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Discussions and content about aspects of the EU which may be associated with opposition to European integration and advocacy of withdrawal from the EU or which may render European integration or cooperation conditional on some kind of EU reform.

2023.06.04 19:18 GonnDir Ask better

Tl;dr: Hold your self back from selling at all times, show empathy & understanding
Agree a lot, try hard to avoid disagreements!
Everything can be formed into a question
Let the client find the answers himself instead of telling
Focus on the pain he has without your product
Remember the last time you told a client something in a very clear way, and made sure they understood it?
Then later they cancel because they worry about the exact problem you made clear they understood your product will solve...
It's frustrating right?
But what if I told you it's your fault? "But I did everything perfect, and it worked so many times!"
Basically the customer lost focus of the pain his situation will produce and locked his focus on the pain your product will produce.
First of all, if you are frustrated you most likely lost the student perspective.
With most "no's" and cancelations I beg you to think of what you could've done better.
I am working purely on cancelations. People who we lost in the sales process and who don't want to come back. They discussed it and don't want another sales meeting, in fact they'd be bothered. But I manage to get them back by doing this:
Try to think of everything you could tell a customer as a question.
Let's do one of the hardest objections: "It's way overpriced!"
1. Hold yourself back 2. Imply you understand the client's feelings, and agree it's a big investment (reframed now) 3. Hold yourself back, the client is about to give you Intel why he feels that way. Otherwise ask how he compared the price and why he feels that way. 4. Hold yourself back, don't tell the customer why it's actually a good deal! Even if you think he is delusional, you will solve that at the end. 5. Find other issues: If you'd get your dream price, what else is holding you back? (often the client tells 1-3 reasons before he get's to the core issue, maybe he already bought somewhere else and you can end the call here, save time.) 6. Hold yourself back! Don't start to sell here, ask and find the actual motives. Finding the motive can be difficult, but you should know most motives. 7. Listen and validate the client's need in other words. Best would be words that solve the discrepancy between motive and decision to cancel. (So you want to save money and security?) 8. Show further understanding of the client's needs without giving the slightest idea of telling them you have a solution. • Example: "I understand how important security is in times like these, especially in a situation like yours with three kids and one on the way. I wouldn't know what to do either, I just have one kid and that wasn't easy to get my head around" ○ You are acknowledging the struggle of your client and ensure him that you are also not having all the answers. That way he listens better later when you give him advice later. He now feels like speaking to a person who also has interest in his situation and not just interest in commissions. ○ The deeper you go in here the more trust and openness to your ideas is build here! 9. The customer probably gives you more Intel why it's not easy to make such a decision. At this point you will address the pain of not making the decision for your product, but without mentioning it. What are the consequences he was afraid to have without your product? "It would be horror to sell the house/business because you can't afford it anymore..." • To go deeper and less pitchy: Compliment "It seems like a purposeful business, I wouldn't like to see that going down. It's a beautiful house and a tremendous task to manage a family, I wouldn't like that to happen" 10. Unsettle the client: Now we come closer to the sales part, still hold yourself back, ask don't tell! • Simple example, You are selling a house and the customer lives in rent "You told me you are afraid you can't afford university for your children in the future. So you are afraid of rising rents while house prices rise too and in ten years you don't have a choice anymore. From what you told me, I see you want to escape this situation to be able to afford a good life for your family. You have to have another idea in mind, what is it? " ○ Actually I don't and that's my struggle... • Now you have him! Now you can start selling and it can be in different roads here are some examples 11. Why are you not fixing this then with our solution? • From what I see we have a good solution for you but maybe what was presented to you doesn't fit. I checked the offer and wanted to ask if this is really what you need or want? Why did you ask for specifically that? • So price can't be it, tell me what your real worries are? • Now for example when you identified a false expectation e.g. by a wrong calculation it could go like this: 12. "Ok how did you come to these numbers" ○ Customer tells you and you see where he went wrong • "Okay, have you thought of this in your calculation?" ○ "No, oopsie" • "So can you tell me what you will invest in sum with our solution in comparison to your costs now?" • The point here is, let HIM come to the solution and don't just tell him. What we say we expect to be true. You can go fast or slow to this point but this is basically where you want to land. • He should want another meeting or presentation now without you telling him. At this point I often leave a big pause until I hear the customer say "Hey, I can we talk again sometime, I think you could help me with this." or he will ask for the close right there. Sometimes you will need to introduce the close, and the but best is if the customer is asking for the close himself. • Imagine it like having a date. Nobody is saying it, you say you have best ice cream at home and she will ask to try it. Even when you are at home, it's "Should we watch a movie?" Never "Do you want to hop on my D?" although both of you knew what will happen in the end of the date the entire time. • Other option: It can be that the client is not a good fit for your product and that he actually has no benefit. 
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2023.06.04 19:16 Far_Scholar9240 Am I reading too much into the situation? What is going on here?

