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Spreadsheet Warriors

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2013.07.10 22:36 blueponies1 The fear of submerged machines

Welcome to /submechanophobia; the fear of partially or fully submerged man-made objects

2018.05.14 19:05 Baron_Wobblyhorse Lexitecture - a podcast about word origins and histories

Lexitecture is a podcast about words, their origins and their history - otherwise known as etymology - hosted by a Canadian and a Scot with a shared love of language and nerdy trivia!

2023.06.04 18:14 HR_Office_Guy 39 [M4F] Wisconsin/Online - That Insatiable Need to Breed

I (39 m Wisconsin MAGA) have always known I was going to be a father one day. After college that dream turned into something more. This primal, raw, animalistic need to breed. To push deep inside a soaked fertile pussy, flooding her womb with my thick hot white cum. Pumping wave after wave of potent seed inside of her. Filling her. Claiming her as mine. Marking her with my cum. Knowing that in that moment I may very well be changing her life, our lives, forever.
This...need...only seems to get stronger. Most days seem worse than the last. I quickly realized how much it turns me on to hear about how this same need is with my partner. How her hormones are forcing her past the point of craving to be filled and impregnated, it is all she can think about. To feel stretched full, looking into my eyes as I give everything to her. Letting me see her reaction, both of us knowing what it means, as she feels the weight of my body pressing against her. Knowing that I am making sure that every single drop is as deep inside of her as it can be. Where it belongs.
For me, it is so much more than a simple creampie. There is nothing hotter than giving in to that hormonal need, knowing that it will lead to a family. That I would make her my wife, keeping her constantly full, pregnant with one baby after the other...
I want to hear just how badly that need is for you. To be claimed and filled, a pregnant Housewife
Kik/Snap: Naters310
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2023.06.04 18:13 MintyPunch Exploring each Sign disposition towards the Red Pill

Exploring each Sign disposition towards the Red Pill

The Matrix (1999) - one of the most influential films ever made.
  1. Aries: "Are you ready to embrace the unknown and embark on a daring journey of truth?"
  2. Taurus: "Would you be willing to step out of your comfort zone and challenge long-held beliefs?"
  3. Gemini: "Can you imagine the thrill of unravelling the mysteries that lie beyond the surface?"
  4. Cancer: "Would you risk temporary discomfort for the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the world?"
  5. Leo: "Are you open to discovering a truth that may redefine your sense of self and purpose?"
  6. Virgo: "How would you weigh the value of certainty against the potential rewards of embracing uncertainty?"
  7. Libra: "Can you envision a world where truth prevails, even if it means questioning established norms?"
  8. Scorpio: "Would you be willing to delve into the shadows, knowing that enlightenment often lies hidden there?"
  9. Sagittarius: "What if seeking truth meant leaving behind the familiar and embarking on an exhilarating quest?"
  10. Capricorn: "Are you willing to risk stability in pursuit of a greater understanding of reality?"
  11. Aquarius: "Can you imagine embracing radical perspectives that challenge the status quo?"
  12. Pisces: "How would you balance your intuitive wisdom with the need for concrete evidence in seeking truth?"
How each zodiac sign may perceive or approach the concept of the red pill:
Aries: Aries sees the red pill as a call to action and empowerment. They embrace it as an opportunity to challenge the status quo, break free from limitations, and discover their true potential.
Taurus: Taurus may view the red pill with scepticism, preferring the stability and comfort of the blue pill. They may be hesitant to disrupt their sense of security and may be more resistant to change.
Gemini: Gemini embraces the red pill with enthusiasm. They see it as an exciting journey of exploration and learning, allowing them to gather diverse perspectives and expand their knowledge.
Cancer: Cancer is cautious when it comes to the red pill. They value emotional security and may be hesitant to confront uncomfortable truths that could disrupt their sense of stability and emotional well-being.
Leo: Leo sees the red pill as an opportunity to shine and stand out. They embrace it as a chance to discover their unique identity and purpose, and to make a significant impact in the world.
Virgo: Virgo may approach the red pill with analytical scrutiny. They are open to questioning established beliefs but may require substantial evidence and rationality to fully embrace them.
Libra: Libra sees the red pill as a means to restore balance and fairness. They are driven by the quest for truth, justice, and creating harmony in the world.
Scorpio: Scorpio embraces the red pill passionately. They have a natural inclination for deep exploration and are driven by a thirst for uncovering hidden truths and diving into the depths of existence.
Sagittarius: Sagittarius embraces the red pill eagerly. They see it as an opportunity for philosophical and intellectual growth, enabling them to embark on adventures of knowledge and expand their understanding of the world.
Capricorn: Capricorn may approach the red pill with caution. They value practicality and success and may be hesitant to disrupt their pursuit of stability and ambition.
Aquarius: Aquarius enthusiastically embraces the red pill. They are natural rebels and see it as a means to challenge the status quo, break free from conventional thinking, and explore innovative ideas.
Pisces: Pisces may approach the red pill with a mix of curiosity and caution. They value emotional harmony and intuition but are also drawn to spiritual exploration and the uncovering of profound truths.

