Smoke shop clerk stabs robber

25 years old, struggling to quit

2023.06.04 18:35 Lumpy-Function8615 25 years old, struggling to quit

Trying to get away from THC. It’s been over 4 years of vaping pretty much 24/7, to point where I easily go through a gram cart in less than a day. One year had medical card and was smoking very large amounts of flower in addition to that, also dabs, edibles, eventually making my own - always very potent. Point I’m trying to make is I have a HIGH tolerance. I could stop everything else easily but I cannot get away from the damn vape. I swear the nausea, shakiness, appetite issues, mood, insomnia, etc, is horrible when I’ve tried. & The cravings just would not go away it’s all I would think about when I didn’t have it. The anxiety I get when I run low or anything is crazy. I don’t even know what it is I crave because the carts have little effect on me especially now that I switched to delta8 from gas stations or vape shops cause it’s so much cheaper than med dispensary’s in PA. On another note, for 4 years I was also consistently smoking electronic cigs, elf bars, etc.. BUT was able to quit nicotine relatively easily about two months ago.
I think part of what I like or could I guess be addicted to with thc vape is the sharp feeling in throat when you inhale it then usually having to cough afterward. I have always taken long hits deep inhales, held it in, etc. of course causing a lot of coughing/crying spells. When I smoked e-cig I used the njoy and I loved the very sharp feeling it had when it hit back of throat but still it was much easier to stop.
Wanting to quit because mental health is finally getting better, I am stable on medication (have depression, severe anxiety, and was misdiagnosed as bipolar for years - recently diagnosed with autism/adhd) but when I stop the thc it sets me back mentally.. I’m also Tired of having to stress about piss since I let my medical card expire. The cost although I honestly buy the cheapest shit still racks up because of how much I use.
I have been trying to make healthier choices, the vaping has definitely caught up to me my blood pressures been through the roof out of the blue never had issues before. I know it’s mind over matter but idk I’m really struggling to break this.
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2023.06.04 18:32 AzureBeast Respect Jennika (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) [IDW Comics]


"Master Splinter sees through my flaws to what's inside. It's all that matters to him. So if I had killed you that day, it wouldn't have been for the clan. It would've been for my family"
Jennika was a vagabond in New York City who went to prison as an accessory to murder after her boyfriend killed a man in a botched robbery. In prison, she befriended a fellow prisoner who was a member of the secretive Foot Clan. After her friend was killed during their prison escape, Jennika sought out the Foot Clan and joined them. She rose to the elite rank of Foot Assassin and served under Oroku Saki, aka the Shredder, until the clan was taken over by Hamato Yoshi, aka Master Splinter. Believing Splinter to be too soft of a leader, Jennika betrayed him and attempted a coup, only to find herself swiftly defeated. Splinter, recognizing her passion and loyalty for the Foot, demoted Jennika but placed her under the tutelage of his eldest son, Leonardo. Jennika became an ally of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles during their time with the Foot, and even began a romance with their friend Casey Jones. However, a confrontation with Oroku Karai left Jennika on the brink of death. In order to save her life, Leonardo gave her a blood transfusion, which mutated her into a mutant turtle. Now a turtle herself, she joins the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as their sister, fighting the multitude of enemies that threaten the peace of their family and New York.
Source Key:
IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2011) Issue # = T#
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe (2016) Issue # = U#
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika (2020) Issue # = J#
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika II (2020) Issue # = K#
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Armageddon Game (2022) Issue # = G#



Tekko Kagi










Oroku Saki teaches the turtles how to use the art of Kuji-Kiri, which allows the user to draw on the mystic forces of the universe
Respect Threads for scaling:
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2023.06.04 18:20 Wan_Haole_Faka What is smokable hemp and can it cause me to fail a drug test?

Hi everyone,
I'm hoping to get hired by a new company soon that does drug testing so obviously, I don't want that to be an issue. I'm not a cannabis user typically. I was in a smoke shop recently looking for herbal smoke blends that are tobacco free and all they really have is "smokable hemp". I'm not sure what it is, but imagine it's the male plant and standardized to be like .3% THC. It looks like some shredded material that doesn't really look like foliage, more like pressed green confetti. Would this cause me to fail a drug test?
Also, if anyone knows of an herbal smoking blend they like with no THC, I'd love to hear about it. I'm looking for something that offers an effect that I haven't noticed with damiana, mugwort, wild lettuce, etc. I've never tried blue lotus, kanna, etc. and am curious about experiences with that.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 18:04 LoveMangaBuddy Read Konbini Goutou kara Tasuketa Jimi Tenin ga, Onaji Kurasu no Ubude Kawaii Gyarudatta - Chapter 2 - MangaPuma

"Will you stay over at my house starting today?" Riku Kuromine, a second-year high school student, became despondent after being rejected by his childhood friend. He happens to enter a convenience store and saves a clerk who was being attacked by a robber. The clerk turns out to be Ayana Hoshimiya, the most popular and beautiful gal in school. As a result of this incident, Ayana asks Riku to prote ... Read Konbini Goutou kara Tasuketa Jimi Tenin ga, Onaji Kurasu no Ubude Kawaii Gyarudatta - Chapter 2 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.04 17:52 SignalTraditional911 Has anyone checked out the foreign snack store on Plumb?