Hello people of Reddit, I need some help.
This is my first time here personally, but I have been listening to reddit stories for almost 2 years whether on Youtube, Insta, or any other platform. I made this account specifically because of this and I despratly need others' opinions as it has been eating at me for the past day.

*TW for talk of blood, illnesses, and implied pedophilia*

Some backstory first:
I am a high school student (so think in the age range of 15-18). I volunteer at a hospital every weekend: helping patients and nurses and showing visitors to their friends and loved ones. It can sometimes be a very sad job as I have met parents who children were dying, mentally ill patients who were being schedualed to be tranfered into mental hospitals, and watching bloody patients come out of ambulances.
One highlight of my job, however, is an older coworker who was being paid at the hospital, let's call him "G". G was a graduating college student (think in his mid 20s) who had been working at the hospital for a few years now. We worked together at the front of the hospital to greet and direct visitors. He was great, we had a lot of fun conversations, joked around, and he helped me become more confident when speaking with others. We became really good friends and I looked forward to seeing him every weekend for a few hours before I went to another part of the hospital to help out there.
Now to the actual story:
About 6 months into me volunteering around the hospital, G had told me he was quitting to find another higher paying job closer to his home. Of course, I was happy for him and supported him, wanting my now close friend to seceed. We exchanged numbers on his last day of the job and I never saw him again after that. I currently still work at hospital, but now with new people who I'm usually in charge of teaching because G is gone.
At first, we would talk once a week, mainly on my break at the hospital, as I had a small phase of hating the changes and wanting things to go back to normal. Of course, I soon got over that and stopping starting conversation a lot less as I had grown more busy with my daily life and wanted him to focus on his new job. He started texting me once or twice through the week, almost always texting first with a "hey" or "whats up". At first, I didn't think much of it until he started texting me even more. Of course I didn't mind, he was a good friend of mine and it seemed like he really cared about our friendship. The only problem is that he had and still currently has a girlfriend of three+ years (I'll call her "F"). I had known about G and F's relationship since G and I had started working together in the hospital. He talked about her pretty often.
I began to feel was possibly over stepping unknown boundries by talking with G too much. So, I started pushing back a bit to try and subtly force those boundries and respect their relationship, telling him things like "you've been talking to me a lot lol" and "Go check on your girlfriend, I'm sure she misses you rn". Keep in mind, this is all over text messages.
For a bit of context, I wasn't sure if F knew I was talking to G. over the phone, he never really mentioned her until I brought her up and asked about her.
Flash forward a few weeks until yesterday. Earlier in the day (around noon), G had texted me mention he was going out to celebrate his Dad's birthday. I tell him to have fun and go on with my day. later, I was going to a family event, both parents and my siblings in the car and we're driving to this event an hour away from our home.
I get a text from G around 6:30pm:
G: Yeah I'm drunk
Me [not completely sure if he's being serious or not]: Pfttt what
G: I'm drunk we went to a drinking festival [for his dad's birthday, he meant]
Me [laughing about it lightly to my family as I'm texting]: Lol you better not be driving home
G: I'm not
Me: okay good lol stay safe :>
G: I will don't worry
Me: Okayyy is you gf with you???
G: Yeah well she was with me but she went home, she was with us all day
Me [confused]: Oop- how come? Why did she leave early?
G: She was tired and it was getting late and she was drinking
Me in my head: huh........
Me on text [wanting to end the conversation]: Ooo well it sounds like you guys are having fun :)
G: It was
I was talking about it with my parents (I basically tell them everything) and they felt kind of off about it all. Like I had stated above, I am a minor, this dude is not. It especially didn't sit well with my dad who had implied that MANY older men had crushes on minors. Of course, because G is my friend, I defended him, but that comment had stuck with me and I'm now over thinking things.
To continue the story, after the conversation I had put down my phone for the event. When I got home around 9:30pm, I realized he had texted me again. I'll spare the finer details, but we had asked about each others' events, what we were both doing the next day, then our birthday came up (we have the same birthday). He asked how old I was turning. I got a weird vibe from that, but I told him and said "why do you ask?". His response was "Just asking", which I'm getting weird vibes from as I'm going through the texts again...
After that we spoke about things we want to do for our birthday, and then he asked if I wanted to hang out at some point.
For some more context, my parents are extreme planners, we practically already had the rest of the year planned out on your giant family callender. This mean I'm of course WAY to busy to make a 30 minute drive to his area so we can hang out for a few hours.
I told him this and our conversation was pretty normal after that.
It was around around 10pm when I really just wanted to end the conversation and told him: "Text your gf, make sure she's doing okay, I gtg to bed :P"
He didnt respond after that.

