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Location et Propriété dans la région de MTL Renting and Owning in the Greater MTL Area

2012.03.04 21:24 IBoris Location et Propriété dans la région de MTL Renting and Owning in the Greater MTL Area

Une communauté pour discuter de l'immobilier à Montréal et ses environs. Vous pouvez parler des lois, de problèmes locatifs ou soumettre/trouver un logement ou une maison. -⚜️- A subreddit to discuss housing in the greater Montreal area. You can ask about laws, tenancy issues or find/offer housing.

2018.08.28 22:48 GreenBean825 Where you can worship your favourite amphibian friend

This is the subreddit I made to go with the Axolotl Cult on Amino. I hope you enjoy it!

2023.06.04 20:18 No-Albatross-1861 Hot Take: MGS Delta Doesn't Need Kojima

Allow me to preface this by saying I love the Metal Gear Saga, I love Kojima's ideas, and I'm glad people are excited to see this remake happening and want Kojima involved, but I need to explain to you all in uncensored detail as to why Kojima not being involved truly is the best case scenario for the series going forward.
Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater is being worked on by two experienced teams who have worked on the series in the past. Not only that, but they are set on making sure the remake is a faithful recreation that only does what is necessary to be enjoyed on modern hardware. There's also new merch, a gorgeously detailed board game, they got Donna Burke coming back for a new recording of snake Eater, and the game isn't being made for a Pachinko machine. It's also being worked on by a Konami that has new management after getting rid of the old management we've come to despise over the years. They haven't shown anything malicious with this or the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake, so I'm more than willing to give them a second chance, because this is a new Konami. With that out of the way, please read on because the rest of this is important to take note of.
What people fail to understand is that while, yes, it would be amazing to have Kojima working on this, he also did a lot of shady stuff. Due to his Hollywood obsessed ego, people like Norihiko Hibino (who helped with creating the music for Ghost Babel, Sons of Liberty, Twin Snakes, Snake Eater, Portable Ops and Guns of the Patriots) and Tomokazu Fukushima (Kojima's writer for MGS1-3) all basically had their names pushed aside so he could give the main spotlight to more well known Hollywood famous people. Hibino was undermined in MGS2 in favor of Hollywood famous Harry Gregson-Williams and after MGS1-3, Fukushima basically dropped off of the face of the Earth. He's the reason Kojima's games were understandable and more grounded into reality, versus Kojima's writing where MGS4 is all nanomachiens and MGSV is all parasites.
Kojima's also responsible for Twin Snakes being as weird as it ended up being, as the devs originally wanted to make it a 1-1 remake with VR Missions included with new graphics, but Kojima said to make it more like the Matrix which is the complete opposite of how MGS1 was meant to be. Kojima also used the budget that Konami gave him to make MGSV and went behind their back to make a deal with Sony by using said budget to create P.T. as an interview of sorts to secure him a job position at Sony, which is why MGSV went overbudget. In other words, Kojima's the man who sold the world. Let's not forget how Kojima also shafted David Hayter in favor for Kiefer Sutherland when Hayter deserved the role with how passionate he is. Hayter took a massive cut to his paycheck just to make sure they could get most of the original voice cast to return for Twin Snakes, because he knew how much the game meant to people. Kojima would've just told them to find different actors or something along those lines.
Metal Gear Solid 1-3 were all a team effort between Konami and Kojima, not an all Kojima effort, and the fact that so many like to believe it can only be done with Kojima, look at Twin Snakes, Ghost Babel, Ac!d, Ac!d 2 and Portable Ops. Kojima wasn't fully involved, yet they managed to stand on their own, and Twin Snakes would've been better received had Kojima NOT been involved. He's had some really questionable ideas too, like wanting the fight against The End to last three real world weeks, which would've just been annoying to go through and would become rather dull very quickly. Konami ensured that Kojima was kept grounded to reality in terms of gameplay elements and story, while Kojima provided the raw outline of the story and the concept of the characters we love to this day. I hate to be the one to say it, but a Kojima-less remake is the best course of action we could ever hope for. Kojima also undermined Portable Ops because like every other Metal Gear game, it contradicts things, but this time, Kojima didn't direct it, so that justifies it not being canon, apparently. And while, yes, Peace Walker handled the ideas that Portable Ops was trying to convey better in the end and had better gameplay, Portable Ops had more interesting bosses and music.
You guys can look all of these points up as well both through various websites and through YouTube. Kojima's got interesting ideas, but he's a bad writer on his own and a questionable game designer at best in terms of gameplay ideas. Creative minds need to be kept in check from time to time, which is exactly what Kojima needed in MGS4 and MGSV. I says this as somebody who creates stuff himself from time to time. Here's some videos that explain these points further. I love MGS and I respect Kojima's work, but I don't respect having a massive ego, pushing people aside to give others the spotlight, or going behind peoples' backs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_1Lt56Pnqg&pp=ygUaa29uYW1pIGRvZXNuJ3QgbmVlZCBrb2ppbWE%3D https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWFSETZavt35xf9nAJDBsMapZ7inC2UvP
Here's hoping for the best for the series going forward, and I love you all. Have a nice day, and for those of you who read this with an open mind, remember this: You're pretty good.
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2023.06.04 19:52 JBL561 2 Oz’s of Wookie Girl

