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Anime Gifs

2012.03.27 01:17 Aradon Anime Gifs

For all SFW Animated Gifs that include Anime. For NSFW anime gifs, go to /nsfwanimegifs

2014.03.05 15:27 oshout Animated GIF's for use in wallpapers

Animated GIF's for wallpapers

2020.04.22 08:40 Sir_Ski_Slump_Fan xxxtentacionwallpaper

Just come by here if you’re in need of some XXXTENTACION related wallpapers. #LLJ

2023.06.03 08:53 nymphonymphette @women with a PA Who uses a PC

@women with a PA Who uses a PC
so my PA has a pc, with Microsoft family running, i started seeing wallpaper engine being used for hours a day while he was being distant and aggressive. I looked into it and we’ll there is hardcore pornography in the form of a wallpaper everywhere, just shy from clicking the button or “mature” or partial nudity”
I had no clue, I knew it was a cool app for fun wallpapers and gifs and videos and interactable wallpapers, im absolutely broken right now but this is not what this post is about, as far as I’m aware there’s no way of making porn unavailable through parental type apps. Please be aware ladies.
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2023.06.02 20:14 PobliskiStary My friend imstalled gif wallpaper and it started flashing. screen is 100% ok

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2023.06.01 23:31 twoscoopsofpain Made a wallpaper using instagram gifs

Made a wallpaper using instagram gifs submitted by twoscoopsofpain to breakingbadmemes [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 14:42 RubyPrune9771 What is Whatsapp Video Notes?

What is Whatsapp Video Notes?
The folder was created 5-6 days ago by them. Didn't know what's the function for.
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2023.05.30 21:44 Pretty_Dig_524 Manta ray ps1 tech demo

Anyone know if there is a looping gif of the manta ray from the ps1 tech demo, just for use as a wallpaper, it brings me so much nostalgia so if there is, please reply
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2023.05.30 15:27 Ok-Perspective-5691 Live wallpaper

Why the animated / live wallpapers only work on lockscreen? Whether it be a gif or a video, it only is love when i set it for lock screen but on home screen it just looks like a photo, a capture of the image and is not live?
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2023.05.30 12:19 etruongs7 Dreamt that 4chan added a new board /hyp/ for discussion about Eric André, but you had to include the word "playing" in your post otherwise the post would be removed and you'd get ip banned from the entire website

Dreamt that 4chan added a new board /hyp/ for discussion about Eric André, but you had to include the word submitted by etruongs7 to thomastheplankengine [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 21:54 Carl-Metaltaku [Windows PC ][2005 -2007.] First person shooter

A game I vaguely remember. You are in a place that looks like hell, and you jump from stone platform to stone platform, avoiding the lava floor. Your goal is to reach the end and enter a cave entrance to continue your journey through hell. You have a weapon that resembles an M16. When you fall into the lava, the perspective changes from first person to third person, and you see your character die. In some instances, the character makes strange sounds that resemble an orgasm and lies down on the lava, which is one of the reasons why I think it may be a mod or a low-quality game. When you return to the menu or game over screen, you see a skull gif at the top, with fire coming out of its mouth, accompanied by metal-like music. This game was played by my big brother sometime between 2005 and 2007.
Like in the titel from memory it looks like a Gold Source ore Source game and may be a mod. Any help to track this game is welcome
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2023.05.29 00:56 chatsifieds Delete immediately: Urgent warning over 19 Android apps downloaded by millions - Your IT and Tech Mates Scam Alert.

Delete immediately: Urgent warning over 19 Android apps downloaded by millions - Your IT and Tech Mates Scam Alert.
Delete immediately: Urgent warning over 19 Android apps downloaded by millions - Your IT and Tech Mates Scam Alert.
Android users are being warned to delete 19 apps containing malware that can steal sensitive personal information and register devices for premium services without consent. Joker spyware gathers contact lists and SMS messages, while Harly Trojan has been designed to monetise infections by subscribing users to premium services. Autolycos Malware has already been downloaded more than three million times, according to PCrisk. Malware experts at Kaspersky said the code behind the trojan used China Telecom's code, indicating the malware developers could be located in that country.
Secure Your Peace of Mind: Get 24/7 Cyber Security Protection Starting at Just $11/Month per Device!
Free 24/7 Online Business IT Support and IT Helpdesk For Small Businesses In Australia -

Delete immediately: Urgent warning over 19 Android apps downloaded by millions - Your IT and Tech Mates Scam Alert.
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2023.05.28 16:14 CT-4801 Duviri Spiral gifs?