Knowing all of this information, what do you think is going on here? Is G just overly confortable with me??? Or was my dad right about something?? I don't freaking know and I need help. I not going to try and deny it, I'm not muture enough for these kinds of things. I just need help to figure out if I should cut him off or if I'm over reacting. All opinions are valid and will be looked over by me.

Thank you <3
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2023.06.04 19:13 s-ro_mojosa Whatever happened to the classic ftp daemon ftpd?

I see references to ''ftpd'' referenced in modern man pages but, as far as I can tell ''ftpd'' itself isn't present on any modern Linux distro. I do see old references to it in articles online. Most of those are referencing proprietary Unix implementations or *BSD. I dimly recall setting it up (decades ago) on either an BSD or Slackware server, but I can't actually find source code for it anywhere. Given the number of years that have passed since I last touched it, it's possible I'm misremembering.
Was there ever really a canonical ''ftpd'' implementation that lived at /ussbin/ftpd on Linux?
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2023.06.04 19:11 Boring_Ad_4721 Advanced math suggestions

Hello all! Middle school math teacher here.
My school is starting an “advanced” track for middle schoolers to take algebra by 8th grade. This is separate from our gifted/talented students who are already on track to take algebra in 8th (they are one grade level ahead in math every year).
The current plan is for advanced 6th grade math to cover all 6th grade concepts (for state testing reasons) and half of 7th grade concepts (integers, rational numbers, expressions and equations). Advanced 7th will cover the rest of 7th grade concepts and all of 8th grade. Advanced 8th grade will just be algebra 1.
I feel like this is ALOT to cover. I’d much rather cover the grade appropriate material and then extend with upper level skills. For example, 7th grade covers solving two step equations. I could easily extend to solving multi step equations (an 8th grade concept) with the advanced students.
Does any one have advanced math classes at their middle school and are will I g to share the scope, sequence, pacing, etc?
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2023.06.04 19:10 ginomachi Why the total number of books you complete per year is a crappy vanity metric

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2023.06.04 19:10 Dalimey100 In response to the the upcoming Reddit API changes: an update from DnDMemes Mod team.

Hey everyone. So as some of you may have seen, Reddit's API pricing is going to be changing to a pay-per-use model, and this has significant ramifications for the ecosystem of reddit as a whole. There are implications regarding 3rd party apps such as Appolo and RIF (the notable example being Apollo citing the new model would be $20M per year in added costs). A number of moderation tools will be effected which makes our jobs of keeping this a safe, spamless, and thriving community much harder. Finally it was noted that the API changes would completely gut the current methods that the visually impaired use to access the site.
We briefly acknowledged these concerns and crossposted an open letter to Reddit from a collective of moderators on behalf of our users, but with recent developments and conversation we felt it was worth a follow-up. Our job as moderators is to build and maintain this community, and we feel this change is a disservice to us as members of DnDMemes and the greater Reddit community. To voice our disapproval in the recent API changes, DnDMemes will be joining many other Subreddits in going private from June 12th-14th. While we all have a deep distaste for going dark, to not join the protest would be even worse.
I will be responding to questions to the best of my abilities. If you would like to help, the best thing you can do is A. Support and upvote these types of posts B. Reach out to other Subreddits who have not spoken out in some capacity and (politely!) implore them to do so, the more and larger the subreddits we can get involved, the better this will go.
Thank you all for reading this.
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2023.06.04 19:10 EurekaStockade 65--Convergence on 27 July--Jerusalem Plane Crash--Bitcoin Crash

65--Convergence on 27 July--Jerusalem Plane Crash--Bitcoin Crash
27 July= 27/7

27 July--
Day 155 of Lunar Year
Day 919 of Biden's Presidency
322 days after the Queen's death
119 days after Trump was indicted on 30 Mar (the day Ronald Reagan was shot)
30 months 22 days after the Insurrection

277 days after the Catastrophic Contagion event on 23 Oct 2022
2 months 23 days after King Charles Coronation
11 years after the London Olympics on 27 July 2012
444 weeks of Saudi King Salman's reign

27 July= 277
94 days before the 94th anniv of the Great Wall Street Crash on 29 Oct 1929
11 years 11 months 19 days aftyer Black Monday--8 August 2011
Dow dropped 10,800 points after the Fukushima nuclear plant accident

8 Mar 2023
Day 777 of Biden's Presidency
Annvi of Flight MH 370 crash
SilverGate Bank crashed
27 JULY 2023 BITCOIN CRASH= 223 & 277
2023 April Fools--Lightning strikes the One World Trade Centre
117 days later--
27 July

23 Aug 2022- Pope Francis ordered all funds of the Catholic Church be transferred to the Vatican Bank by 1 October
456 Spook Number
27 July= 223 days after the Pope's birthday

