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2023.06.04 18:25 Palapikap I can finally get my first winner trophy token

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2023.06.04 18:25 West-Personality-919 Morphe sales?

I used to buy a lot of morphe makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes 2-3 years ago and recently I need some new affordable brushes, but I’ve noticed morphe don’t do any good sales anymore? Maybe it’s just my country but I have never seen the morphe x ariel on sale, not even once and everything is full price
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2023.06.04 18:25 Adventurous-Air6579 How to ask manager for more hours?

I currently work in a restaurant (in the UK), I have a job as a waitress. During my interview I said I was a student so would only be able to do part time from then until the end of May which is when I finish university, and asked them if I could do full-time through June to mid July as I'm going abroad for a graduate residency for 2 months, which was alright as I let them know in advance. It's June and during this last week I've only had 12hours across 3 days of work, and next week I have 7hours over 2 days. I asked if it would be possible to have more hours as I had 16-25 hours during term time from Feb-May.
They have another branch I worked at for 2 weeks as they were understaffed, my manager told me I probably won't be able to work there. The rota is shared and I've seen they were hiring new staff members and doing trial shifts even though there seems to be enough staff at the moment? I've been distressed by this as I'd let them know I'm looking to do full time during this period which they said was fine, but have been given a small amount of hours spread across multiple days without notice.
How should I ask for more hours as I spoke to her in person but she was very dismissive, would it be better to send a text message and what would be the best way to approach this without coming across as confrontational or pushy?
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2023.06.04 18:22 autotldr Ukrainian army retakes southwest of Bakhmut - I24NEWS

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 30%. (I'm a bot)
The eastern city of Bakhmut had its southwestern section retaken by the Ukrainian army, the head of the Russian private mercenary Wagner group Yevgeny Prigozhin said on Sunday, just two weeks after Moscow claimed full control of the town.
Prigozhin announced on May 25 that he was pulling out his troops from Bakhmut, after what had been the longest and bloodiest battle of the Ukraine war.
This statement comes shortly after Ukraine's Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar announced that the Ukrainian army regained control over the southwestern outskirts of the heavily destroyed town.
Prigozhin long criticized the Russian Defense Ministry for the mishandling of the situation in Bakhmut, stressing that his organization alone lost nearly 20,000 men there.
10 days ago he announced the withdrawal of his forces, saying they were handing their positions over to the regular army.
Earlier on Saturday, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Ukrainian army was ready to launch a counteroffensive to regain Russia-occupied territories.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Bakhmut#1 army#2 Ukraine#3 Ukrainian#4 Forces#5
Post found in /UkraineWarVideoReport and /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.04 18:22 Backefudder Pure 2k Troggoth list or a "mixed" approach?

Hello fellow loons,
I already own the Troggboss, Skragrott, 2 units of Fellwaters, 2 units of Rockguts, the Gobbapalooza, the endless spells and a Loonshrine.
In regard to a 2k list I am not quite sure which route to choose. I could get more Rockguts and maybe two Dankholds and go full Trogg. I guess a Fungoid Cave-Shaman would be another nice addition if I go that way.
Another option would be some Shootas (a big Shootas unit would really benefit from the rend given by the Palooza), maybe a unit of Stabbas and another unit of Rockguts or even a Dankhold. The Cave-Shaman should be good in both lists.
Which way/approach would you choose and why? Right now it's a really tough decision for me. Thanks for your help!
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2023.06.04 18:21 youkaymelis Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Every time I bring this up to a doctor they have no idea what I'm talking about so can anyone tell me if they go through the same thing? I call it "weird hunger episode" in my gi log. It can happen at anytime and it'll be this intense pain in my stomach (a cross between ibs cramps and hunger cramps) and will be accompanied by severe nausea, dizziness, room spinning, and weakness. As mentioned, it can happen anytime. Me eating has nothing to do with it coz it can happen a few minutes after eating, an hour of eating, after waking up, etc... So it's not hunger, but that's just what I titled it. Anyway, the only way to help fix it is to eat. The problem with that being if I just ate I'm full and get a worse stomachache, or if I haven't eaten, my body rejects the food and wants to vomit it all out. I basically sleep with a loaf of bread in my bed because when these episodes happen, I'm too weak to get up. Last episode, it took me over an hour to eat 2 slices of bread with an accompanied tablet of zofran. I've had these episodes forever, they just seem to happening more frequently. I've Googled this and nothing comes up other than diabetes which I don't have. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about??? It basically becomes a choice of wait for the episode to pass while the rooms spins like crazy as if drunk, or try to force myself to eat something to make the nausea and weakness stop, but then risk throwing up every where. Any insight would be appreciated 😣
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2023.06.04 18:21 CatSkrratch Displaying Bitmap Image from Micro SD on Adafruit TFT 1.8"