2 Oz’s of Wookie Girl
Out the door. 280 bucks. Little bit more than 100 ounces but still I’m not mad. Great price for this amount of Wookie.
Enjoy your Sunday !
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2023.06.04 19:51 wi1dfl0w3r Average utility bills in Yucca Valley?

Hi there! My family is relocating to Yucca Valley this summer and trying to establish a budget/expectations around our monthly expenses. Particularly in terms of water & electric.
We’re planning to rent a ~2200 sq ft home and choosing between one with solar (and $250/month associated fee) and one without.
Can anyone share how much you pay a month for electric, water, gas, propane, trash, etc? And the size of your home?
Thank you!!
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2023.06.04 19:45 Apersonaloutlet Best fungicide to prevent botrytis?

Hello everybody! I have had many, many grows. Unfortunately, I've lost a lot of harvests to botrytis. I live in a particularly humid area and most recently I've had difficulty with drainage in my grow tents (can't move the shop vac around as easy due to injury) so I've been dealing with mold and humidity issues.
I have a 120 pint (6,000 sq ft) dehumidifier coming in a few days for my 750 sq ft apartment and 5x5 grow tent but I would like to be more precautious and use a couple of fungicides. I don't want to lose another gram to molds or mildews.
So far I've ordered Mycostop, Daconil, and Grower's Ally Fungicide. Are there any others I should know about? I only plan to use the Daconil in veg and to spray the surface of my coco where gray mold tends to grow on old roots/pieces of dead leaf. I just don't want it growing.
What do y'all think? Any good ones that I'm missing? Anything systemic I should know about?
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2023.06.04 19:35 TheLegendOfIOTA Why are ground floor flats less popular?

So I am looking at some flat complexes and I notice there are a lot more ground floor flats on the market rather than say flats on the fifth floor. The ground floor flats seem to be cheaper. What’s crazy to me is many on the ground floor have an extra 100 or sq ft and some even have a garden compared to a poxy balcony.
Do you think it will be harder to shift if I was to pick one of these up?
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2023.06.04 19:34 JooDood2580 Laying Sod Next Week…How To Roll?

I am laying 7,000 sq ft of sod next week and am curious on how to roll this in.
I have a tow behind roller but not sure I should drive on the new sod with the tractor (about 800lbs).
Let me know if that’s okay to do or if I have to hand roll this giant place.
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2023.06.04 19:33 Mountain-Tomato5541 Artists for mural work

Any artists here that would be interested in doing a mural for our upcoming office building? Space is about 200 sq ft and would be on the front facade of the building.
I have some thoughts of my own on what I would like, but happy to exchange ideas and finalise details.
Please message/comment if interested with some of your work.
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2023.06.04 19:31 BornToPaint_22-PAINT Professional Painting - $2,695 Exterior House (up to 1,500 sq.ft.)

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2023.06.04 18:57 Chubasc0 Large Open Plan Room with Vaulted Ceilings

Which setup would be better for a large (~1,000 sq/ft) open plan room (living room, kitchen, dining area) with vaulted ceilings (9ft two sides, 20ft down middle)?
Most concerned about filling the living room with good enough sound to have understandable/intelligible dialogue for TV watching. Less/not concerned about Dolby Atmos effects.
View Poll
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2023.06.04 18:50 shtickynotez How much should I bid?