Feb 23= 2/23--Skull & Bones date
The Vatican announced that the Pope had a strong cold
223 days later--
4 October
277th day of the year


11 days later--
15 October
Day 999 of Biden's Presidency
223 Months after China passed the Taiwan Anti-Secession Law
My prediction for China Taiwan Wa WW3

27 July--
9 years 11 months after Flight MH17 shot down over Ukraine
5 years 5 months 5 days after the US Embassy moved to Jerusalem on Feb 23 2018
Feb 23= 2/23--Skull & Bones date
Israel will be exactly 75 years 75 days old

Obama visited Israel on 22 Mar 2013
22 Mar= 22/3 ---Skull & Bones date
Trump visited Israel on 22 May 2017
22 May= 223 days left in the year--another Skull & Bones Date
322 weeks later--
27 July

My prediction-- The Dome of the Rock will be bombed or plane crashes
213 days after Christmas

Expect a signalling event on --
13 June--
Day 888 after Capitol Insurrection
Fatima Miracle date
44 days later--
27 July
Keep an eye on actor Dwayne Johnson--known as The Rock

1 June-
213 days left in the year
Biden made world headlines when he stumbled & fell over a sand bag
Sand bad suggests the Middle East

1 August-- Full Moon
213th Day of the Year

other dates of interest---
7 August---Monday
777 weeks after Lehman Brother's Bankruptcy 15 Sep 2008--which triggered 2008 Global Housing Crisis

5 Sep
117th Day of the Year
666 days after Bitcoin hit its highest value on 8 Nov 2021
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2023.06.04 19:09 CouchCorrespondent In Missouri, more school districts try to suspend licenses of teachers who break contracts

Springfield News-Leader (June 4) In Missouri, more school districts try to suspend licenses of teachers who break contracts
Excerpts from the article:
"Missouri teachers who quit their jobs on short notice face increasingly severe consequences, as school districts facing staffing shortages impose financial penalties as high as $10,000 or seek to suspend the teaching licenses of teachers who break their contracts."
"Mark Jones, communications director of the Missouri National Education Association, described districts going after teaching certificates as a "heavy-handed approach.""
""It works against incentivizing people to become educators and staying educators — particularly for new educators who are not on tenure and are being asked to make these (contract) decisions in January or February," Jones said. "Six, seven months later, their lives may be very different, whether they just discover this is not the right situation for them or they, like many of us, have had a sudden life-changing event.""
"Kyle Farmer, senior staff attorney at the Missouri State Teachers Association, said a financial penalty of $500 used to be fairly common for breaking a contract. Many are now in the $1,500 to $3,000 range.
"Those amounts have definitely grown in the past two to three years, since the pandemic," he said. "We have seen those numbers climb pretty much everywhere."
He said many districts used a tiered-approach, with higher amounts imposed for resignations just before or after the start of a school year."
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2023.06.04 19:09 elizabethcarnahan1 I Asked Chatgpt How I can Recover my Lost Assets

Losing assets can be a distressing experience, but there are steps you can take to increase your chances of recovering them. Whether it's a misplaced valuable item or a financial asset that seems to have vanished, this guide will provide you with a roadmap to follow in your quest to recover your lost assets.
  1. Gather Information: The first step in recovering lost assets is to gather all relevant information. This includes documentation, receipts, photographs, or any other evidence that can help you establish ownership and prove the value of the lost assets. The more detailed and accurate your information, the better your chances of recovery.
  2. Report the Loss: If your assets were lost due to theft, file a police report as soon as possible. Provide the authorities with all the relevant details, including a description of the assets, any identifying marks, and the approximate value. This report will create an official record of the loss, which can be helpful during the recovery process.
  3. Notify Insurance Companies: If your lost assets are covered by an insurance policy, contact your insurance company to report the loss. Provide them with the necessary details, such as the policy number, description of the assets, and the estimated value. They will guide you through the claim process and may require supporting documentation.
  4. Check Online Marketplaces and Lost & Found Databases: For valuable items that may have been sold or found by someone else, search popular online marketplaces, such as eBay or Craigslist, to see if they are listed for sale. Additionally, check local lost and found databases, community bulletin boards, or social media groups where people often post about lost items. Reach out to the relevant parties if you find any potential leads.
  5. Engage Professional Services: In cases where the lost assets involve significant financial stakes or specialized expertise, consider hiring professional services. For example, asset recovery firms specialize in tracing and recovering lost financial assets. They have the knowledge and resources to navigate complex legal and financial systems to help you reclaim your assets.
  6. Spread the Word: Use various channels to spread the word about your lost assets. This can include creating flyers or posters with detailed descriptions and contact information. Share this information with local businesses, pawnshops, antique dealers, and other relevant organizations. The more people who know about your lost assets, the higher the chances of someone spotting them.
  7. Monitor Online Auctions and Secondhand Marketplaces: Regularly monitor online auctions, pawnshops, and secondhand marketplaces for any signs of your lost assets. Stay vigilant and keep an eye out for items that match the description or characteristics of your lost assets. If you come across a potential match, gather evidence and contact the relevant authorities or professionals to assist you in recovering them.
  8. Be Persistent and Patient: Recovering lost assets can take time and effort. It's important to be persistent and patient throughout the process. Follow up on leads, stay in touch with the authorities, insurance companies, or professionals involved, and remain hopeful. Sometimes, it may take months or even years to locate and reclaim your lost assets.
Conclusion: Losing assets can be a stressful experience, but by following these steps, you can increase your chances of recovering them. Remember to gather information, report the loss to the police and insurance companies, utilize online resources, engage professional services if necessary, spread the word, and stay persistent. With determination and a systematic approach, you can enhance the likelihood of recovering your lost assets.
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2023.06.04 19:09 Independent_mindz Interesting evening