The place (Middleman's Exotic Snack Shop) is half smoke-shop, half exotic snack shop. It carries Irn-Bru (iykyk), a bunch of different flavors on Kit-Kats/Oreos you can't normally get in the states.. SO many chips/salty snacks from all over the world, and of course a BUNCH of other stuff.
I don't know that its getting much traffic and its a shame that's the case. Its pretty awesome. =)
Its on Plumb, just off Kietzke behind the Denny's where the payday loan place used to be.
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2023.06.04 17:50 LoveMangaBuddy Read Konbini Goutou kara Tasuketa Jimi Tenin ga, Onaji Kurasu no Ubude Kawaii Gyarudatta - Chapter 3.1 - MangaPuma

"Will you stay over at my house starting today?" Riku Kuromine, a second-year high school student, became despondent after being rejected by his childhood friend. He happens to enter a convenience store and saves a clerk who was being attacked by a robber. The clerk turns out to be Ayana Hoshimiya, the most popular and beautiful gal in school. As a result of this incident, Ayana asks Riku to prote ... Read Konbini Goutou kara Tasuketa Jimi Tenin ga, Onaji Kurasu no Ubude Kawaii Gyarudatta - Chapter 3.1 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.04 17:46 petra-ichor My first beaker bong since I was a teenager, as I've mostly smoked dabs as an adult. Recently started appreciating flower again so I went shopping. What do you guys think?

My first beaker bong since I was a teenager, as I've mostly smoked dabs as an adult. Recently started appreciating flower again so I went shopping. What do you guys think? submitted by petra-ichor to trees [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 17:41 nkL0ttery RIFG Animal Kush pre-rolls at Greenleaf

Out of convenience, I needed some pre-rolls. The RIFG Animal Kush pre-rolls that have been available at Greenleaf are very good. Harvest date of 3/28, somewhat recent for pre-rolls. Great smoke, immediate effect, nice relaxing indica feel. They are also priced right at $18 for a 3-pack of 0.5's (1.5g total), just like all the other dispensaries. Highly recommended.
As rhodytree should be advised to do, you always have to shop the menus at all the dispensaries for availability and deals. Greenleaf has a generally awesome selection, I do like shopping there. But one thing I don't get about Greenleaf is they consistently have Flower marked up way higher - talking $20-25 higher - for an eighth of the same strains other dispensaries offer. Their flower deals seem extremely poor by comparison but these joints were priced right.
(my experience is Medical, FWIW)
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2023.06.04 17:34 hnqn1611 How To Save Money Fast - 18 Money Saving Tips