Duviri Spiral gifs?
So I'm trying to find clear gifs of all the Duviri spiral menu screens because I think they'd be cool wallpapers! If anyone could get me a gif of them, that'd be super appreciated! The above image is what I'd like (this is a screenshot from someone else as example! Do you know how cool it'd be to have this gif, just Dominus Thrax's head floating?)
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2023.05.28 07:52 dino_chen EXO-L Casual Convo Weekly Digest - May 27, 2023

Hello Eris!
This thread is the spot on the subreddit where you can discuss anything you like! Chat about what's happening in your life or what you're loving in the world of KPOP & EXO lately. The sky is the limit! We welcome discussion on former members Luhan & Tao and ask to keep it within this thread.
If you are new, please take the time to introduce yourself below or in our Monthly Intro Thread.

Helpful Links:

If you're interested in joining our mod team, please apply here!
If you're interested in becoming a video masterlist editor, please send us a message!

EXO Weekly Digest

We celebrated Suho's birthday this week!

EXO-L, Let's Love!

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2023.05.27 03:07 Smooth-Ad6727 Gif wallpaper ipad

Ive been searching for hours how to put gif wallpapers on iPad but with no results. Help?
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2023.05.26 08:31 wlp4scr Download 4k, XXXTentacion, grunge art, music stars, american rappers, creative, XXXTentacion with microphone, Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, american celebrity, XXXTentacion art, gray grunge background, XXXTentacion 4K wallpapers -

Download 4k, XXXTentacion, grunge art, music stars, american rappers, creative, XXXTentacion with microphone, Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, american celebrity, XXXTentacion art, gray grunge background, XXXTentacion 4K wallpapers - submitted by wlp4scr to wallpaper4screen [link] [comments]

2023.05.25 02:07 Pentadk3k Updated C64 Login Themes and New Retro Computer Based Live Wallpaper

I updated the C64 Login Themes to resize to 1920, 3k, and 4k displays.
I also added four more: Little Computer People, Bruce Lee - Ninja, Summer Games, and Time Crystal.
You can get them free from here: https://store.kde.orgpentad
Finally, I have been playing around with creating retro-computer live wallpaper in GIF form. I have Atari, Amiga, C64, IBM-PC, Mac, and many others.
You can grab them free from here:
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2023.05.23 21:00 Cherrililo I love that she’s the first thing to come up😭😭😭😭👏👏👏😍😍😍

I love that she’s the first thing to come up😭😭😭😭👏👏👏😍😍😍 submitted by Cherrililo to wakfu [link] [comments]

2023.05.23 15:07 BR123456 Weekly Round Up: May 15th - May 21st

Weekly Round Up: May 15th - May 21st
Weekly Round Up: May 15th - May 21st
Previous thread: May 8th - May 14th
If in case you missed any news, official posts, SNS mentions, milestones, or if you're curious to know what the sub has been talking about lately, this round up is a compilation of all of that and more. How can you find the weekly round up? There's a link on the /bangtan's sidebar, as well as a link to the archive of past round-up posts in the wiki index.


WE ARE BULLETPROOF: It was largely a busy week in the spotlight for Suga & Jimin, but RM remains busy, delivering an interview with Vogue and some serious drip along with it. Jungkook drops by to let us know how Bam’s doing. V is flying somewhere...
Jin & j-hope have been quiet, which is understandable given their military service - reminder not to share around private photos of them meant for family & friends!

IDOL: Jimin joins NLE Choppa, Kodak Black, JVKE & Muni Long in a massive collaboration on Angel Pt 1 - check it out!
Still halfway across the world from the rest of the gang, Suga ends off the North American half of his debut world tour with a bang in Oakland. He’ll be taking a well-deserved 10 days of rest before continuing on the tour in Jakarta, Indonesia on 26th May.

BTS IN THE SUB: Suga may be on a break, but clearly it doesn’t mean the fandom’s getting one too!

