wall beside its head causing its feathers to raise and its gaze to be focused above. The tip of his finger then hit the grip of his weapon and he launched his cable as well. Though it hit, the hooks didn’t properly latch into its skin. Even with a mere glance however, it was enough electricity to sting and drive it off. Through the winding narrow streets, the monster fled, and through those streets they had to follow.
He clambered to his feet and retracted his cable from the dirt. It wound back inside with an intense ferocity not even the Incarnate could match. “You’re the new team leader, call your copter I’m calling ours”, the other team leader told him as he approached. A bit startled he looked over to his team members' bodies, his eyes stopping on the previous leader. “What about their bodies, no one has even checked if any of them are still alive”, he hurriedly asked. “The bodies can be picked up later, even if some are alive, they won’t be for long”. He was then handed his team's radio and that was as much quarrel as he was allowed to give.
As the two helicopters landed, two members of the other squad joined him. They took off and found the Incarnate making its way toward the edge of the city in a straight line.
They set their lights on it and then made a swift gliding motion down closer to the ground and in front of its path as the other helicopter did the same on the other side. Both the soldiers flanking him fired their cords into the creature's upper body. His cable bounced and landed somewhere closer to its abdomen. The other side fired their cables as well however, weren't as lucky, with all of them bouncing off the harder scales and feathers on its back. Nonetheless, the three of them delivered jolts of lightning into its flesh causing it to spasm for the moment.
For that moment he really thought they had it, they were going to take down one of the few remaining Incarnates that plagued Durma. Then the two cables which sat beside him were yanked and into the darkness below they fell. Instinctively he unlatched his as its arm went for it, just missing the incredibly speedy cable as it wound itself back into his weapon. With another deathly stare into his eyes, it leaped for a back alley and bolted toward another part of the city. They followed it from the sky like nothing happened until it smashed through a cathedral wall and out of sight.
They naturally set down and made their way inside. Both helicopters then loomed above with searchlights circling the outside.
They crept into the dark open space that acted like a familiar void. On creaking steps, they spread out past chairs and tables a century old.
The five of them waited, scanning around with their torches. His torch shook more than the others but not noticeably so. There then came a creak and a bang which sputtered light around like a swarm of angry bees.
He slowly traced the direction of the sound until his weapon locked onto a door. Soon it seemed they were all in agreeance on the direction of the sound as all lights focused on his.
He edged himself towards the door and pulled the pin from his unused gas grenade. It rolled under the wood and filled the room beyond with smoke.
As white clouds seeped through the cracks, an unsettling feeling swept over him again. The gas didn’t work last time they tried it and he suspected it wouldn’t this time either, even if it was in that room which he now doubted.
He scanned once more with his light all around the room but there wasn’t any space they hadn't looked at before. There weren't any more doors or walls it could hide behind and then it hit him. Slowly he angled the light up and up until he found out the cathedral had rafters. He paused for a moment and then it came.
Over a ton of dense muscle and steel crushed one of the five and cackled a raspy voice all the while. The rasp then faded as it noticed its predicament. With one leg caught in the floorboards they spread out evenly and plunged their cords from every angle. The room then lit up with blue light as smoke rose from the points of contact. A deafening roar was then emitted as it slumped closer and closer to the floor, the sound of a beast defeated. The electricity stopped and they all waited. The other team leader brought out his radio and reported its state to his pilot.
While waiting for orders he heard another creak, then a low-toned groan and lastly the snap of wood. The floor suddenly gave way and he cut his cord from his weapon. He landed on the other side of a stone wall while his sparking cable snaked over it above.