I am pretty new to Arduino, Adafruit, and different projects, so I apologize if this is basic or has been asked before.
I am attempting to use a
1.8" Color TFT LCD display with MicroSD Card Breakout - ST7735R
Link Here: https://www.adafruit.com/product/358
with an Arduino Uno Wifi Rev 2
Link Here:
I am attempting to follow the examples from Adafruit on how to display bitmaps from a SD Card on this TFT screen. I am using the example code from the Adafruit ImageReader Library called Breakout ST7735 - 160 x 128. However, all I get is a blank white screen.
Here is the tutorial I am following:
I have made edits to the code since my goal is to just get an image to appear on the screen. No looping or changing of imagery.
I got the wiring test to work eventually, so I believe my wiring is correct. I did have to make changes to the code to get this to work, so maybe I am missing something on bitmaps from an SD?
Here is the link to the wiring test:

Here is my code currently:
// Adafruit_ImageReader test for Adafruit ST7735 TFT Breakout for Arduino. // Demonstrates loading images from SD card or flash memory to the screen, // to RAM, and how to query image file dimensions. // Requires three BMP files in root directory of SD card: // parrot.bmp, miniwoof.bmp and wales.bmp. // As written, this uses the microcontroller's SPI interface for the screen // (not 'bitbang') and must be wired to specific pins (e.g. for Arduino Uno, // MOSI = pin 11, MISO = 12, SCK = 13). Other pins are configurable below. #include  // Core graphics library #include  // Hardware-specific library #include  // SD card & FAT filesystem library #include  // Image-reading functions // Comment out the next line to load from SPI/QSPI flash instead of SD card: #define USE_SD_CARD // TFT display and SD card share the hardware SPI interface, using // 'select' pins for each to identify the active device on the bus. #define SD_CS 4 // SD card select pin #define TFT_CS 10 // TFT select pin #define TFT_DC 8 // TFT display/command pin #define TFT_RST -1 // Or set to -1 and connect to Arduino RESET pin SdFat SD; // SD card filesystem Adafruit_ImageReader reader(SD); // Image-reader object, pass in SD filesys Adafruit_ST7735 tft = Adafruit_ST7735(TFT_CS, TFT_DC, TFT_RST); Adafruit_Image img; // An image loaded into RAM int32_t width = 160, // BMP image dimensions height = 128; void setup(void) { ImageReturnCode stat; // Status from image-reading functions Serial.begin(9600); // The Adafruit_ImageReader constructor call (above, before setup()) // accepts an uninitialized SdFat or FatVolume object. This MUST // BE INITIALIZED before using any of the image reader functions! Serial.print(F("Initializing filesystem...")); // SD card is pretty straightforward, a single call... SD.begin(SD_CS, SD_SCK_MHZ(10)); { // Breakouts require 10 MHz limit due to longer wires Serial.println(F("SD begin() failed")); for(;;); // Fatal error, do not continue } // Load full-screen BMP file 'parrot.bmp' at position (0,0) (top left). // Notice the 'reader' object performs this, with 'tft' as an argument. Serial.print(F("Loading parrot.bmp to screen...")); stat = reader.drawBMP("/parrot.bmp", tft, 0, 0); reader.printStatus(stat); // How'd we do? } 
Any help is appreciated!

I am happy to upload a photo of my setup, or draw out a wiring diagram for anyone who can help.