STILL WITH YOU: It's now 590 days until they are past the edge of cold winter. But until their snowpiercer comes to pick us up, let's stay here a little longer...
🌸 🚂 🚉 ❄️
⟬⟭ 🐹: 387 🐿: 514 🐱🐨🐥🐯🐰


Date Thread
230516 【THE PLANET M/V 】ㅣBTS
230518 NLE Choppa, Kodak Black, Jimin of BTS, JVKE, & Muni Long - Angel Pt. 1 (FAST X OST)


Date Thread
230514 SUGA - Agust D Tour in Los Angeles Megathread - Day 03
230516 SUGA - Agust D Tour in Oakland Megathread - Day 01
230517 SUGA - Agust D Tour in Oakland Megathread - Day 02
230521 SUGA Agust D Tour ‘D-Day’ Megathread Pt. 2


Date Thread
230515 Weverse: [NOTICE] ‘[HYBE INSIGHT] The Daydream Believers: 꿈, 마침내’ Exhibition Opening dates and Ticket Information
230515 Maeil Economy: BTS World View Drama 'Youth' Teaser Release
230515 [Notice] Information about SUGA Agust D TOUR 'D-DAY' in JAPAN online streaming ticket details
230516 Weverseshop: SUGA Agust D TOUR [D-DAY] in JAPAN Online Live Streaming Tickets❤️‍🔥(Available on Weverseshop Japan for residents in Japan only)
230516 The Korea Herald: BTS medal hits record sales for Korea Minting; 2nd edition to follow
230518 The Korea Times: Seoul city to turn purple in celebration of BTS' 10th anniv. next month
230519 "Angel Pt. 1" has been added to Spotify's Playlist “Today’s Top Hits”
230519 "Angel Pt.1" will officially impact US Pop radio on June 6 (via AllAccess).


Date Thread
230514 Due to popular demand BTS EXHIBITION: Proof in LOS ANGELES has been extended through July 8, 2023!
230517 The Korea Times: Korea Post to begin presale of BTS stamps
230519 [NOTICE] BTS POP-UP : SPACE OF BTS in SYDNEY Guest Admission & Purchasing Guide (ENG)


Type Date Link Thread
Photos 230515 SUGA Agust D D-DAY Calendar Thread
Video 230515 SUGA Agust D TOUR 'D-DAY' in JAPAN : LIVE VIEWING Announcement Thread
Teaser 230515 [SUCHWITA] EP. 11 TEASER Thread
Audio 230516 Apple Music: SUGA Agust D Radio Episode 5 Thread
Photos 230516 SUGA Agust D ‘D-DAY’ TOUR DIARY IN LA Thread
Video 230516 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Best of BTS' Jimin Thread
Video 230517 BTS (방탄소년단) 'j-hope IN THE BOX' & 'SUGA: Road to D-DAY' in Cinemas Worldwide Announcement Thread
Video 230516 [Daily Korean with BTS] How do you express BTS' cute gestures in Korean? Thread
Video 230517 [Daily Korean with BTS] BTS' compliment relay that warms your heart Thread
Video 230518 [Daily Korean with BTS] Useful new words for ARMYs Thread
Photos 230519 Naver: [BTS] The thing has finally come. (Behind the scenes photos for AMYGDALA MV) Thread
BOMB 230519 [BANGTAN BOMB] SUGA's POV Naver Posting - BTS (방탄소년단) Thread
Photos 230519 Vogue Japan: SUGA Agust D TOUR D-DAY Photo Gallery Thread
Photos 230520 SUGA Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour Diary in Oakland Thread
BOMB 230521 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Haegeum' Challenge Video Shoots Sketch - BTS (방탄소년단) Thread


Date Thread
230515 Dispatch: V(BTS), "ICN INT Airport Departure"
230519 Dispatch: SUGA(BTS), “Arrival after Solo concert"


Date SNS Link Thread
230515 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (V: 1 & RM: 1) Thread
230516 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 4 & Jin: 1) Thread
230516 IG RM on Instagram Compilation Thread
230516 IG SUGA on Instagram Thread
230516 IG Jimin on TikTok: Sing along with me! Thread
230516 IG SUGA on IG Reel Thread
230516 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUGA Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour - Oakland Day 1 Thread
230517 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 5) Thread
230517 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUGA Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour - Oakland Day 2 Thread
230518 IG Jimin on Instagram Thread
230518 WV Jimin on Weverse Thread
230518 IG SUGA on Instagram Thread
230519 IG RM on Instagram Thread
230519 IG RM has updated his Instagram profile pic Thread
230519 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 1) Thread
230519 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUGA Agust D “D-DAY: Movie Night” Thread
230521 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 2) Thread
230521 IG RM on Instagram Thread
230521 WV Jungkook on Weverse Thread


Date CF/Partnership Thread
230515 Samsung Mobile SUGA of BTS getting all amazing on tour. 💜 We caught his awesome performance on our #GalaxyS23 Ultra. This is Galaxy! 👍
230518 Samsung Mobile Samsung Mobile Twitter - #SUGA of @BTS_twt… Just being himself!
230521 NBA NBA finals ad on tiktok (feat SUGA)
230521 Tiffany & Co. House ambassador Jimin of BTS wears Tiffany T and moves to the beat in our latest campaign.