Wife and I found a house we both love and it is listed at $189,000 in Western New York. Curious as to how much we should bid as we don’t want to lose out on it but also don’t want to severely overpay.
House details: 1,350 Sq Ft, 3 Beds, 1 bath, detached garage, .26 acres.
Secondarily, how much did you bid over the listing price on your houses?
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2023.06.04 18:47 toomuchisjustenough Ballpark pricing for this tile install?

I’m looking for if this is like a $1000 vs $5000 job. I’m aware of regional/market price differences.
I’m curious about rough labor costs for a corner wall behind a wood stove: 4’ wide then a 90° angle and another 4’ Ceiling is vaulted from 9’ to about 13’ so one side of the tile has to be angled. It’s about 100 sq ft (rounded up) and the tiles are 6”x18” Ledgestone with no grout required after they’re stuck to the wall.
The tiler is doing all of the tile work in the house (3 bathrooms and kitchen) so it’s not just a standalone little job, I’m just wondering what additional charge might be so I have a realistic number to add to my budget line item.
Thank you!
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2023.06.04 18:05 mhdd97 Stuck on which router to get

Hi everyone I recently just purchased a house and got fiber 500mbps might upgrade to 1gb later on but I have a 1 story 1838 sq ft house. My wife and I work from home, we also watch movies and host nfl parties, ufc, and boxing fights. Currently it’s just me and my wife living in 4 bedroom house. I do have a gaming computer that I do game on. Which router should I get?
I am stuck between the google mesh wifi 6e or the netgear ax4200 wifi 6
Thank you!
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2023.06.04 18:03 chomcham [US,US] [H] TG, ALT ARTS, TRAINERS. [W] Want list

Hello ALL!!!
I am on the Hunt to finish off my list of Trainer Galleries. I am providing two lists, a visual and a Doc. So a couple of things to note.. All cards that say OWN are cards that I own.. I know that pretty obvious but you would be surprised.
Most likely will do BMWT (have had issues in the past with PWE)
Alts are only FT for other Alts.
I am only looking for centered cards, no whitening, no surface issues, spider scratches. damaged cards.. I am not grading, I am just particular. So I will consider 60/40, 50/50 but no 70/30..
Trades: https://imgur.com/a/kS1Zddc

Wants: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qWxO8JnrAS2-KOq3apLiyic2n7I2aEfqd4lkRmO1dAc/edit#gid=1730094331
Visual Wants: https://www.tcgcollector.com/cards/intl?cardSource=inWishlist&sortBy=cardNumber&releaseDateOrder=newToOld&cardsPerPage=30&displayAs=images&viewUser=chomcham
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2023.06.04 18:01 sfrealestatediscuss Monarch 4-403: 3 Bed(s), 2 Baths(s), Condo in Bayview-Hunters Point (1,409 Sq. Ft.) - $899,000

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2023.06.04 18:01 sfrealestatediscuss 131 Ashbury St: 2 Bed(s), 1.5 Baths(s), Condo in Haight-Ashbury (855 Sq. Ft.) - $995,000

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2023.06.04 18:01 sfrealestatediscuss 2189 Market St #6: 2 Bed(s), 1 Baths(s), Condo in Castro/Noe Valley (778 Sq. Ft.) - $959,000

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2023.06.04 18:01 sfrealestatediscuss 782 Great Hwy #2: 3 Bed(s), 2 Baths(s), Condo in Outer Richmond (1,491 Sq. Ft.) - $1,299,888

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2023.06.04 18:01 sfrealestatediscuss 455 Vallejo St #207: 1 Bed(s), 1 Baths(s), Condo in North Beach/Chinatown (825 Sq. Ft.) - $950,000

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2023.06.04 18:01 sfrealestatediscuss 42 Winfield St: 2 Bed(s), 1.5 Baths(s), Single-Family Home in Inner Mission/Bernal Heights (1,572 Sq. Ft.) - $1,495,000

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2023.06.04 18:01 sfrealestatediscuss 200 Brannan St #245: 1 Bed(s), 2 Baths(s), Condo in Potrero Hill (1,522 Sq. Ft.) - $1,475,000

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2023.06.04 18:01 sfrealestatediscuss 1844 Scott St: 2 Bed(s), 2 Baths(s), Condo in Western Addition/Japantown (1,012 Sq. Ft.) - $1,175,000

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2023.06.04 18:01 sfrealestatediscuss 666 24th Ave: 3 Bed(s), 2 Baths(s), Single-Family Home in Outer Richmond (2,108 Sq. Ft.) - $2,095,000

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