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2023.06.04 18:21 Suitable-Wear2387 Program decision: help is appreciated a lot

Hi all, I recently decided to start an MS in Statistics in the fall at University of California, Davis. However, I was admitted into UT Austin's online Data Science Masters program a couple of days ago.
My end goal is to get a decent job that does work with data to help people through helping with climate change, social justice, nonprofit work or Healthcare data work.
The UC has a good program, but I am worried that I will be left with very little time to get work experience on the side because I will be in a less flexible, full time 2 year program. At least for the first year, I will be in class all day 3 days a week and part of the day 2 days a week. The second year the class times seem less spread out, so I'd have a better schedule. I will learn a lot of theory and applications, and I will hopefully be able to get work experience and have time after a year or so.
UT Austin's program seems more flexible (online, asynchronous and prerecorded lectures). It also seems more applied, with courses from both Statistics and Computer Science professors. This is 10 classes (8 classes less than I will do with Davis).
I have already accepted and been planning on UC Davis's program. My concern is that the amount of time I spend in classes and in school won't be worth it, because I am worried employers don't value studying as much as experience. I am not currently qualified for much experience, however, with a BA in a non-related field.
Tldr: Does anyone have advice on choosing between a flexible, online Data science masters or a less flexible, in person Statistic's masters?
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2023.06.04 18:21 ReviewMonkey Maximize Agency Success with SMMA Outsourcing!

Maximize Agency Success with SMMA Outsourcing!
How to make successful SMMA Outsourcing!
In the fast-paced world of social media marketing, staying ahead of the competition and delivering exceptional results to clients is paramount. However, managing every aspect of your agency's operations in-house can be overwhelming and hinder your ability to scale effectively. That's where SMMA outsourcing comes into play. By strategically delegating certain tasks and processes to external experts, you can unlock a world of opportunities and propel your agency towards greater efficiency and growth. In this article, we will explore the benefits, considerations, and best practices of SMMA outsourcing.
Maximize Agency Success with SMMA Outsourcing!
  1. The Benefits of SMMA Outsourcing:
1.1 Enhanced Expertise: Outsourcing allows you to tap into a pool of specialized talent and experience. By partnering with experts in areas such as content creation, graphic design, ad campaigns, or analytics, you can ensure that each aspect of your client's social media strategy is handled by professionals who excel in their respective fields.
1.2 Increased Scalability: As your agency grows, the demand for your services may surpass your internal capacity. Outsourcing enables you to scale your operations quickly and efficiently without the need for extensive hiring and training processes. You can seamlessly expand your team and take on more clients while maintaining the quality of your services.
1.3 Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing certain tasks can be a cost-effective solution compared to hiring full-time employees or investing in expensive software and tools. Outsourcing allows you to access top-notch resources and expertise without the overhead costs associated with in-house operations.
1.4 Focus on Core Competencies: By outsourcing non-core activities, you can redirect your agency's energy and resources towards its core competencies. This allows you to concentrate on strategic planning, client relationships, and delivering exceptional results, ultimately driving business growth.
  1. Key Considerations for SMMA Outsourcing:
2.1 Define Your Needs: Before outsourcing, clearly identify the specific tasks or processes you wish to delegate. This will help you find the right outsourcing partners who specialize in those areas.
2.2 Choose Reliable Partners: Conduct thorough research and due diligence to select reputable outsourcing partners. Look for companies or freelancers with a track record of delivering high-quality work, strong communication skills, and a good understanding of your industry.
2.3 Effective Communication: Establish clear lines of communication with your outsourcing partners. Regularly communicate your expectations, provide detailed project briefs, and establish checkpoints to ensure that the work aligns with your agency's standards and goals.
2.4 Data Security and Confidentiality: When outsourcing sensitive tasks, such as managing client data or running ad campaigns, prioritize data security and confidentiality. Ensure that your outsourcing partners have robust security measures in place to protect your agency and client information.
  1. Best Practices for Successful SMMA Outsourcing:
3.1 Start Small: Begin with a pilot project or outsource a small portion of your operations to test the waters. This allows you to evaluate the performance and compatibility of the outsourcing partner before committing to larger projects.
3.2 Maintain Collaboration: Even though you are outsourcing certain tasks, it is crucial to maintain a collaborative relationship with your partners. Regularly review progress, provide feedback, and foster open communication to ensure that your agency's goals are aligned.
3.3 Monitor and Evaluate: Continuously monitor the performance and outcomes of your outsourcing initiatives. Regularly assess the quality of work, adherence to timelines, and the impact on your agency's overall efficiency and client satisfaction. Make adjustments as needed to optimize the outsourcing strategy.
3.4 Foster Relationships: Building strong relationships with your outsourcing partners is key to long-term success. Nurture these relationships by providing regular feedback, acknowledging their contributions, and offering opportunities for growth. A strong partnership based on trust and mutual understanding will result in better collaboration and ultimately lead to superior outcomes for your agency and clients.
3.5 Stay Agile: The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and so should your outsourcing strategy. Stay abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies to ensure that your outsourced tasks align with the latest best practices. Continuously assess the effectiveness of your outsourcing arrangements and be willing to adapt and pivot as needed.
  1. Conclusion:
SMMA outsourcing has become an integral part of scaling and optimizing social media marketing agencies. By embracing the benefits of enhanced expertise, increased scalability, cost efficiency, and focus on core competencies, agencies can unlock new levels of efficiency and growth. However, it is essential to carefully consider your outsourcing needs, choose reliable partners, establish effective communication, and follow best practices for successful outsourcing. By leveraging the power of outsourcing, your agency can navigate the dynamic landscape of social media marketing with confidence and deliver exceptional results to clients.
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2023.06.04 18:20 Sorry-Donkey-206 Nika Pregnancy Time Line