Date Publisher Article Thread
230515 Forbes PSY Talks Hulu’s Summer Swag, BTS, Bidding Farewell To Gangnam Style Thread
230516 Vogue Korea RM stays truthful to every moment Thread
230516 Marie Claire Korea Life with balance and flexibility, where Valentino meets SUGA. Thread
230517 Consequence Fan Chant: PSY Talks Bringing His ‘Summer Swag’ to Disney+, K-Pop’s Global Growth, and More Thread
230519 Yonhap News Army officer under probe for allegedly going AWOL to visit unit where BTS member Jin is stationed Thread
230519 The Atlantic SUGA of BTS's World Tour Is Pop Subversion at It's Finest Thread
230519 Deadline Korean Giant & BTS Backer Hybe Corp Has Its Eye On The U.S. Thread
230519 The Line of Best Fit Sparks: Russell Mael chooses his favourite songs Interview (More by j-hope included in list) Thread


NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Link Thread
230515 VOGUE KOREA on Instagram: A poetic day at a tranquil Hanok. A day in the life of RM, unveiled on the 17th. Thread
230515 Son Sung Deuk on Instagram: 👍 Thread
230516 Melon: BTS' Diamond Club trophy (for >10 Billion streams on Melon) Thread
230516 💜 MTV: Talk about a power collab – with @Nlechoppa1, Jimin, Kodak Black, @jvkesongs, & @munilong all hopping on the same track 💯 Thread
230516 Vogue Korea on Instagram (feat. RM) - reels compilation Thread
230517 ELLE Japan: V for July 2023 issue cover Thread
230517 💜 Halsey on Instagram Thread
230517 Instagram Story: POLYC (tattoo artist) Thread
230517 💜 MAX on Instagram with SUGA Thread
230518 Instagram story: Lee Byung Eun (bangster) (HYBE/BigHit Performance Director) Thread
230518 Instagram Story: PDogg (BigHit Producer) Thread
230518 Colde on Twitter (posted artwork feat. RM) Thread
230519 💜 Supreme Boi on Instagram with RM Thread
230519 💜 MIDNATT “Masquerade” Dance Challenge with Jimin Thread
230520 💜 Instagram Story: producer JNKYRD (RM in a studio) Thread
230520 💜 SEVENTEEN Vernon & Hoshi on TikTok: ‘Super’ Dance Challenge with Jimin Thread

Other Media

Date 💜 Link Thread
230516 Bryan Lee O’Malley, the creator of the Scott Pilgrim series, was at Yoongi’s D-Day tour Thread
230519 102.7KIISFM: JVKE working with Jimin from BTS Thread


Type Date Thread
Spotify 230515 Spotify Charts: BTS drop The Planet, the theme song for Korean series “Bastions,” and debut in the Global Top 3 💜
Melon 230516 Melon: BTS' Diamond Club trophy (for >10 Billion streams on Melon)
Albums 230517 BTS’ "Butter" has now sold over 4.5 million units in the US.
iTunes 230518 “Angel Pt. 1” debuts at #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart
iTunes 230519 “Angel Pt. 1” has reached. #1 on iTunes US Chart
Spotify 230519 “My Universe" has now surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify.
Spotify 230519 “Angel Pt. 1” debuts at #23 on Spotify Global Chart with 2,602,189 filtered streams
Spotify 230520 “Trivia: Seesaw” has surpassed 200 million streams on Spotify!
Spotify 230520 “Angel Pt. 1” reaches a new peak of #9 (+14) on Spotify Global Chart with 4,080,652 filtered streams!
Spotify 230521 Jimin breaks the record for the Biggest streaming year by K-Pop soloist in Spotify (759M)!
Billboard 230521 BTS's "The Planet" debuts inside the Top10 of the Billboard Japan Hot Animation Chart at #10!!This marks BTS' first career entry on this chart!
Pollstar 230521 SUGA debuted at #6 in Pollstar's LIVE75 chart for worldwide active tours
Spotify 230522 Jimin's “FACE” has surpassed 500 million streams on Spotify
Melon 230522 “VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)” has surpassed 2 million unique listeners on Melon
Melon 230522 “DNA” has surpassed 6 million unique listeners on Melon, their 3rd song to achieve this! (Spring Day, Boy With Luv, DNA)
iTunes 230522 Angel Pt. 1 has achieved #1's in +100 countries on iTunes!