How To Save Money Fast - 18 Money Saving Tips
How To Save Money Fast – 18 Money Saving Tips
Learning to save money, especially finding ways to do it quickly, is something that can benefit anyone. There are many good reasons to start saving money. Maybe you suddenly got slammed with an unexpected bill, or maybe your friends just invited you on that trip of a lifetime. Or perhaps, you want to buy a house and you have to save for the down payment. You could even just be trying to grow your emergency fund so that you are better prepared for any unexpected expenses. Whatever your reason may be, there are a lot of ways to save money!
Number 1 - Track Your Spending And Create A Budget Tracking your spending is the very best way to identify areas where you can save money. All you need to do is track your spending for one month, and this will give you a good idea of where your money is going. Once you’ve identified where you’re spending your money, and you see areas where you can reduce spending, you can set a reasonable budget and then stick to it. This is a simple thing to do, and it’s a very effective way of controlling your spending.
Number 2 - Pay Off Your Debt If you’re carrying a credit card debt, you’re wasting money. As difficult as it may be, your top priority should be to pay off your debt and free yourself from those high interest rates. Hopefully, some of the other tips on this list will help you retain more of your cash that you can then use toward conquering your debts.
Number 3 - Automate Savings Transfers Each Payday If you can’t seem to create a habit of saving, scheduling automatic transfers to your savings account can be a huge help. When you have a certain amount of your paycheck automatically transferred to your savings account each payday, there's less temptation to spend it - and you can easily watch your account balance grow over time. Review your budget and choose an amount that you can commit to regularly, then put your savings on autopilot.
Number 4 - Negotiate Your Bills While some of your bills, such as your rent or mortgage payment, may be non-negotiable, you may have some wiggle room with others. For example, you may be able to find a better deal on your car insurance or your cell phone service. Doing some research to find better rates, can take a little bit a time - but it can be time well spent, if it helps you save money.
Number 5 - Set Up Automatic Payments For Bills With our busy lives and busy schedules, it’s not uncommon to forget to pay some bills on time. An easy way to save money, is to simply pay your bills when they’re due. Companies typically charge a late fee for any balances that are overdue. And while it may just be a few bucks here there, these fees quickly add up - especially if you pay multiple bills late. So, set up automatic payments for bills to ensure that they’re paid on time, and to avoid any late fees. It’s also important to keep an eye on your bank account balance to avoid overdrafts and accumulating additional fees.
Number 6 - Go Cash Only Put your credit cards away, and then take out a limited amount of money from your checking account -enough to last you for a few weeks. Basically, you withdraw a limited amount and then watch it shrink. Since we're more motivated by loss than by gain, each dollar you physically spend will force you to spend consciously.
Number 7 - Consider Relocating Perhaps you live in the downtown core, and your mortgage or rent costs you 2-3 times more than it would if you moved just 15-20 minutes outside of the area. Relocating to an area with a lower cost of living or downsizing your home, could potentially put hundreds to thousands of dollars in your pocket each month. Obviously there can be some roadblocks that may prevent you from moving, but if relocating is an option, it may be well worth considering.
Number 8 - Stop Paying For Convenience It’s the American way to pay for convenience. People are willing to pay $5 for a taco they can make at home for less than $1. They pay $6 for a cup of coffee at a local cafe rather than brew an entire pot of coffee at home for a few pennies. Taking a little extra time out of your day to make your own food, brew your own coffee or clean and repair things around the house can grow your bank account rather quickly.
Number 9 - Make A Grocery List Making a grocery list before you head out, will quickly save you tons of money. This will ensure that you end up buying only what you need, and that you don't fall victim to any impulse purchases. Write down everything you need for the week. The less times you go shopping, the less likely you'll be to pick up something you really don't need. Plan to shop for an hour or less, and try to race the clock when you shop. This way you won’t spend time wandering around picking up things that look appealing. Also, plan to go shopping shortly after you've eaten. Everything will look less appealing if you're shopping on a full stomach.
Number 10 - Downgrade Your Cable, Phone And Internet For most families, these three services equal big bucks every month. Monitor your use over a month or two, and decide what you actually need and what you could cut. Do you really watch any premium channels? Is your landline phone doing anything other than collecting dust? How fast do you need the internet to be if you’re only checking Facebook and email? It truly pays to shop around and find a cheaper service.
Number 11 - Cancel Paid Subscriptions, Memberships And Services Are you subscribed to a magazine that you never read? Are you paying for a product delivery service that you hardly ever use? If you have a gym membership, when was the last time you actually made an appearance? Paid services, subscriptions and memberships can really add up. Make a list of all the ones you have, and ask yourself if you really need them. If the answer is NO, it’s probably time to cancel.
Number 12 - Quit Your Bad Habits For most people, it’s not easy to quit smoking, drinking, using drugs, or overeating - but these habits are costing you more than just the price of your vice. Quitting destructive habits will improve your health, lower your insurance premiums, and save you a surprising amount of money.
Number 13 - Buy Something New When You Replace Something Old If you tend to buy things only because they’re on sale, or just because - perhaps it’s time to stop because you’re wasting money. By establishing a rule that you can only buy to replace something you already have, you're creating an 'active barrier.' Before buying anything, think about how many of those you need, and how many you already have! Then think again, if you really need a new one. The psychology of having to open up your closet, decide what to give away, and get it to the nearest charity (or garbage can) is enough to stop many of us from buying something new.
Number 14 - Practice The 30 Day Rule The 30-day rule is a simple method to control impulse spending. Here's how it works: Whenever you feel the urge to splurge - whether it's for new shoes, a new phone, or a new car - force yourself to stop. If you're already holding the item, put it back. Leave the store. When you get home, take a piece of paper and write down the item, the store where you found it, and the price. Also write down the date. Now post this note somewhere obvious: a calendar, the fridge, or a bulletin board. For the next thirty days, think whether you really want and need the item. If, after the 30 days, the urge is still there, then consider purchasing it. That's all there is to it, but it's surprisingly effective. The 30-day rule works especially well, because you aren't actually denying yourself - you're simply delaying gratification. This rule has another advantage: it gives you time to research the item.
Number 15 - Take The Time To Comparison Shop This tip goes hand in hand with the previous point. The retail industry thrives on impulse, luring you with so-called sales that urge you to make an immediate purchase. Although there are some door buster deals that may actually be worth it, more often than not, you’re better off taking your time and comparing prices with other retailers. Among the many things you should consider, are not only the base price of an item, but also any shipping costs, coupon codes, and other offers. As an added bonus, during the course of your comparison shopping, you may even realize that you don’t actually need the item you’re looking to buy!
Number 16 - Watch Out For Fear Of Missing Out Your favorite social media site may be super addictive and offer plenty of useful advice. But they can also lead to fear of missing out. You’ve probably seen dozens of articles - that whether intentional or not, make you feel guilty about what you’re not doing. Such as: • Things you should do in your 20s or 30s • At what age you should buy a house or car • What luxury items you need to own … and so on Ask yourself, are they really things YOU want to do or buy? Or are you checking off items on someone else’s “bucket list”? Create your own list of goals, focus on them, and let go of the rest.
Number 17 - Turn Trash Into Cash Another way to bring in more money is by selling things you no longer need. Look for designer items you don't wear, electronics you aren't using, old books, or anything else you can put up for sale on eBay or Craigslist. Figure out what your stuff is worth - so you get a fair price - and stay safe by following best practices, like meeting buyers in a public place.
Number 18 - Earn More Money Using A Skill You Already Have Most people only think about cutting costs. This often leads to reading silly articles online that seem to only suggest ridiculous tips on how to be frugal. We forget about the possibilities of earning more money - which is the most powerful of all. Try negotiating your salary at work, starting a second job, or freelancing in something you're really good at. With this extra income, you’ll be surprised how fast your savings account will grow. Saving money is not as hard as you think.
You can save a significant amount of cash just by making small changes. And the best part is, not only will you learn to value money, but in the process of saving, you’ll also learn which strategies work best for you - so you can use them again when needed. Or maybe you’ll keep saving - that way you’ll always have some cash handy to cover whatever expenses come your way. At the end of the day, having a little extra in your savings account can give you the confidence and security to enjoy life. What do you think? What are some other good ways to save money? Let us know in the comments below!
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2023.06.04 17:20 Embarrassed-Newt1643 Reoccurring dream, what does it mean?