This all started the year of 2021
April 2021- this is when the pregnancy shit started she was leading people basically telling them stay tuned so when she goes to the doctor she can tell them if she's pregnant or not.
May 2021- is when she announced her pregnancy. Plus the car accident. Reminder this car accident caused the miscarriage she claimed but she still drives that car to this day.
June 2021- exposed page expose her for faking a pregnancy because the ultrasound she had on her profile picture said she was 20 weeks pregnant which doesn't make sense if she announced her pregnancy May. Side note people was asking when is the gender reveal and she kept saying she's too early in her pregnancy to find out but if you're ultrasound says 20 weeks pregnant you can more than find out the gender of your baby. That was one major red flag people choose or stupidly ignored.
September 2021- when she finally made the video about the truth about her pregnancy it took her 2 to 3 months to respond to the allegations even though September she was not even pregnant yet so she was still lying. And let me tell you how I know she was not even pregnant September when she made the video saying she was pregnant but she was not pregnant. The video she said she had the miscarriage the ending of May and she got pregnant immediately the beginning of June. Okay you guys still with me and people are still asking what's the gender of the baby and she kept saying she's too early in her pregnancy but she got pregnant in June and we in September October of 2021 at this point and you still don't know the gender because you too early or you just full of shit. Now if she got pregnant in June Sy supposed to be born in March 2022 not August 2022. The baby was born in August Nika had got pregnant November of 2021. Mind you then this girl did her gender reveal like in January maybe February took her so long to tell the gender even though she claimed she got pregnant in June.
Side evidence- yes I know this happened 2 years ago but I don't like how she lied about being pregnant. What was the point of making all of this up you're not famous. And why did you have to get pregnant to prove a point to us knowing you cannot financially support a another baby. You should have came on live and said I was lying about being pregnant and that's all because people will still support you to this day if you lied or did not lied. This is why she refused to take a pregnancy test online cuz she knows she was not pregnant and that shit will came back negative instantly she lied to you guys or to her bookies and they were still support her to this day and it's sad.
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2023.06.04 18:19 PSSunshine101 Garlic Challenge-what can I use?

So today starts the 3 day garlic challenge. My instructions say 1/4 clove, 1/2 clove, full clove over 3 days. But I’d rather use garlic powder, ground dried garlic (which I used a lot before elimination) or garlic salt. Any thoughts? Will this still work as a challenge and what should my proportions look like? TIA
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2023.06.04 18:19 crepuscopoli whey protein supplements: good or bad for insulin resitance person?

Spiacenti, questo post è stato rimosso dai moderatori di nutrition.I moderatori rimuovono post dai feed per svariati motivi, fra cui mantenere le comunità sicure, civili, e attinenti al loro scopo.
whey protein supplements are good to help depression and for type 2 diabete too, but more intake of BCAA's could provoke depression/anxiety
Are protein powder supplement good for people with insulin resistance? No?
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2023.06.04 18:17 Coming_In_Hot_916 ELLIPTICAL - MOVING MUST GO ASAP!