Interesting evening
So I went to a friend's house for dinner, and I told him I wanted to buy a rolex. He proceeds to tell me he has two, a submariner and a Daytona. He got the sub around 2001 and the Daytona a few years later. Both Milestone watches. My question is what reference number is the sub? I'm really considering one now, from my reading the older subs are smaller, correct? I have a 6 1/2" wrist and thought it looked good. In person it looked smaller wearing it. I really loved the two tone but I would buy an all stainless model.
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2023.06.04 19:09 turducken404 Wiring a sourced 96v battery for a QS205 5000w Bike Build

Hey all. I've been thinking about building one of these bombeenduro type bikes where I can source the parts on Aliexpress. I don't really like buying expensive prebuilt batteries though, so I usually build something from parts sourced at batteryhookup. I noticed they have an auction for a pallet (40) of these Panasonic 48v backup modules that look like I wouldn't even have to disassemble. What I am thinking of doing though, is running them in serial pairs sandwiched (26s) at 96v and then chaining 3 (more or less) in parallel. If you follow the link and look at the wiring diagram, it seems like it would be easy to add a BMS to a single sandwiched pair (26s4p) with the connections and binding posts.
I have a few questions though. If I were to run a variable number of sandwiched 96v pairs in parallel (26s12p for example), is there a simple way that you can think of where I can set up the BMS so balance cables and the load out are on the first pair of batteries (master), and I utilize the binding posts to daisy chain as many (slave) pairs as I see fit? I'm sure I could wrap my brain around it better if I spent half the day scribbling it out, but I figured I would ask here first as I may get an immediate NO and go about my day. It's a steal at the price, but most of their batteries there are between $75 and $100 a kWh, so if I had to just pull them apart and build something, I would probably go higher capacity cells.
Also, what are your thoughts on 96v systems? I'm assuming 26s is acceptable for a 96v nominal controller and motor, even though its actually around 110v fully charged, but maybe not. Maybe you are all running LiFePo4 for 96v or something, not sure. Anyhow, if you read this far, cheers!
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2023.06.04 19:08 placebo_me_please Adding an unmarried partner to a student visa after submission

My partner is a student at a London university. Before she left, she and I had lived together for more than two years. Both of our names are on the title of the townhome we own in the US too.
Call it a lapse in judgement, but I did not get added to the visa when she submitted her application last year. Now that she has been in the city and wants to extend her visa with a Graduate Visa, I’m wondering if she can revise her student visa application to include me? Can I file separately now that she has Unique Application Number (UAN)?
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2023.06.04 19:08 Ok_Manufacturer_6765 Recently quit after working with GameStop for 2 years.

October 2020 I started working at the GameStop in town. I started as a seasonal with a few other lackluster GA’s and around the time they were gonna cut the seasonal employees hours one of the SGA’s left and I was offered his position. They pay wasn’t great but I really enjoyed who I worked with, the guests we were helping and honestly the environment of the GameStop community. Since January of 2021 I was an SGA until May of this year. Our number were great, we still had an Assistant Manager sales were nuts for our store too the year of 2021. But something has changed and I’ve noticed more and more stores in our district developing this mentality that it’s the stores versus GameStop itself, as well as the guests too with all of the changes to Pro, metrics and security policies. Even the dress code changed about 5 times under 3 different DM’s we had in my short time with this company. The fact that the store was ran by 4 people and our DM wouldn’t let us hire anybody was pretty sucky. But in the end I decided to leave the company on good terms and give them a month notice in April to figure out how to schedule around what would normally be my closing shifts in May. I don’t like the direction the company is going in and I figured it would be best to just leave on good terms and remember my employment with GameStop for what it was and not what it’s becoming.
Also really don’t think much people like the new Main Menu, just bring back GSO. It was so much better than what you’re trying to do now with a “social media” platform that caters to GameStop employees. But that’s just my opinion.
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2023.06.04 19:08 xMACINGx Help a new player try to understand the culture