I keep having dreams in black and white with two of me. One time I was sleeping in my dream and I saw myself crawl through my window like something out of twin peaks in another I was at a bookstore and saw another me on the other side of a book shelf and in another I was in a coffee shop I saw myself walk over from a different table. The thing of them have in common is in every one a window is very prominent in the background and in every dream the other me takes I deep drag off of a cigarette while looking in to my eyes eerily then hands me the cigarette I smoke it as I look in to the other me’s eyes suspiciously.
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2023.06.04 17:03 BottomShelfVodka Poorfessionals.

[June 2013]
Devon and I have always been irresponsible with money, but we have always lived within our means. We didn't mind being broke when the bills were paid, there was gas in the vehicle, and food in the fridge. At least we knew we were irresponsible with money. We always made sure the important money went where it needed to go before we blew the rest of it. We never allowed our monthly bills to exceed the amount of income he made on the first of the month. That paycheck took care of all the bills, whether they were due or not. All payments were submitted every 1st. The cash tips I brought home from work would be used to cover food or gas for the day.
We didn't bother with a savings account because we were still young and immortal, content living paycheck to paycheck. The money was stable, although we really weren't. Devon's paychecks on the 15th of the month were the ballin' out paychecks. That's when we would purchase the alcohol, weed, concert tickets, hotel room, or whatever the fuck else cool shit we'd find out in the wild that we wanted. Throw it in the cart.
I had a mason jar filled to the brim with weed. When I would return home from school or work, I started noticing that my weed was dwindling away. It obviously wasn't Devon. He wasn't dumb enough to smoke while on active duty. It must've been Connor. I've never been opposed to sharing my weed as long as I was smoking it too, but I didn't give him the go ahead to serve himself whenever he felt like it. He was helping himself to our liquor as well.
I had been bottling up a lot of pet peeves for the sake of being cordial, but I was beginning to crack once our account hit a negative balance for the first time. The moment we went in the negative, the bank doubled down with an additional $32.00 poor people fine. We were broke, broke.
I understood Connor was coming from a toxic and negative environment, but I finally had enough when I came home to another sink full of dishes dirtied from our groceries that we didn't even consume.
I was juggling school along with a serving position at a little burger shop in town. Devon, of course, was employed by the military. Connor, however, still hadn't even gone out to attempt to find a job. Devon and I tried to be patient with him and give him time to settle, but it had been well over a month and a half since he moved in, and he was milking his opportunity. I was fucking over it.
Devon and I were in the kitchen while Connor was locked in his room Skyping with his girlfriend. It was clear I was irritated, and Devon asked what was wrong. I told him I was tired of coming home to dishes in the sink, our groceries and my weed disappearing, and our roommate continuing to not look for a job or clean up after himself. I reminded Devon that this was meant to be an opportunity, not a charity. We can't afford to feed an adult child.
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2023.06.04 17:02 WhenTheFunStops89 Concept for the 2024 Jersey

Concept for the 2024 Jersey
Inspired by this thread and the complaints that the Circa Sports ad has resulted in the player Jersey looking worse.
Well imagine a future where the NHL has the player Jerseys look like Nascar Driver uniforms! Whatever happens in the future I hope the ads can reflect Vegas!
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2023.06.04 16:50 Significant-Error-40 Is this guy flirting with me?

I'll preface this by saying that I'm autistic. So, it's hard for me to recognize actual flirting. I frequent this smoke shop, and a guy my age works there. He greets me by calling me baby at this point, and he's super kind. He also has started giving me his friends and family discount. Is it normal for guys in smoke shops to flirt to keep customers coming in or should I assume he's legit flirting?
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2023.06.04 16:47 FreddyTeddy5 Charlestown, MA man convicted in involvement in slaying of two armored car guards in Hudson, NH in 1994 gets a reduced sentence. But, I think it is possible that a Charlestown, MA crew was not responsible for the 1994 killings, but rather a Whitey Bulger South Boston crew, and the FBI covered it up.