Date Thread
230515 BT21 on Instagram:(◕ ♡ ◕) don‘t you miss me...? set me as your wallpaper!
230515 You miss MANG, don’t you?💞
230516 230516 BT21 on TikTok
230517 BT21 on Instagram: BT21 BABY Activewear style 😎 BT21 BABY Sports club Costume Plush & Closet
230519 BT21 - What a perfect weekend plan, KOYA! 😎
230521 LINE FRIENDS US on Instagram: It’s #Gemini season ♊ Tag your clever Gemini friends below!
230522 LINE FRIENDS US: on Instagram: Did your heart just melt too? 😍 These soft and fluffy babies surely brighten the day! 💕 BT21 BABY Bean Dolls ✨


Date Thread
230515 Korea JoongAng Daily: BTS in the sand (feat. sand artwork BTS at Haeundae Beach in Busan for the 2023 Haeundae Sand Festival)
230518 Jimin is named dropped in the lyrics of “The End of the Road Begins (Intro)” by Kai Cenat. The song is featured on the Fast X OST.
230518 BTS’ Telepathy is featured in the new Netflix series, XO Kitty
230520 7FATES: CHAKHO - Episode 52 (Series Finale)
230522 Bangtan Scholars on Instagram: 𝗕𝗧𝗦: 𝗔 𝗚𝗹𝗼𝗯𝗮𝗹 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗰𝗶𝗽𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟯 📚


Community Posts


Agust D Tour

Upvotes Submitter Thread
251 Next_Grapefruit_3206 So now that the US-leg of the tour is over…
131 neonaverse ARMYs who met BTS (not during a concert), what were they like in person?
79 tanzania_307 Need words of comfort from fellow ARMY!
51 favorite5TARs Fan-made AGUST D / SUGA clothing?
35 Aggravating-Card8747 Any Seattle ARMYs going to the Agust D concert film?


Upvotes Submitter Thread
93 annalinguine What do you hope BTS group promotions are like in the future?
89 OohMyPingPingPong What’s a better way to say you’re OT7?
76 amala83 What would you like to see in Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS?


Upvotes Submitter Thread
129 RedValkyrie1984 New Army
108 Similar-Judgment4188 who are your favourite artists aside from BTS?
100 slowdownbeast What are your go-to BTS songs when you're hit with a wave of loneliness.
88 Unlikely_Holiday4504 Which era did you become an ARMY and favorite comeback moment?
79 mysuneater What are your favorite lyrics from BTS' Chapter 2?



Here are past week's top 5 fanart posts from our sister subreddit, /heungtan.
Submitter Art
CrochetCollection Suga in FG Shirt Crochet Doll ✨
Organic-Ground-2887 D-Day Concert Nails!
seesawyoongles finally got around to designing an enamel pin for haegeum!
ChibisaurX Made my own guitar pick shirt & sharing the SVGs I made!
CrochetCollection guess daechwita yoongi is still bitter about it...
Check out the top posts for the week here!
If there's anything missed or needs changing, feel free to let me know! :)
Edit: fixed links not working on reddit mobile app
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2023.05.21 16:22 SpilledCobra872 I use Wallpaper Engine mobile for my phone wallpaper. Normally, my wallpaper is a playlist of 2 different gifs. It occasionally turns to this. This image is not in the phone's built-in wallpaper library.