This might be the first time I have rage quit from a game in years. You might be thinking this has something to do with ASOP bugs, 30k errors, or any number of other issues with the game, but you would be mistaken.
Some people seem to just be assholes for no reason.
I understand PvP in Ghost Hollow. I understand PvP at JT. Hell, I understand PvP if I have something you want and you want to take it! PvP is a vital part of a game like this, allowing for complex, variant encounters that keep the game interesting and keep the game loop from being "go here, pick up this box, move it over there, congrats +3000 aUEC." I *want* PvP to stay alive in this game.
But for fuck sake I have nothing in this game. I'm flying around in my Aegis Titan moving boxes from one place on Lyria to another in the hopes that I can get a bigger ship to play with my friends in. But when I send a medical beacon out and skidmarks like KVector respond only to explode on landing, it gets frustrating.
Maybe it was an accident, maybe I should file a claim on my ship and head back to my point of death to grab my mismatched and scavenged light armor, water bottle, and multitool with no attachment off my body, and then complete my low-level Covalex contract. Who knows? The guy is probably just shit at landing.
Nope. I get back and he's highjacking my left-behind Titan, only to ram it into me as I attempt to recover my items, package, and move on my way. I've never Alt+F4'd so angrily in my life. Congrats KVector, I hope your haul amounting to about 2000 aUEC was worth flying halfway across the system for.
Anyways, thanks for reading as I currently can't vent into global chat since it's down.
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2023.06.04 19:07 jlynnstamps95 Not equivalent in dates, partner feeling inadequate.

Just as it says, my (27 F) partner (36M) is having difficulty finding good matches in the community. We started dating about a year ago and have been open the whole time; however, before a month ago we were busy with house renovations and I was healing from a mouth injury so I wasn't seeing others during this time. He was active in non monogamy and still has another partner, Eve (42f). Last month I rekindled an old flame with a girl I knew from highschool, we'll call her Rose. Rose (24f) and I are both dating my boyfriend M. Everything within our relationship is so amazing, he treats us so well, attends to alllll of our needs and wants, he's overall very good to us. The problem lies in the fact that both of us are very social and when we go out we are the center of attention, he sees us making connections and getting numbers, living the poly dream. While he's stuck with nothing and no one coming up to him, he's hot and we don't get it. It's even gone as far as us getting kicked out of a bar because he hit on a guy and made him uncomfortable?? How is it I can walk up to people and sit on their laps talking about my nipple tattoos but he can't lean against a wall and call a dude hot without it being seen as sexual harassment? I dont know how to fix this, our girlfriend and I constantly remind him how handsome, cute and amazing he is in and out of bed but he feels defeated in this lifestyle. /Sorry for the wall of text I'm on mobile/
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2023.06.04 19:06 gamby1925 The old skills guides say that this is a pretty good set. Any insight with the skills readjustment?

The old skills guides say that this is a pretty good set. Any insight with the skills readjustment? submitted by gamby1925 to MLB_9Innings [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:06 Affectionate-Ad6318 Why the total number of books you complete per year is a crappy vanity metric

Hi all,
My approach to reading books used to be: "The right way to read books is from start to finish." I felt that "it doesn't count" if I don't read from cover to cover. Most of my reading bouts were tedious, I was basically powering through books, using willpower. It felt a lot like work, a lot of the time. I remember toiling away at Thinking Fast and Slow and coming out of the battle victorious with an "I have read Thinking Fast and Slow" badge in my mind.
A big turning point in my relationship with reading came when I read Almanack of Naval Ravikant. He said he rarely reads books from start to finish. He said he jumps around, reads only as long as a book keeps his interest, and even said books can be treated as throw-away blog posts.
This hit me hard. It was a revelation of sorts. But most importantly, perhaps, I was given permission to not read all books from start to finish and be more flexible. I used to think that all the smart people read books from cover to cover meticulously. Well, not ALL of them, I found. Here's a smart guy confessing that he has dozens of books "in progress", simultaneously.
Frankly, that has always been my natural way of reading books: usually many books "in progress" at a time. But I used to feel bad about it. I felt something was wrong about it. "Can't I finish a damn book before I jump to the next one?" A voice in my head was probably bitching in the background. Likely a part of me was concerned that it's an indication of laziness, lack of discipline and willpower.
I'd say, after changing my mindset around reading, it has become a more enjoyable activity and probably way more productive too. If I find out the book is crap or irrelevant, I stop and I read another book. As a result, I keep reading, instead of becoming a non-reader who's waiting for a buildup of willpower to do another arduous bout of mechanical reading.
I'm making a case against forcing oneself to finish books. Let's fight this disease perpetuated by Goodreads Reading Challenges (Btw, I love Goodreads, lol) and "CEOs read one book a week" headlines. Books finished is a metric that may peak your dopamine levels and impress other people but in reality it says nothing about how much you learned from reading and how much you enjoyed the process. Focusing on this metric is yet another way we humans bully ourselves.
In fact, this metric is counterproductive if one wants to develop a genuine love for reading and read more. This kind of bullying approach to reading just creates negative associations with reading such as "struggle", "laboring", "pain". Reading becomes a "should" which probably creates subconscious resistance towards the activity.
So the solution: don't waste your precious time on shitty books (or highly acclaimed ones that put you to sleep), throw them away and follow your genuine curiosity.
I'm curious what you think!
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2023.06.04 19:06 Live-Quality-911 Why Mental Health Services, Psychologists aka Social Workers are not as easily accessible as Medical Doctors? SMH Let me rant my shit out with lots of things here. [Long Rant Alert]