So Anthony Shea, one of the members of a Charlestown robbery crew, got his sentence for murdering two armored car guards in Hudson, NH in August 1994 reduced from a life sentence to a 35 year sentence-
But, a convicted domestic terrorist named Clayton Waagner, who I believe is in federal prison with one of the members of Shea's crew named Stephen Burke, wrote a short story in which he claims that it was not a Charlestown, MA crew that was responsible for the 1994 killings, but rather a South Boston crew under the command of Boston Irish mobster James "Whitey" Bulger. In the book, Waagner claims that the FBI framed the robbery and murder on the Charlestown crew to cover up their support of and involvement with Whitey Bulger, who was one of the FBI's top informants at the time. It's also important to note that the Hudson robbery and murders happened in August 1994, and Bulger fled Boston in December 1994.
A lot of Waagner's story checks out.
For example, after Bulger was caught in 2011, the Charlestown Patch did a piece on him, and it talked about how Bulger wasn't well regarded in Charlestown and how Whitey Bulger feared the gangsters in Charlestown (link). So, the idea that Stephen Burke and Whitey Bulger didn't like each other checks out.
Also, a 2013 article claimed that Whitey Bulger did extort American IRA commander Joseph Murray-,Convicted%20marijuana%20dealer%20loses%20appeal%3B%20claimed%20FBI%20lied%20in%20his,case%20to%20protect%20Whitey%20Bulger.&text=A%20federal%20appeals%20court%20has,James%20%E2%80%9CWhitey'
In addition, the reason Stephen Burke got sentenced to life was because his brother John Burke ratted him out, but his brother admitted to killing someone in Charlestown in 1980, and the Feds said they would give him immunity from prosecution if he testified against Stephen by saying Stephen told him it was his and Shea's crew that killed the Hudson guards (link).
At Stephen Burke's sentencing hearing "Stephen Burke accused the FBI and prosecutors of giving money, drugs and other incentives to witnesses.. ``We never had a chance in this trial. We were railroaded. This trial was a charade, a farce, a New Hampshire-style lynching" (link).
There is certainly some truth to what Stephen Burke is saying. John Burke admitted to smoking cocaine for 20 years at Stephen Burke's trial (link). Also, according to the Seattle times, in a separate trial regarding a separate violent Charlestown drug ring, "Authorities managed to crack the Code of Silence after a three-year investigation in which the government spent more than $1 million to protect witnesses, including a half-dozen townies who asked to be moved out of the neighborhood for fear of retribution. About a dozen thieves and drug dealers were granted immunity from prosecution and received new identities under the federal Witness Protection Program" (link). So, due to this, I think it is very possible the Feds bribed Charlestown people with drugs and money to lie about Stephen Burke, Shea, and their crew.
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2023.06.04 16:07 YoungLess9325 Miniwhip on RTL-SDR blog v3

Miniwhip on RTL-SDR blog v3
I've recently bought a miniwhip antenna, to pair with my RTL-SDR dongle (the antenna is a commercial one, the same as the one in the picture). Everything seems pretty normal at first, but after 10 minutes I noticed some problems. First of all the smell of smoke coming out of my SDR, it shouldn't be burned, as I quickly tested it on another antenna and works quite well, but still something went wrong.
For the mini whip "bias tee" I connected a 15V power supply (I know the label says 12V, but on many online shops, in the description of this antenna I find 12V-15V, so I took the first one I was able to find in my house). For the ground Ive connected nothing yet; and the other 2 are normally connected to the antenna through BNC, and to the SDR through: UHFBNCSMA.
So, is there any problem with the voltage? Should I go buy a 12V power supply instead? Or the SDR is just not compatible?
Thanks in advice.
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2023.06.04 15:31 MikAtNitee Why can’t my friend and I trip on shrooms?

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. I’d really appreciate it if someone could enlighten me to this question.
My friend and I have tried to trip 4 times now, but haven’t been able to even once. We’ve sourced the fruit from 4 different plugs, but it’s been a fail every time…
The most that we experience is very slight giggles during the supposed come up, then they just disappear around the 45-1hr mark and then we don’t experience anything.
We desperately want to have a shrooms experience, so this has been extremely disappointing to say the least. We’ve looked for answers online, and we saw a few comments saying that if you smoke too much weed it may leave you unable to trip on shrooms. But I’ve seen many more comments by people saying that they smoke like a chimney but are still able to trip.
Right now, I’m leaning more towards the we smoke too much explanation though because that’s the only thing we really have in common in terms of substances. I don’t drink, he hasn’t drank in a long time, and we don’t do any other drugs.
The last shrooms we got really looked amazing, we were sure that they’d work, but alas, it was another fail. Last time, we both took 3g and felt nothing except for brief giggles.
I talked to my friend at the smoke shop, and he said that we should’ve been gone off of 3g, as his dose is just 2g. He said that he also smokes a lot. He then told me to try specific strains like penis envy and golden teacher. Is this really just a case of weak strains where I am and we need to find stronger ones? Or is there something wrong with us?
Is there anyone else who’s experienced this? Any insights would be greatly appreciated, so thanks!
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2023.06.04 15:21 ubugginb ???

LMFAO I don’t even wanna know thought someone else saw him too so I’d share
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2023.06.04 15:16 Arrow_is_dead09 Is my streached piercing irritated?