His tailbone hurt immensely and his head felt dizzy. He removed the mask and breathed in what he thought would be a supply of air, but was now smoke from the flames on the other side of the wall. A burning piece of dried floorboard then fell from above almost crushing him.
He made his way down his corridor while pulling out his radio to alert the pilots. When he was about to speak he heard the order. “Permission to use emergency payload authorized”. His eyes went wide and he double-timed it down the corridor.
Bricks rained down from above with smoldering wood as he reached the stairs to a cellar door. He pushed open one side, then the other, and collapsed just before getting fully outside.
He lay there for a time absorbing the fresh air that smelled like gunpowder. After his moment of delusion, he found the searchlights in the sky again and heard something similar to “both four missile payloads expended” come from his radio.
His heart thought it was over as it was merely focused on the absorption of fresh oxygen but somehow, he knew it wasn’t.
He followed the white beams with his eyes which stopped somewhere inside what remained of the cathedral. Some kind of brass dinging pierced his ears and he flinched. By the time he opened them, he only caught a glimpse of a fireball careening down towards Almahar followed by a large bell. The remaining beam then lost less and less light as it went higher into the sky.
What emerged from the building was now most likely less than a ton in weight. It billowed out smoke from its nostrils and flared what remained of its feathers. Scales withered and fell off its body as it staggered toward the desert with one less crescent-shaped blade. The latch from a cord was still hooked into its torso with a gash wound from what looked like a knife mirroring it on the other side.
Although he expected his heart to sink and his limbs to shake when it scanned over him again, they did not. Instead of a cynical glance, he was treated to the maw of fulfillment.
His target trotted to the meager fence which kept out the open desert then stopped. The sound of far-off searing wind was picked up by the both of them and they turned to look at the heavens.
Four more explosions landed just beyond the fence and blew back the Incarnate.
What landed after didn’t bring the sound of chopping blades or determined men, but a simple thump and a wall of kicked-up sand.
Standing taller than the other was a metal feather-clad creature bearing the words SHOCK across its body. Two jet flames on either side of its wings began to simmer out and in a dazzling display of mechanical brilliance, sharp feathers rose out to tip them instead.
Half bird half machine feet sprung from the sand they planted themselves in and carried the creature closer to its target.
In a gasp that didn’t come from him, a raspy dead voice questioned back a name he had never heard. It opened up foreign dialogue to the abomination and yet didn’t meet a response. Severe loss and sadness carried through the words he couldn’t understand.
He had no understanding of the dialect and yet he somehow understood fully. He understood the grief and despair, the years seen and loved ones lost, the honors won and victories previously achieved, and yet the mechanical abominations beautiful eyes didn’t change. Its stride grew longer and its feathers extended until it was on top of the defeated hero centuries old.
The fight was not fair in the slightest. Large slashes formed quicker than he could see strikes swung and it was done.
The Incarnate collapsed into a pool of his own blood as he did not once attempt to strike his opponent.
Chopper blades could soon be heard far off and they landed, bringing fresh men in to collect their prize.
He clambered out of the ruins and into the spotlights where weapons were immediately trained on him then back onto the Incarnate.
Much after that was a blur.
He boarded a helicopter which strung them along, beside them the mimicry of a real jet.
The sun began to crest dunes far away and he was asked a question. He looked over to his superior officer and answered “If I get to work with it” then looked over at the mechanical abomination, “I'm in”.
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2023.06.04 18:12 RickDalton2020 Question about LIBAD shirt sizing