FREE - MOVING - MUST GO!! PRECOR EFX 576i Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer
This is a high-end elliptical that is commonly used in large gyms. I bought it over a year ago and was injured shortly thereafter, so I only used it for about a month. I'm the 2nd owner. The previous owner was an old man who took great care of it. It's been sitting in my garage since I bought it. It works great, runs smooth, and is in overall really good condition. It does need a good cleaning and some TLC, and I’d grease it up before using. Full disclosure: one of the handles is slightly peeling, but it looks like an easy fix with some super glue. I bought it for $2,000, but I've got to leave town(moving), so this HAS TO GO ASAP!! COME AND GET IT!
SEE IT HERE on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Precor-576i-exp-Elliptical-Trainedp/B00PISO2UI SEE IT HERE on PRECOR site: https://www.precor.com/en-us/efx%C2%AE-576i-elliptical-fitness-crosstrainer%E2%84%A2-0
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2023.06.04 18:17 kerberos69 Academic Question about NY Labor/Wage Requirements, Damages, etc.

Alibi:\ (1) I don’t practice labor or employment law— I work in the spheres of US federal and UN policy related to public procurement law, trade agreements, government contracts, etc.
(2) This question isn’t related to any specific current legal or personal matter.
(3) Being in policy, I try to maintain at least a marginally subsurface-level of knowledge about practice areas outside my own— it helps me to understand common issues to better accommodate for potential downstream policy effects. So, I pick a topic and learn up— right now I’m on wage theft and wrongful withholding… I picked NY because it’s the state where I live. Holy HECK, though, I thought procurement law was complex— labor law is no joke 🫠
(4) Simple answers are welcomed, citations/references are appreciated, and dank memes are encouraged.
Questions:\ (1) Upon termination, is the repayment of a bonus a permissible wage deduction? 3 variables here: (a) the employee provided unconditional written consent beforehand, (b) the employee provided consent conditional of specific misconduct and agrees misconduct occurred, and (c) […] but disagrees misconduct occurred.
(2) Under normal circumstances, NY employers are required to pay all wages owed within 5 (business?) days of the normal payday. Does this change for the final paycheck where the employer needs to calculate a gross disbursement (paying out accrued benefits, deducting permissible expenses, etc.? I know that the employee can opt for their final paycheck to be delivered as a written check, regardless of the employer’s normal pay policies— can the employer also opt to pay with a paper check, irrespective of the employee’s wishes? Is there any limit to how many individual paychecks an employer may withhold pending final gross payout?
For example: Let’s say that an Employer normally pays wages two weeks in arrears every two weeks. An Employee works for a complete Period 1 and expects to receive full regular pay on Payday 1, which occurs on the first Friday of Period 2. Employee works the first half of Period 2 and is terminated on Friday (i.e. Payday 1), and does not receive pay for Period 1; Employer informs Employee that Employee’s wages for all of Period 1 and Period 2 will be held until Employer calculates deductions and will pay out the gross amount at an unspecified time (related to Question 1); Employer offers to payout all gross wages immediately in exchange for agreeing to a Separation Agreement that includes Employee waiving any potential future claims against Employer (to include applying for NYS Unemployment Insurance Benefits).
(3) What are the Employer’s legal obligations? Are damages (possibly) warranted? How are damages calculated? I believe that Employee could receive between 100% and up to 300% of the pay due in liquidated damages; are there any other liquidated damages owed based on the variables in Questions 1 and 2?
Please feel free to ask any questions, I’ll be here in the thread to participate actively, make corrections as needed, etc. To collect a variety of perspectives, I’ve also posted this question in two other subs. Since this sub is geared toward students, please qualify any responses with your relevant education/practice/licensure level, practice area, etc. Student responses are definitely welcome, as long as you identify yourself as a student.
Out of curiosity, I plugged this into GPT4 and it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. But I guess there’s a reason that I only use GPT4 for discrete synthesis tasks like forming an Abstract/ExSum based on existing text, creating graphs/charts based on existing data, etc. Basically, I only use it for stuff I’d equally trust an Intern or Summer Associate to do mostly unsupervised lol
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2023.06.04 18:17 SnooMaps3232 [Need advice-STEM] Preparing application material for TT faculty position and recommendation letter