I use Wallpaper Engine mobile for my phone wallpaper. Normally, my wallpaper is a playlist of 2 different gifs. It occasionally turns to this. This image is not in the phone's built-in wallpaper library. submitted by SpilledCobra872 to softwaregore [link] [comments]

2023.05.19 02:10 ledouxrt High Resolution Images of GPK Series 1, 2, & 3

For anyone that is interested, I have high resolution images of the first three series. Series 1 & 2 are saved from the GPK NFTs (including the backs, raw images, and some animated GIFs). I was only able to find half of the 3rd series on the website, but I was able to create their twins using those images. You can download the ZIP file here with all three series included. They are not identical to the cards, since the Garbage Pail Kids banner isn't curved and the "Peel Here" arrow is pointing to the corner. Otherwise, they should be good images to make wallpapers or something with. If anyone has good quality images of any other series, I would be interested!
submitted by ledouxrt to garbagepailkids [link] [comments]

2023.05.18 20:19 hyogas Dossier sur Inspecteur gadget

Dossier sur Inspecteur gadget
Voici sur le dossier de l'Inspecteur Gadget que vous trouverez à l'adresse suivante La série fut diffusée en 1983 sur FR3 puis sur TF1, dans le Club Dorothée. La série connue un grand succès et est régulièrement rediffusée sur le satellite sur NT1 ou Manga par exemple ou sur la TNT comme France 3, France 5 ou Gulli. Comme en France, la série est un véritable succès aux USA et dans plusieurs pays d’Europe.
Dans ce dossier, nous avons essayé de compulser le plus d’information possible. Vous trouverez ici les personnages (Gadget, Finot, Sophie, Docteur Gang...), l’histoire de la série et les épisodes mais aussi une biographie des auteurs Jean Chalopin et Bernard Deyries .*
Notre site ayant peut être déjà référencé les fonds d’écran et les gifs de la série, il vous suffit de cliquer sur les liens correspondant en bas de page ou en cliquant ici pour les wallpapers et ici pour les gifs.
Notre dossier n’est qu’un aperçu de ce que l’on peut trouver sur le net. Il n’existe malheureusement pas de site dédier au célèbre Inspecteur Gadget.
submitted by hyogas to Cartoonsspirit [link] [comments]

2023.05.17 23:49 TwentyJuan_ Candy Crush Lawsuit Update

Candy Crush Lawsuit Update
So it was confirmed that on May 9th, 2023, a Lawsuit had been filed Against King (The Candy Crush Company) and Activision Blizzard.
On a Facebook Group, I’ve gotten some status from the person who had came into contact with the Lawyer. That Lawyer has thanked us for everything, and even saw our Facebook Group. Now they are trying to get a Lawsuit started in France, and is sharing their information with France too. Here’s some screenshots from the latest Post in Facebook Yesterday
submitted by TwentyJuan_ to candycrush [link] [comments]

2023.05.17 17:03 lukenan [GB]S65/80 V2 Keyboard with 3.5 inch IPS Screen R2

Hi Everyone!
Thank you for following Notfromsam project, Our S65/80 V2 R2 GB will end in 4 days. Don't miss the chance to secure one. Thank you.
Reviews/Live streams Updated
Xanniard- Cream
Sviz- Silver Typing Test
Groupbuy info:
GB Time: May 1st -May 20th
GB Collection
GB Price:
S65 V2 Solder Edition: $289
Hotswap Edition: $299
S80 V2 Solder Edition: $319
Hotswap Edition: $329
9 Final Colorways:
-Storm Blue (Sparkle)
-Black (Sparkle and Anodized)
-Avocado Green
-Champagne Purple
-Maraner Grey
Renders for GB Colors:
S65 V2 Prototype Gallery:
S80 V2 Prototype Gallery:
Information/Tech Specs:
-3.5" IPS Screen, programmable to an extent(jpeg/bmp) no GIF
-Non-flex cut Solder and Non-flex cut Hotswap PCB options will be available for purchase.
-Winkeyless or Winkey options
-ANSI and ISO Support available
-Split Right Shift Support
-Stepped Caps Support
-6.25u & 7u bottom row options
-Alu weight(Color: Brass)
-FR4 Plate default
The Default kit will include:
Vendor List
Keyboard Features:
3.5-inch IPS Screen
submitted by lukenan to mechmarket [link] [comments]

2023.05.17 06:12 Master-Ji-Woon Live wallpapers only for lock screen android

Maybe I'm just stupid but I can't for the life of me get my Moto G Power to have a live wallpaper for my lock screen only. It will only give me the options to use both or just the home screen. Please tell me someone knows about this because it's been driving me crazy for like an entire day.

Even when I set a gif as my wallpaper it will let me set that as lock screen only but it doesn't animate what am I missing?
submitted by Master-Ji-Woon to phonewallpapers [link] [comments]