For anyone that has received the LIBAD merch, how does it fit? True to size? I always end up between a L or XL. Thanks.
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2023.06.04 18:12 The_Silver_Avenger Letter from the Showrunner for Doctor Who Magazine #591: How much thought goes into the name of an episode? An awful lot, as Russell T Davies explains... [Spoilers]

What's this?: Each month in Doctor Who Magazine they have a 'Letter from the Showrunner' (formerly called 'Production Notes') - a column by someone involved in the production of Doctor Who, and normally in the form of either the showrunner answering reader-submitted questions, or the showrunner writing pieces about writing Doctor Who. Because these questions have often been used as a source for blogs to write misleading stories, they started being typed up for /gallifrey.
Hey thanks for doing this! Now I don't have to buy it: Yes you do, otherwise you'll be missing out on: results from the Fifth and Sixth Doctor sections of the 60th Anniversary poll; interviews with Alex Kingston (River Song), Alex Moore (location manager on the new series) and Jamie Mathieson (writer of Oxygen, Flatline and others); a feature celebrating Pride Month by looking at representation in Doctor Who; Scott Handcock's Production Diary for April 2023; the latest entry in the '60 Object, 60 Years' series, covering objects from 1988 to 1992; part one a deconstruction of "The Wheel in Space"; part eight of DWM's Fourteenth Doctor comic-strip "Liberation of the Daleks"; reviews for all of this month's DVD/CD/Book releases and EVEN MORE.
It's available physically in shops and digitally via!
Want an archive of the previous Production Notes that have been posted on /gallifrey?: Follow this link.
At last we have episode titles!
Ages ago, about 18 months back, we said, wouldn't it be great if we could announce the titles for the first time on BBC One? These things used to appear in Doctor Who Magazine, but what if we could make the event big enough to merit a televised launch? Oh, the nerve. The ambition!
I then forgot about it. Busy, y'know. Then mid-April, I said, hey, what happened to that idea? Did we miss it? What a shame. Sad face. No, said Julie Gardner, you idiot, angry face, people have been working on it for months! They're unveiling it next week.
Lo and behold, fanfare and fireworks, a whole campaign by the BBC was unfurled before us, a wonderful piece of work, with three separate teaser-trailers airing for a fortnight, across May, aiming for a climax on Eurovision night, one of the BBC's biggest audiences of the year. Okay. Lovely. Thank you.
You'll have seen them by now, but I'm typing on Tuesday 9 May, when we've only got as far as the Special Two tease. Apparently, the team thought the first teaser was solved too easily (although maybe the Meep was a very big clue) so the second has been revamped to maximum levels of difficulty. I'm told, in a document I have here, that just underneath the word REDACTED, the code 7A89B8 corresponds to "the HEX code for Wild Blue Yonder colour." (The what now?) And the clues lead to an MP3 of the song. Has anyone solved that yet?!
But you're Doctor Who fans! You don't want to know titles. You want to know working titles.
Well, for Special One, we didn't have much choice, really. We can talk later in the year about the whys and wherefores of using that story, and how much we've changed in its adaptation from a classic old Marvel comic strip by Pat Mills and Dave Gibbons. In fact, you'll be able to hear from Pat and Dave themselves, both fully consulted professionally and on-board with the production right from the start.
But it's not that easy. Should we call it... Star Beast?
Or The Star Beast?
I'm still not sure. It might change by November.
Sometimes I like an old-fashioned definite article. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I invent one (I always refer to The Pyramids of Mars, but no, turns out, I've added that first word).
Special Two is trickier. And I can't give away too much. There's a different five-word title which sums up the episode but that would give the game away right from the start. You'd see it in Radio Times and think, ah, right, gotcha. So that was never a working title and I opted for Wild Blue Yonder right from the start.
But it's not that easy. Should we call it...
Wild Blue Yonder?
Or Wide Blue Yonder?
Because an awful lot of people say wide. The phrase has genuinely changed into 'wide blue yonder' over the years. I emailed the entire team, 'Which do you say?' And most came back with wide, not even knowing about the wild option.
But that debate actually gets on screen, within the episode itself. Here it is, faithful reader. Explained in real, actual dialogue from Special Two. Someone names the tune as Wide Blue Yonder, and says that it comes form "... the military, going to war." And the Doctor corrects them, saying, "It's the air force, the words are Wild Blue Yonder."
Ah, but why does the song play? And what is its terrible portent? You'll have to wait and see!
(Message to self. Write an episode called Terrible Portent.)
And Special Three? Well, nothing to report. The Giggle is The Giggle. From the moment I wrote it, there was no other choice. Love that title. But what is the giggle, who's giggling, what about, and why? As the great man once said, stay tuned.
The hunt for new titles goes on. Like I said last time, Episode One of the next series has a title unexpectedly spoken aloud in Star Trek: Picard 3. Another episode has had three titles so far, and still hasn't quite settled. One title contained the word sixpence, until the entire plot about the sixpence was cut, damn it. And further than that, the Script and Legal Departments at Bad Wolf are currently investigating whether we're allowed to use a certain title for Episode Six of the 2025 season. We're that far ahead!
But yeah, it's a nice, cheeky promotion, to get the titles broadcast on BBC One, a full six months ahead of transmission. But this is where these facts really belong, here in the hearts and minds of fandom, where we can browse and debate and argue over these facts for the rest of our lives. In the magazine that once went under the name of Doctor Who Weekly. And then Doctor Who - A Marvel Monthly. And then Doctor Who Monthly. And now... this!
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2023.06.04 18:12 Milkshake_comedian44 LazyTown is a fascist segregation society.