Hello, community members!
I finished my PhD in chemistry 2 years ago on West Coast (U.S.) . Currently, I am currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in a West European country. My PhD mentor recently informed me about a job opening for tenure-track faculty position at an R1 university/Institute in U.S. I am preparing the application material to apply for the position now.
One of the main concerns is to obtain a recommendation letter from my current postdoc supervisor. I would like to know if a recommendation letter from a current postdoctoral supervisor is mendatory or not in order to apply for faculty position- application requires the contact address of three referees, and my PhD dissertation commitees (3, including my PhD supervisor) will support my application.
I know that it is general to include a postdoc supervisor as a referee when applying for TT faculty position. But I have a strong feeling that my supervisor will not support my application for the TT faculty position in the US. It is possible that he will refuse to write a recommendation letter, or if he does write one, it may contain negative content. ( To be honest, I cannot understand his inconsistent behavior. One day he thretened to replace me immediately , and just next day, he praised my research progress. He never let me go to research conferences although I received an invition with full financial support for a conference. I suspect there may be personal issues influencing out relationship - but really, really not so sure about this). While my postdoc supervisor is well-known in the field (related to chemistry) I highly doubt the search committee will be familiar with him since I am not applying to the chemistry department. .
Furthermore, I would appreciate some general advice on how to structure my research statement (a.k.a research accomplishment and future plan). The advertisement specifies a three-page limit, and I am unsure of how to distribute the content between my PhD and postdoc research. Additionally, I would value guidance on how much detail and direction I should provid regarding my future reserach plans. I understand that I could potentially gather some clues from the advertisement, such as the desired experties for an assistant professor in the field of X or any availiable facility information. However, I am unsure about the level of the detail and direction that would be most appropriate to include.
Many thanks in advice!
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2023.06.04 18:17 crepuscopoli More BCAA's intake linked to depression? Is there a link with protein powder supplements?

whey protein supplements are good to help depression and for type 2 diabete too, but more intake of BCAA's could provoke depression/anxiety
- https://www.jneurosci.org/content/39/30/5935#sec-1
- https://journals.physiology.org/doi/full/10.1152/ajpendo.00373.2012
- https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0924977X15002278?via%3Dihub

Are protein powder supplement good for people with insulin resistance?
- https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25475435/
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2023.06.04 18:16 humblearugula8 Spoiler Warning: Last Boss Fight and Cheat Death Mechanic

Played HC and died at LVL 44 during 2nd phase of Lilith. Apparently the ground beneath you dissipates. I had full HP but I fell off the map to my death - like something out of Super Mario.
Unexpected and never before seen Diablo boss mechanic aside, I wonder how the cheat death mechanic would have worked - either the sorc flame shield enchantment or the death evasion elixir. Both are supposed to avoid death and become immune for 2 seconds. I never used either of these across my journey, but it begs the question if I would have had time to exit etc if I had.
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2023.06.04 18:16 Disastrous_Low8872 Sales on morphe?

I used to buy a lot of morphe makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes 2-3 years ago and recently I need some new affordable brushes, but I’ve noticed morphe don’t do any good sales anymore? Maybe it’s just my country but I have never seen the morphe x ariel on sale, not even once and everything is full price
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2023.06.04 18:15 MortyDeKat Tapping noise under light throttle

Tapping noise under light throttle
My 2015 370z (38000km)makes a strange tapping noise, on idle its not present and starts about 1500rpm, it is coming from the top of the engine. Sounds like a valve train problem but when i put my head above the engine it sound like it is most present at the fuel rail. I replaced the galley gasket 2 bolts where less than hand tight and installed a oil pressure gauge. Oil pressure and oil levels are good. I thought maby a bad injector but the noise is pretty loud. It did have throttle response lag last time i drove it and maby some loss on power but iam not sure i dident want to go full throttle with the tapping noise
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2023.06.04 18:14 pierrina diablo 4 decision

I am really looking for great co-op rpg experience like divinity 2 or baldurs gate or smthing like that but i dont like long farm games .So what kind of gameplay does diablo 4 has? Is it like divinity 2 with exploring and roleplaying ? Does it have an endless farming like lineage or warframe ? is it like the "Sacred" games ? I have never played any diablo but from what ive seen im confused ,cause sometimes i see ppl in towns talking to npcs and sometimes ppl fighting with hordes of enemies .i also know that people spend hundreds of times playing this game so i can not come to a conclusion if the game is for me . if there is grind ,is it optional or is it crucial for the main story campaing (if it has main story )
for gameplay refference : - i absolutely love divinity 2 (and baldurs gate) - i really dislike endless grind like lineage or warframe
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2023.06.04 18:14 cbvv1992 🔥70% Off Code – $2.39-$8.40 iPhone 14 Pro/ iPhone 14 ProMax Full Coverage Camera Len Protector (Select Options)!!