The chances of each zodiac sign to take the red pill:
  1. Aries: 80% - Their bold and adventurous nature makes them likely to take the leap.
  2. Taurus: 20% - They may hesitate due to their practical and grounded nature.
  3. Gemini: 50% - Their curiosity and adaptability might make them inclined to explore the unknown.
  4. Cancer: 30% - Their emotional sensitivity may make them hesitant to disrupt their sense of security.
  5. Leo: 70% - Their desire for self-discovery and recognition might drive them to take the chance.
  6. Virgo: 40% - Their analytical nature may lead them to carefully consider the consequences.
  7. Libra: 60% - Their quest for balance and justice could motivate them to seek the truth.
  8. Scorpio: 90% - Their intense and probing nature makes them highly likely to take the offer.
  9. Sagittarius: 80% - Their love for knowledge and philosophical exploration may drive them to take the plunge.
  10. Capricorn: 40% - Their practicality and focus on material success might make them hesitant.
  11. Aquarius: 70% - Their rebellious and unconventional mindset may push them to embrace new perspectives.
  12. Pisces: 50% - Their intuitive and imaginative nature could lead them to consider the offer but with caution.
Benefits of taking the red pill:
  • All I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more! Taking the red pill represents a commitment to seeking truth and understanding. It can lead to personal growth, expanded awareness, and a deeper comprehension of the world and oneself.
Benefits of taking the blue pill:
  • Ignorance is bliss. Choosing the blue pill can provide a sense of comfort and security by allowing individuals to remain within familiar, established narratives. It can shield them from potentially unsettling or challenging truths, preserving a simpler and more predictable worldview.

Disclaimer: This sign reading is based on the general energy and traits associated with each zodiac sign. Individual experiences, other planetary placements, and the intricacies of a complete birth chart can significantly impact an individual's disposition towards embracing the concept of the "red pill."
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2023.06.04 18:13 FalconTheBird I'm Top Performer but I Feel They're Holding Me Back Because of It.

I've been top performer at my job for months, I have met beyond the required efficiency and have earned three certificates that highlights my achievements working there. Often times when work volume is low, my leads and supervisors rely on me to clear the work queue while they have others assigned to cover other responsibilities that's outside of our line of business, and I always get everything that needs to be cleared before the end of the day.
Just a couple of weeks ago, a co-worker and really good friend of mine was tasked to cover a new company project that was recently established in our department. For a while it was mainly all the department leads that have been working on this until my supervisor picked my friend to give a lending hand. I don't know much about the details but from what I was able to gather, the new project is quite complicated to process and is more time consuming than any other subtype that we've ever had to work with.
At first, I was relieved that I wasn't the one chosen to handle this new and very complex project. But then I kept thinking. I wish I didn't, but my stupid brain kept on thinking about it. Why did they even pick her in the first place? She's not bad at her job by any means, she's gotten quite good over the months working there and has also met the required efficiency more then many occasions. But in terms of our efficiency scale, she's right in between of those who are good at their job and those who are not. Those who are not good at their job obviously weren't even consider to take on this new task. But why weren't the others? Those who are good at their job, in fact, are better than her - weren't picked? And I mean absolutely no disrespect towards my friend. It just seems odd to me that my supervisor chose her to take on this new project rather than those who have shown to be more qualified. I was even a little concerned as to why they didn't choose me either. Does my supervisor not trust me even though I'm currently her top performer? Perhaps they just want me to stay where I'm at in case whenever rush hours implodes on our queue.
She's been working on the new project for nearly two weeks now and is barely working on our line of business anymore. I've gotten to talk to her to see how she's holding up. According to her the new project is indeed stressful but feels she's getting the hang of it more and is working faster as of result. I've been hearing talks and I don't know how true they are. But my supervisor has been considering making her new department lead, thus her paygrade will be increased and she'll be making way more than any of us now. Meanwhile, a few others and myself in our own line of business have been over here busting our tails off for months, clearing the work queue when others won't even do their jobs - with certificates on our desks that pretty much sum up "Yeah, we're pretty good at our jobs". She had not even earned a certificate recently until yesterday and she's already getting promoted, before any of us? Again, I don't know the legitimacy of this. As of now they're just mere rumors being spread through out the office. But knowing my supervisor, I wouldn't be surprised considering the relationship those two have. They've had college classes together and are about nearly close to one another. Maybe that's why my supervisor chose her. Even before she was assigned with the new project, I've especially noticed that she has been given more opportunities around the company in the past. Even more so than all of us.
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2023.06.04 18:13 BombsNBeer Not only is Miguel wrong in Spiderverse, he outright explains why he is wrong and doesn't realize it.