If you are reading this there’s a chance you’ve heard of the show LazyTown, mostly through the memes of the show. But after rewatching the show I thought of why there were only three people played by actors (sporticus, Stephanie, and Robbie rotten.) and the rest were puppets, so I made a theory about it.
The show takes place in a world where there are two dominant lifeforms, humans and puppets. Then there was a belief going around that this race of puppets where inferior to the humans and an organization came and separated these “inferior lifeforms” from the humans, which explains whey the town is in complete isolation and seems untouched.
Even though they were seen as inferior , Stephanie came to the town to be with her uncle who was the mayor of the town ,mostly because her parents beliefs towards her uncle being a puppet and Stephanie ran away from home to be with her uncle and she can hold her opinion of humans and puppets living in unison.
Sporticus was against the beliefs of humans and puppets being apart and came to the town to also go against the separation of puppets. Another thing was that the fitness and nutrition is representing coexistence between humans and puppets which reinforces why Stephanie befriended the towns children and be with her uncle.
Robbie Rotten was a strong believer of this belief of separation, he hated the thought of humans and puppets living and interacting with one another which explains why he keeps trying to get rid of sporticus and stop the towns children from being active and eating healthy which represents humans and puppets living together,another thing Robbie hated was how sporticus helped the people in the town despite being puppets which upsets him even more.
The show ending could represent multiple outcomes: Humans and puppets were able to live together once again or The segregation never ended and humans and puppets never lived together ever again.
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2023.06.04 18:10 C4llmeM4ri4 Crash guide for reddit advertising?

I am getting to grips with reddit and it seems you could reach quite a large audience here, or find your niche audience easier.
However - I am so lost with how to work this? I have figured out that i can pin a post to my profile, I am guessing that people view profiles so its handy to have links there.
Crossposting to communities - how does that work? not all the communities I am part of show up as available for the destination when I try to do it, why?
Whats the right way to get an image to a post? do you make a post? Or post a link? Or make post with the link in the text?

Verifying to communities? Is that worth it? do you actually pick up clients from them? Some of the biggest ones seem to want everything and the devils little finger to verify.

Thank you for your handy tips! :)
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2023.06.04 18:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cody Wittick & Taylor Lagace – The Influencer Marketing Blueprint (

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2023.06.04 18:10 Traveler_1898 Issue CLXLVIII of the Five States Herald is now available!

This week in the Herald,
Revenuers make big arrest: Say they have arrested someone connected to nearly every moonshiner in the Five States.
Thieves' Landing rocked by dynamite explosions. Trail of explosions ends on docked ship, sinking it before the owner's eyes.
Is your family history a mystery? A new company opened in Blackwater that promises to learn all of your family's past, for a fee.
History enthusiast learns that tools of war are not meant for entertainment: Cannon firing goes wrong, resulting in a lost finger!
Horse care remains difficult with stables still treating visitors with hostility: bay bolete sought out as a means to take care of one's horse without relying on the stables.
And more!
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2023.06.04 18:09 Traveler_1898 Issue CLXLVIII of the Five States Herald is now available!

This week in the Herald,
Revenuers make big arrest: Say they have arrested someone connected to nearly every moonshiner in the Five States.
Thieves' Landing rocked by dynamite explosions. Trail of explosions ends on docked ship, sinking it before the owner's eyes.
Is your family history a mystery? A new company opened in Blackwater that promises to learn all of your family's past, for a fee.
History enthusiast learns that tools of war are not meant for entertainment: Cannon firing goes wrong, resulting in a lost finger!
Horse care remains difficult with stables still treating visitors with hostility: bay bolete sought out as a means to take care of one's horse without relying on the stables.
And more!
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2023.06.04 18:09 Theweekday0117 AITA: For not mentioning my mother on my graduation dedication post?