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2023.06.04 18:14 Fuzzy_Boot800 Me(F) and Crazy/Creepy Male Roommate - Advice? (sorry very long but needed)

Hey guys so I(F25) just sublet a room for the summer until September. I saw this cheap room available with alot of perks (offstreet parking, 2 sets of free laundry, and close walking distance to the train station - a unicorn in the city!). My roomie Andrew (M/31) showed me the room and he was kinda weird looking around but I thought he had autism or just harmless weird. He showed me the room and explained the last person just packed up and left on the second day without a word because he thought the room would be furnished and it wasn't (red flag??). That kinda raised an alarm in my head but I needed to move from my slumlord situation I was in. I told my friends to see if I should pass on it but they said even though that is a red flag, the room and perks were nice that I should take it and will renew and ignore them if they're weird. A few hours later, he texted me that (Marvin/2nd roommate) wants my room and already started moving in his stuff and will also renew in that room (Andrew said the room has been open since March and I looked at the room maybe 6 days after the last person ran out but Marvin never cared for the room. (No one speaks to each other so no one knew if anyone was renewing - another red flag) so I have to look at the other room If I'm still interested (red flag).
I was pissed but my friends said its weird but just dont speak to Marvin at all so I came back the next day and the room seemed clean, it still had some of his furniture laid down in places but the room looked ok so I took it. I wasn't supposed to move in for a whole month but once I showed up on the first day to bring in my check and backpack, the now empty room had multiple large vomit and other(??) stains on the carpeted floor, the furniture he left behind was on purpose was to cover up the stains so I would move into that (red flag). I raised hell with the LL and he wasn't aware and called Marvin who took my room (because he created the stains and purposefully didn't tell the LL so they wouldn't clean it in advance). LL apologized for the room and sent cleaners the next day but I had to sleep over my friends house for 3 days until it dried. FYI I never met Marvin at all but he saw me walking in from outside to check the first room so he knows what I look like. He's gone atm but sent me a long crazy passive aggressive text (given by Andrew without my consent) saying welcome to our home and "hope I enjoy his room" and just nutty shit so I'm a bit uneasy on him and dont plan to renew just based on that whole ordeal.
On my first day staying here (slept at my friends, worked and came here straight from after work), I hauled all of my stuff that had to sit in the hallways, basement, and my car for the prior 3 days because the floor was soaking wet (took me like 5ish hrs). Andrew's room/door is set up in a way that he can see people coming in and out, his bed faces towards out the door and his door is always cracked open juuusst enough to see you but you cant see him. He was watching me haul everything up three flights of narrow stairs and it kinda irked me that he didn't help (I know he's NOT expected to and I shouldn't feel entitled to have help but I found out after he was snooping through my things (red flag) while I wasn't around so I'm like either be involved or completely back off from my things. He would also crank up the oven, which made the house a sauna and refuse to open the windows while I was moving stuff up 3 flight of stairs and sweating buckets from the heat he was causing (thought it was a coincidence and not overthink it) - I cracked open a window when he was done and went back in his room to eat to help the house cool down because I was still moving things [with no malice] (but this pissed him off and took great offense to it). He has a personal freezer chest and takes over the entire communal fridge and freezer with multiple almost empty boxes of the same frozen foods. I nicely asked him and another roommate (Greg - very helpful and chill, made me freezer space, doesnt use the fridge at all, doesnt leave his room unless its for the bathroom or leave the house) for freezefridge space because I dont want to be the new person touching peoples things off the bat. Greg understood but Andrew didn't move anything and placed his food on top of mine in the freezer after the fact as a passive aggressive thing. He stayed hidden in his room watching me while I was moving things but once I was done - he always comes out of his room when im out but I thought it was just a coincidence since ppl live and move around their home but it kept getting weird/creepy since he didnt do the same with Greg. I finally got to cook for the first time around 10pm and when I had my food cooking and go to do my laundry in the basement, he would run into the kitchen nonstop to see what I'm cooking once he heard me cooking from scratch and check my food timer to how long until its done expecting to eat my food.