1st of all, Canada is very advanced modern country, yet there's lots of issues. When people needs mental health services, they cannot get them easily. Really?
Like, when you see having someone having bad days, mental disorders,. When you see homeless or drug addicts or anyone committing any kinds of harm, violence. Or anyone being too weird, awkward, annoying. You all say, "They need some mental health support, which isn't available". Yet politicians in office chose to defund mental health services and support. Damaging and defunding this services have been happening many decades, that got too worse these days since the pandemic that, lots of these happening, Suicide Rate increasing. Crime and Homicide Rate increasing.Homeless number increasing, who are mostly addictedGuess what? Your city, public space is becoming too unsafe to walk around. Public Transport isn't safe.
When I mentioned these above, which are commonly ranted, and discussed here. However, I feel, that I really need to mention some more important things, too that goes undetected, most people don't understand these issues that much clearer. Based on my experience and heavy academically researching on those topics (Of course not the official ones, just personally reading and understanding those by myself), along with taking many courses on Psychology, Anthropology, Social Science, and asking lots of questions on those topics to those respective course professors, I did figured out lots of things, that people in general do not realize, Of course I am not calling them undereducated/stupid. What I wanted to mention here, which are happening due to lack of easy access to mental health services.
There are lots of people coming from different family backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, different disabilities that doesn't allow them to function in society properly, example, Hard of Hearing, AHDH, Autism.
These people are usually lacking behind lots of necessary skills, such as communication skills, social skills, or too nervous/anxiety and so on. They usually have hard time to have healthy social lives, healthy relationships, and a lot, that they want by themselves. [Let me clear there, in group of these people, there any many kinds of people, however my rant is for those, who really need mental health supports.]
These people try to socialize with people, then when they fail, a lot of them may not realize, whats causing in that issue? Even if, a lot of them realize, "Somethings wrong they are doing, but still, they don't know, what kinds of wrong they doing." So, when they complain that to parents, or any random groupchats, or any counsellors in School/University, what they hear is,
Really? By saying this, and leaving them from sessions, whats you are doing to them?
Don't you realize, that you are putting them in suffering, as they have been suffering with. No Solutions for them. Again, when you tell them to get a Social Worker or Psychotherapist, yet they can't find those easily. As Those specialists are too low in the Psychology Field.
So, DO YOU REALIZE WHATS HAPPENING TO THEM? They are becoming, suicidal, even lots of them did suicide, as those their issues turned into serious mental issues like, extreme depression, most of them then then choose to cope those in their own way. Such as, taking drugs, or doing inappropriate things, even a lot of them are becoming hater towards people. Which is causing lots of crimes over years. This small part is what you can guess? They are becoming in member of mono-sphere and harassing other people online, spreading hatred. Even some of them committed crimes too. Guess what? I know you all wont like the answer. This is "Incels" You all think, they are born to be bad, criminal. No, sorry, you are wrong. Real issue is lack of mental health services to them in their very early stages, when they were asking, and complaining about their problems. After many years of suffering, hatred started in them.
Now, you all will ask me, "WOW, so, what I want those to those people?" Good question. I wish I had moral good answers, why? Because These group of people can't be healed, due to long lasting suffering and damage happened to them. \Of course, to be clear, I am Not Incel, All I wanted to say is, difference between them and me is, I am trying to find solutions for my issues and loneliness. But Incels, they either don't try, or don't know their issues, or they lost hopes. And etc etc wrong expectations by them.])

But seriously? Creation of these whole group of people would be prevented and their population could be kept very low, if there were easy access of mental health services.

Now**, let me end this with my main rant tha**t, as every politicians and people choose to vote those politicians, who are defunding the mental health services and support and other social services, along with making it as hard to get a psychologist/psychotherapist as possible.