My relationship with my mother has not always been easy. We stopped talking approximately five years ago when I entered college. We had a quarrel because she called me on the phone just to call me a “whore” because a friend of hers sent a picture of me with my guy friends from facebook.
[Back story of the photo: I’m really close with my college guy friends and we just happen to have a group photo on my classmate’s birthday party]
She proceeded to call me a slut, that I went away from our hometown just to be a slut for everyone else, she even called me alcoholic. That I’m probably doing drugs that’s why I went to college. Which I wasn’t at the time, that moment triggered something in me, I became an alcoholic for quite a few years, but thank god I am sober now.
Most of my college life she wasn’t present. She doesn’t even know what degree I am taking, or what extra curricular works that I do on my extra time. For short, she doesn’t know me at all.
Growing up, I knew I have a narcissistic mother. All she ever cares about is herself. Whenever I achieve things when I was younger, she would always find a way to tear down my accomplishments, so she can compare how outstanding she is. As I grow older, the more I realize this. The more I have guts to cut her off completely from my life. Because I wanted a fresh start.
I’m graduating in a few weeks. I posted a graduation post to thank my family members except for her because honestly what’s there to thank?
She messaged me today telling me I’m selfish. That I paint her as a bad person because I did not mention her to my dedication post. That her friends would think she’s not a good mother, that I’m egotistic and too proud— all of this than congratulating me first.
I consulted some of my friends, they say I don’t owe anything to my mother, since she did not assisted me financially or emotionally. Others say that “she’s still family or my mother” that I’m too petty.
But in the first place I did not post that for her but just mere for myself
Now, Am I the Asshole for not mentioning my mother in my graduation dedication post?
TLDR - My mother whom I haven’t talked to for the rest of my college life called me selfish for not mentioning her on my graduation post.
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2023.06.04 18:09 hotgirlonredditjpeg my (25f) (ex)boyfriend (23m) broke up with me after an incident. Can someone please point out what I’m missing or talk some sense into me?

hi, I don’t post much so I’m using my alternate account. I’m really spiraling and I could use any help.
Three nights ago my boyfriend and I were hooking up after a night of drinking. He penetrated me anally without asking and would not stop until I pushed him off of me. I spent the whole night crying. We had been together 9 months and this was the third time he’s done this, although the previous two times were only with his fingers. In the morning, I was bleeding and sore and crying off and on. He was apologetic and said he was “ashamed of himself” and when I asked him why he keeps doing it he said he can’t control it. I told him some pretty unkind things about how awful it feels to be violated like that and that no woman would want to be with a man like that. I told him I needed some space and I would text him later.
I texted him at the end of the day and he was being unusually cold. He said he had the whole day to think and that he wants to break up with me and work on himself, he said it has nothing to do with what happened the other night. I started spiraling and was so angry. I couldn’t believe he was leaving me after what he did. I said things like “I would want to work on myself too if I fucked my girlfriends ass without asking and wouldn’t stop when she said no”. He told me I was being mean.
I haven’t been able to stop crying I feel so foolish and violated and sad all at the same time. He picked his stuff up this morning and reiterated that he just hasn’t felt good in a while and was pretending. He also said he had made up his mind because of the way I talked to him the night before. I told him deserved to hear what I said and I didn’t regret holding him accountable for what he did and that he wasn’t going to turn this around to make me the villain.
I just checked in on him last week and asked how we were doing and he didn’t express any doubts or negativity. He told me he’ll check in on me and promised to call me when he “feels better”. He said maybe in a few weeks he’ll “feel better”. I told him I don’t believe he’s unwell, I believe he wants to cut me out of his life so he doesn’t have to deal with the fall out of what he did to me.
I don’t even know why I still want him. I feel so pathetic and sad. On top of feeling assaulted by someone who was supposed to love me I’m getting broken up with to. I don’t feel strong right now please tell me what I need to hear.
submitted by hotgirlonredditjpeg to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 18:08 Sith__Pureblood The 'First Look' trailer mentions two minor cultures, the Libyans and the Nubians.

Putting aside our obvious displeasure that Mesopotamia won't be in this title (at least for now), we can look at the other cultures that don't fit the big three of Egypt, Canaan, and Hatti. These are, as CA mention in the video, the Libu and Nubians.



Maybe once the Sea People's as a "race" (the collection of factions under that category) are all destroyed, and event might trigger that causes the Libu and Nubians to spawn several stacks and march on Egypt from both directions. I would suspect that, while the Sea People's will have some elite units with iron weapons, the Libu and Nubians (once this even triggers) will spawn many armies that have nothing but iron weapons, making all but the weakest of their units equal to/ better than your most elite bronze units in a 1v1 fight.
Or maybe, since this game is largely basing itself off of how Attila did the apocalypse stuff, we could get a 'The Last Roman'/ 'Age of Charlemagne' styled DLC campaign later on with Nubian Egypt fighting against the Neo-Assyrian Empire that's invading it. This game, after all, is called "Pharaoh", so they don't strictly have to stay Bronze Age with the DLC campaigns they make.
submitted by Sith__Pureblood to totalwar [link] [comments]