With the weird shit adding up, Something in my spirit just told me before to even start cooking to make only one serving of food for the night and not leave anything in the communal fridge for leftovers and stick to my mini fridge. While I was doing my laundry, I came up real quick to check on something, I saw him opening all of the windows in the house (the side window was still open and it wasnt hot or smelled), he jumped and ran off like he got caught in the act (wtf?). I was totally creeped out and figured he was pissed from me opening the one window earlier and wanted to get back at me but he was hoping I wouldn't come back so quick so I wouldn't know who did it. Once my food was done, I immediately cleaned my pots and took it to my room with my food. Once I got to my room, he ran back to the kitchen hoping I would've left some leftovers there for him to eat. Once I finished eating and washing my dishes, he left his dishes in the sink expecting I would wash them but I just washed mine and left it on the table to pick it up on my way from grabbing my laundry. Once I got to the laundry room to pick up my dry clothes, I walked up the steps to find out he locked me out of the house because he was pissed there wasn't any food for him and saw my dishes were clean and waiting on the table. I had to knock on the door and he quickly ran down, staring at my feet and made no eye contact the entire time (wearing flipflops) saying "ohhh I didn't know you were down there" (he knew and I had a laundry bag propping the door open), I said was it you that locked out me out? he was like oh yea I had no idea you were even down there and just to be safe, I locked it. FYI the way the stairs loudly creaks, how the tiny house layout is you that know what is going on/who is where and he can see you leaving the bedroom area from his door.
Being so creeped out and haven't even been there a full day/not even unpacked, I immediately got up early next morning to finish washing my blankets and beddings and then went to home depot to change my doorknob to have a lock on the outside. While I had everything in the washer and went to HD quick, when I came back to put things in the dryer, his laundry bag is put out in front of the washer as in a "get a move on/ive been waiting all day" way. I moved my stuff to the dryer and left the washers open as a way to let him open its available and immediately went to my room to switch the knobs. Ever since that morning (9am) hes been propped up in the living room (no tv) loudly having conversations to himself and laughing to himself (not like casual oh roomie watching something but like full-blown conversations and full on belly/screaming laughter). He camped in the living room so long, I figured hes been waiting to watch me cook breakfast and to intimidate me into giving him my food so I had to make lunch in my room (unfortunately Ill have to cook everything in my room from now on and IF I need the stove/oven, Ill have to stay there and not leave my food unattended).
Once I came down at like 3p, to wash my dishes, he still kept his dishes from before there from last night but added more on top of the sink hole for me to have to acknowledge it and to wash it like you ""forgot this+do it"" while hes right next to me in the living room (kitchen and living room are close together). I pushed it to the side and washed my dishes and went back into my room. I stayed in my room for a few hrs until I had to leave for a friends party but as I was getting ready to leave, he loudly started clashing dishes around, slamming the soap bottle on the table and loudly scrubbing showing in a way that hes pissed that he had to wash them and "look at what your making me do" passive aggressive thing (Greg has been gone for a few hrs already). Andrew and Greg don't speak at all (no one here talks to each other but I know why now) and he keeps his door closed and solely operates by his minifridge and has a couch in his room so he doesn't have to interact with Andrew.
Once I left for my friends bday party, Andrew car was gone - once I got back at night, as soon as I got up the stairs, I had my brother call me to talk to me on speakerphone to show a male presence - I heard Andrew run as hard as he could into his room (he was waiting for me because I left without him knowing and thought I had an actual guy with me so he got scared). Once I got to my room and hung up, as soon as I leave my room, he noticed it was just a call and he left "casually whistling" and staring at me and went downstairs. This has been my second day here (first full day) and hes extremely passive aggressive/crazy hoping I would be his maid, live-in gf and cook and lashing out. I told my family and friends but I don't think they truly get it since theyre not physically here experiencing it. Im not planning on renewing and hope to move out in august (just first and last) and renew somewhere else that's all girls because this is traumatizing. (Andrew is 100% leaving in August for work but this will be a rough summer and I haven't even met Marvin yet but I know hes off his rocker too).
Any advice???
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