Is my streached piercing irritated?
I was sold the wrong size taper from an illegal smoke shop and I was only going to stretch to 2mm but I was sold the wrong size and stretched from 1.6mm to 3mm and I only realised this when I visited a reputable piercer and they inserted a 3mm plug
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2023.06.04 14:52 Illustrious_Pickle72 I defeated Order for the first time and I got both his stuff! Guess I don't need to fight him anymore!(credit to that buddha guy next to me, he landed the final punch)

I defeated Order for the first time and I got both his stuff! Guess I don't need to fight him anymore!(credit to that buddha guy next to me, he landed the final punch) submitted by Illustrious_Pickle72 to bloxfruits [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 14:51 appalachiangaymer 45 USA, East TN Chubby Hairy Bear

45 USA, East TN Chubby Hairy Bear
My stats: 45yo 5’9” tall, 355 lbs. 5” cut average and bottom.
What I’m looking for…
Physically… Im seeking a cis guy who is hairy, younger (25+ yo) with a thin/fit/average/husky build.
Sexually… I seek a top who can balance primal and sensual sex. I love to please and my kinks are vanilla simple — hairy pits and a nice bush.
Personality… I like a friendly, nerdy, intellectual, dorky, masculine presenting guy.
Politics… I prefer someone who, like me, leans politically left of center, otherwise we likely won’t get along. My parents were political opposites and I refuse to put myself in that situation.
Kids… Someone who is okay with or doesn’t want to have children.
Money… You don’t have to be rich but have a job and good work ethic and have your own money. You’re going to be best compatible with me if you are okay with not using credit cards/loans (I’m trying to be debt-free and pay off house asap)
Emotional health… We all have baggage — I do and there’s not anyone who doesn’t so it’s unrealistic to think so. I have a therapist that I see to help me manage life and emotions, which are complex. You get kudos for having a therapist. Poor mental and emotional health helped derail my last relationship, so it’s important to me that you are emotionally and mentally keeping yourself healthy.
Habits… Be a non-smoker who is okay with little to no alcohol consumption. I prefer someone who is good at keeping things clean, because I’m challenged at organizing and cleaning. Be my Yang to my ying here.
Religion… I support any religious or spiritual beliefs, including non-belief. I am a secular theist, who can’t stand Christian fascism or the idea of theocratic law. Just be respectful and mindful of how others believe. Don’t be an A-hole telling others what they think is wrong.
What I want… Someone who can balance staying in with going out who isn’t into the night club scene but more into social gatherings such as game nights, dinnefood parties, fire pit get togethers, a night out for trivia or bingo, going to listen to live music, staying in or going out to movies, is okay with giving and receiving affection, enjoys food, coffee, dogs (I have two), someone who can tolerate my hobbies of house plants and fish aquariums, someone who enjoys video gaming (switch and PC) and someone who doesn’t mind day trips to random new restaurants/cafes/coffee shops/bakeries. Also, it helps if you can cook and can help counterbalance my messy tendencies. It’d be nice to find someone who likes camping, hiking and will workout with me. Preferably someone who is within 6 hours of zip code 37620.
About me… If you made it this far, congratulations. I’m a nerdy dorky, goofy kind of person. I’m sci-bi and love Star Trek (Voyager, TNG, Discovery, Picard, and SNW) and Star Wars. I have two dogs, live in a single level 3 bed / 1.75 bath house in a nicely established older quiet middle-class neighborhood. I hate landscape maintenance, so if you love it, you’ll love this place. I attempt to keep house plants alive. I am newly getting into keeping freshwater fish. Socially I’m outgoing most of the time. I don’t smoke, I don’t use recreational drugs, and I drink socially on less frequent occasions.
If I’m forgetting anything, just ask.
I’m on Snap & TikTok. DMs are welcome.
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2023.06.04 14:45 ricruceandbeans2022 Florida- guardianship/ divorce

Hi 👋 I am a domestic violence victim. My husband has second degree manslaughter charges in the sixth judicial court Florida. Mother signed the petition on May of 20 2022. Judge order appointment of plenary guardian in June 2022. However, the official order was not filed by the judge’s clerk until January13, 2023. Who is responsible for this delay, the appointed incompetent attorney or clerk’s office? She had the full intent when she signed the petition and then judge ordered mother to be plenary guardian . Judge when over all her responsibilities and she agreed. I was shot by ward and a walking miracle. I’ve filed for divorce and completed all disclosure checklist along with all mandatory documents over a year ago . As of today, guardian has yet to file anything. Since I’ve filed for divorce in June 2022. Guardian said she has authority to get her monster son divorce and continue to harass me over 15 times. Last was last week when she stole my car which I am the primary/ loan is under my name Because her monster criminal son is on the registration. I am a professional and pay all my bills. I was the breadwinner for 5 years while he went to school only, smoked weed, and abused me. I didn’t act on red flags. We have a scheduled hearing in few months for motion for contempt to show cause for divorce case and my attorney will be adding another motion to handle vehicle situation. I’ve had it with the abuse when I deserve to be at peace and continue my recovery. I’ve filed a complaint to have guardianship case reopened. Judge signed my request and reopened case and now I have to file a motion to have my case heard . I am a self represented petitioner under guardianship case . I’ve done some research but want to confirm I should file a HEARING F.S. 744.527 and then in order for her to be discharged she would have her attorney file a 744.528, Is this correct? I also want her appointed attorney to be kicked out because she’s incompetent and not following ethical guidelines attorneys have to comply by . Do I need to file anything in addition to get her kicked out of case? My last question: is there a motion for contempt and to show cause and termination of guardianship? If yes, could I file both under same motion? I really appreciate all the help . This means so much . Unfortunately, my clerk’s site is limited but I’ve been able to search for opinions through Florida courts and reading statutes has giving me an idea. I will also be filing a stalking injunction against that whole family
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2023.06.04 14:34 MWMN19 They Never Lost - Chapter 5 [Turning Point]