All of those are f**cking A$$holes. They wants our society, no matter you are poor or rich, or minority, or have disabilities, in a way, where we are suffering our own issues, struggling with many, home, live.

So, they can keep profiting themselves. also this situations are keeping them safe to be in power as long as possible, because people we are suffering in those don't have time to check, what they are doing and vote them out. Because of our struggles and sufferings.

SMH. Rant End. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.04 19:05 prollie5193 QB for Personal Use

Hi All, Is it advisable to purchase QB desktop aftermarket? I know the software well & used it for many years for my personal bookkeeping. I had my file saved on my work server & have since left the job & lost my data. I know .. I know .. Knowing the software is quite expensive though Intuit, I have seen some listings on Marketplace / Poshmark for the physical CD which includes the license & product number. What do you think?
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2023.06.04 19:05 fakeautographs Ebay scammer jkliterary_7 from Lisle, Illinois sold a fake Lakers #24 jersey signed by Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Lebron James with junk Pro Memorabilia Authentication Services COA to an unsuspecting buyer. All three autographs are forgery. This con man has more fakes in his inventory.

Ebay scammer jkliterary_7 from Lisle, Illinois sold a fake Lakers #24 jersey signed by Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Lebron James with junk Pro Memorabilia Authentication Services COA to an unsuspecting buyer. All three autographs are forgery. This con man has more fakes in his inventory. submitted by fakeautographs to u/fakeautographs [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:04 samoox Should We Expect Balance Changes to be a Regular Mid-Season Occurrence

I was reading through the comments of the latest balance patch and I noticed a lot of people seemed to be okay with the balance changes. That's totally fine, if my opinion is the minority I totally understand, but I just figured I'd share my two cents on it.
I've been playing ARPGs for at least 7 or 8 years at this point. The majority of my hours being from PoE. One thing that PoE players can tell you about how the game is balanced is that the game only really sees meaningful balance changes in between seasons, with only small tweaks and hot fixes Mid-Season just so they can fix stuff that's straight up broken.
Now obviously there's some downsides to this. If something in a PoE league feels unfun/bad/weak, you can't really expect it to get better that league. You have to wait until the next one and hope they make a balance change of some kind.
However at the same time, when you follow a build from day 1 of the league, you can also have the confidence of knowing that your build will likely be untouched for the entirety of that league. Meaning you can play it and have fun without stressing about whether or not GGG is going to randomly hotfix your build into mediocrity (or worse, literal unplayability).
One of the things that concerns me about this hotfix is that it puts me in a position now where I'm almost hesitant to want to pick S-Tier builds from websites.
For reference I was going into Whirlwind Barbarian. I saw it was an S-Tier build on Icy-Veins, I always like playing at least one spin to win build in every ARPG I play, so I figured why not.
... But the fact that it's just been nerfed kind of takes the wind out of my sails a little bit. I'm still going to go through with playing the character, because I think it would be really awful to respond to every balance change with setting up a new character, but my excitement has definitely been reduced.
I understand that many people seem to be happy with the balance changes, or at the very minimum, people seem to be saying "yeah, I saw this coming. It was a bit too strong". But honestly, this is just my opinion, D4 is primarily a PvE game. A PvE game that will be played in 3 month long seasons.
I'm not too sure that it would be the end of the world to allow some builds to simply be too strong for the duration of a season, and then get aggressively nerfed going into the next one. Obviously if a build is functioning off of a broken, unintended mechanic, I totally understand, but a lot of that patch just seemed like number changes than fixing things that were straight up broken.
I also acknowledge that we're not even in the seasons yet, so maybe this is just a launch thing and they won't make balance changes like this in the middle of upcoming seasons, but I wanted to bring it up here and see how people feel about it.
Would you guys rather have balance changes Mid-Season? Or would you rather have huge balance patches in between seasons?
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2023.06.04 19:04 Confident-Cockroach4 CPU overheat causing PC shutdown, GPU is fine

Noticed this issue was reported a number of times with Warhammer 3 since launch. Some with CPU, others with GPU.
I just encountered two consecutive shutdowns after my CPU overheated...
I have tried a couple things so far suggested on the Internet :
But my CPU temp didn't lower, it's hitting 90°C when I'm on the campaign map while my GPU temp is at 75-80°C. I have a RTX 3090.
It really pisses me off cause I already encountered this issue last year (during summer time of course...) and I upgraded my cooling system with a ventirad (Be Quiet! Pure Rock Slim 2) and two fans I put on the case ceiling.
Now I just upgraded my CPU for AMD Ryzen 9 5950x and I'm encountering that issue again. Did put a coat of thermal paste, maybe not enough?
I don't know what the issue could be outside of that.
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