Author's note
Thank you for waiting everyone! This one's a bit short but I'll ramp up my writing slowly in the coming next weeks. Need to warm up again hahaha. Cheers!
Previous Chapter:
1132 Hours, Earth Time, EST
A large and spacious room with an oval table. Around it, in leather chairs, sat men with grim expressions on their faces.
These are the leaders of human civilization. And at the helm of the table sat a man who stared at the table while massaging his temples. He was well-dressed and well groomed. Yet, his eyes told another story. This man was tired, the bags under his eyes indicated that he had many sleepless nights.
"Secretary-General..." Someone from the other side of the table uttered.
"Our partial mobilization efforts have bore fruit. We have several new regiments on the front. We ramped up weapons production and secured a front line on the fringes of Sector 7 and Sector 6."
The Secretary-General slowly nodded and then raised his head, placing his hands on the table.
"What about Sector 5..." He asked.
"We are... We're working on it. As of now Sector 5 as a whole is a contested area."
The Secretary-General nodded once more.
"Alright... Minister Dawson, how is the public reacting to this series of events?"
A man at the side of the table stood up.
"We are trying to keep morale high. We are currently holding casualty reports out of the public eye. But it is a matter of time before they will demand us to release the reports." Minister Dawson said.
The Secretary-General looked around the table before gesturing the Minister to sit back down.
"We can't lie to the people... What they will demand is action... Minister Ibrahimovich, what are the casualty reports?"
"According to our best estimates 20,000. Though those figures might be higher."
"Minister Ibrahimovich those figures ARE higher. We were caught by surprise. Despite having information on a possible declaration of war... I expected at least some kind of incident, a casus belli. Not an abrupt invasion without a single reason given."
The Secretary-General looked around the table once more before continuing.
"We are not dealing with a border skirmish ladies and gentlemen. We are in a state of war. And the very existence of the Terran Federation and all of its constituent territories is at risk. We have the support of the intergalactic community, yes. But it is up to us to hold and resist until the Galactic House votes on how to react... And that might take a month, maybe more."
Silence befell the room as the reality of the situation slowly started to be apparent to everyone present.
"Sir, what is it you want us to do?"
One voice asked somewhere from the table. A slight tremble with a hint of uncertainty.
"Total mobilization of all of our military assets from every corner of the Terran Federation. Secure all the trade lanes and supply routes. Put all intelligence operatives within and outside our territory on high alert and utilize every resource available to gauge the military organization and capability of the Phryndians."
The Secretary-General said. Murmurs and whispers erupted in the room, this was unprecedented.
Meanwhile, the Secretary-General slid his hand through his graying hair and cleared his throat.
"I am announcing an emergency broadcast. Connect me to all available stations."
Within moments all voices and mutters fell silent. A large holographic screen appeared before the Secretary-General.
He was silent for a few seconds as he stared at a mirror image of himself... This was not the way he wanted to present himself to the public. But he had no other choice.
"This is Christopher Allen, Secretary-General of the Terran Federation broadcasting from Earth... As you are well aware there had been a string of incidents on the border with the Phryndian Empire... Those incidents were not mistakes, they were not accidents. They were a delibrate act of aggression against the Terran Federation from the Phryndian Empire. These acts are unlawful, they are illegal... All attempts at diplomacy have failed. And from this moment on, officially, we are in a state of war with the Phryndian Empire."
There was a slight pause. The Secretary-General closed his eyes for a moment, before opening them up again.
"From this moment on... We are instituting total mobilization of all military assets. We are going to do everything in our power to defend our freedom against tyranny. Defeat is not an option."
"Do not fret, do not worry. For mankind has gone through worse. We have prevailed and we shall prevail once more."
"We will remind our foes once more how humans wage war"
Phryndian Homeworld
108 Hours after Achilles Station
The underground sewers of the Phryndian capital. Abandoned centuries ago, these veritable catacombs became home to outcasts and vagabonds. In these tunnels, since the ascension of the new Emperor, a new type of inhabitant called this place home.
The Freedom Fighter. The Revolutionary.
General Chryfder sat back in an old and decrepit chair as he listened to the briefing of what these young Phryndians knew.
He would once call them terrorists, criminals. Those who went against the crown went against everything Phryndia stood for. But now instead of rounding them up and sending them to the deepst pits. They were his only ticket to freedom.
They were the only ticket that provided any semblance of hope against the Emperor's tyranny.
"From what we've been able to gather the Emperor Mab Pletyn's actions are not his own. He is merely a puppet in someone else's game. There are rumours that advisor Dibynadwy is somehow connected. We ha-" the red-scales Phryndian, dressed in an old military uniform wasn't able to finish his sentence before General Chryfder interrupted.
"It is not Dibynadwy, I am sure of that. That man is too incompetent to do his own work let alone to do any shady dealings behind anyone's back. Let alone Imperial Intelligence." Chryfder remarked.
"That... That's true but the best he can do in that case is shut up if there is something happening. If he knows something a simple threat or bribe is enough to shut him up."
Chryfder thought for a few moments, scratching the scales on the back of his head.
"You might be right... If we can't be sure or even trust the very men who were tasked with such a responsibility as to protect this country and advise the Emperor... Then who can we trust? Other than the few members of military who aren't scared of the consequences? What say you, Rhyddid?"
The red-scales Phryndian, Rhyddid, answered without hesitation.
"There is only one thing we can do then. The only other group with which we share a common enemy, which we can only hope won't stab us in the back is... Well, humans."
As soon as Rhyddid said that a voice from the group shouted:
"Humans?! Do you really think that they will cooperate with any Phryndian after all of this? They will see us with great suspicion and in the worst case kill us! No species with a modicum of intelligence is dumb enough to trust let alone cooperate with an enemy race, even if they share common goals!"
Another voice joined in soon thereafter:
"Yeah! And how can we even start cooperating? How can we even get into contact with the humans?! That plan is a joke."
After the crowd vented out their frustrations and calmed down. Chryfder stood up from his chair and cleared his throat.
"Gentlemen, I am afraid that Rhyddid is right." He paused, awaiting backlash, but none came.
"I sympathize with your worries. The humans can't trust any of us. We are at war with the Terran Federation, but you fail ti understand one thing about the humans..." He turned and looked at everyone present.
"The humans have a much more flexible way of working with others. As long as you are of use, no matter your race or species, and can of course be trusted, you will have a great ally... I do not mean to brag when I tell you this, but without me you probably wouldn't stand a chance of getting the humans on your side. Like all of you said, no intelligent being is insane enough to cooperate with an enemy. But right here they have the greatest inside network they could've ever hoped for. And as for me, I worked with the humans. I have fought with them, I am well known among them and I have a good enough reputation. So the chances that they will accept us is much higher."
There was murmuring in the crowd, whispers. The group was split on what to do. Someone from the group then spoke up.
"That is all well and good General... But where in the nine hells are we going to find a human here? Or even get into contact with a human? All incoming and outgoing transmissions are monitored."
Chryfder smiled and let out a small chuckle before replying:
"Well, young one, that is very simple. We will not come to them, they will come to us... And it is worth mentioning that there are humans here... They are near, especially now."
"It is only a matter of time..."
Veterans Memorial, Hamburg
1524 Hours CET
"... and to the brave men who stood their ground til' the bitter end. Sergeant Trevor McCawley, Officer Sota Hayashi and the last man standing, Private Lawrence Schmidt. These are the names that will forever be remember for their bravery."
These were the words spoken by the Chief of the Military a few days after Achilles Station. Within the crowd that listened on that sunny Hamburg day was a man dressed formally, yet comfortably. Slowly smoking a cigarette as he listened to the speech.
"It's weird isn't it?" Someone beside the man said. "To see history unfold right before your very eyes."
The man took one last drag of the cigarette and extinguished it on the floor, before retrieving a small box and putting the cigarette bud inside.
"Indeed it is, not the first time for me though. You kinda get used to it after a while." The man dressed in black said.
"You military? Special forces?" The man beside him asked. The man dressed in black looked at him.
"Something like that..." He said before turning around and leaving. Weaving through the crowd and going back on the main street. He walked down the street, it was well decorated with trees lining each side. A nice stroll in the shade sat well after a depressing speech.
He sat on a bench, looking out to the park across the street where children played. While their parents chatted. He smiled.
He got a pack of cigarettes out and put one in his mouth, but before he could light it up he heard a ring in his ear.
"Ahh, Jesus, what now." He said with exasperation.
He pressed something behind his ear and a holographic screen appeared before him. It was not visible to anyone but himself.
"Yeah chief, I'm on vacation, you know that?"
"Agent Walter Meyer, your vacation is over. You heard the orders of the Secretary-General." The hidden face and deep voice from the other side said.
"All agents on high alert, yes that is clear." Walter replied. "Any updates on my mission?"
"No, your mission is cancelled. You have been given a very special mission agent Meyer, we believe you are the only one available who is up to the task..."
"And what kind of task would that be?" Walter asked.
"You are going to be smuggled through one of the few lanes that are still open, by that I mean we have utilized a few connections on the other side of the law. Your mission is to conduct espionage and find out what you can about the Royal family as well as attempt sabotage if possible..."
Walter sighed "Alright, not something I'm unfamiliar with. I assume I am going to the Phryndian frontier... Wait, Royal family? Where am I going exactly?"
"Byd Cartref, the Phryndian homeworld. Your ride is waiting for you outside of Hamburg. Be there at 16:30 sharp. I'll send you the coordinates. Good luck soldier."
"Looks like there's no vacation for me...“
Next Chapter:
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