This has been really really bothering me since the moment I walked out of the theater. In Across The Spiderverse, Miguel establishes 2 points.
Point 1: Canon events happen to every single Spiderman, and if they are changed, the reality will collapse.
This isn't too hard to grasp. Every Spider person will have a beloved family membefriend die and will have a police chief they are close to die. The problem is that about 15 minutes later he explains point 2
Point 2: Miles is not supposed to be Spiderman. He is an anomaly. This point also isn't too hard to grasp, but it becomes a problem when you include point 1.
Is the fate of a spiderPerson tied to their universe, or is it tied to the spider person? If its the former, since Miles was bit by an Earth-42 Spider, that COULD mean he has the fate of Earth 42's spiderman. Since he is NOT on Earth-42, the events would play out on Earth-42 without our Miles experiencing them. The Earth-42 Miles or Peter would be the one to experience those losses, and it shouldn't matter what miles does in his own universe. If the fate is tied to the person who would become Spiderman himself, then the canon events should have happened to the Peter that dies protecting Miles in the main universe. The only way it should be able to happen to Miles as well is if multiple people are able to become Spiderman in one universe, which, based on Miguels rant, doesn't seem like it should be possible.
If Miles is NOT supposed to be Spiderman of his dimension, then he should not have canon events. That would also mean that anything that happens because of Miles should also not have an effect on other spider people's canon events. Since Spot is a direct result of an anomaly, aka Miles, then the Spot should not have a canon effect on another spider person since he shouldn't exist. In the movie, however, Spot directly causes Pavitr's Canon event. Either that means Spot needs to exist to cause this canon event, and therefore Miles needs to have his powers, or this means THAT was not Pavitr's canon event and his reality should not have unraveled. If a building is supposed to fall on the police chief, it will do so whether or not Spot showed up if Spot is not supposed to exist. Otherwise, that means Pavitr's fate is directly linked to someone that should not exist, which wouldn't make any sense. Does that mean if Gwen caught Spot before he had a chance to dimension hop, Pavitr's event wouldn't have had a chance to happen and the reality would have unraveled without them having an explanation for why? Maybe. The point I'm getting at is Spot's existence must be a requirement for Pavitr's canon.
If you say "well if spot didn't do it then the canon would make it happen anyway" THE THAT MEANS THE CANON WILL HAPPEN WHETHER MILES MESSES WITH SOMETHING OR NOT AND REALITY SHOULDNT BE ABLE TO UNRAVEL.
TLDR, Miles of the main universe can do anything he wants in his universe and it shouldn't be a problem for anybody. Not only was Miles required to get his powers (to make sure Spot can exist for Pavitr), but he also can't do anything that would unravel his own universe(because the fate is either happening somewhere else or to someone else).
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2023.06.04 18:12 SpyroGaming What ive seen so far and what needs fixing

this is an evaluation of what i see so far
Monsters: for some reason the game leans to heavily towards monsters now that unless the player dosent know how to play its a slaughter fest, in addition proximity audio seems to be gone, meaning if the monster gets to a certain closeness, the volume dosent get any louder its not until the chase music kicks in you have to worry but by the time your already getting smacked, server migrations, which happen almost every game nowadays, also reset all cooldowns
Boxy Boo: the box jump was nerfed way to much
Mommy: no longer has audio when being pulled by her arm, which makes her incredibly silent, not sure if a bug or intended
Huggy: mini huggys when using alternate characters like the killy willy skin seem to not have that skin applied occasionally
Theater Map: there seems to be some issues here, for example puzzle pillar frames seems to be there but the puzzles are not, this seems most common on the one right at the stairs to the main train station, the hole right above the station also seems to have a hitbox issue
Sewers: invisible huggies seem to be back, ive been attacked even when no mini huggies are visible
Incinerator: map is beautiful but way to crowded, its easy for RES's to get lost and huggy is the only monster that can really work here
Collage Puzzle: this puzzle seems to occasionally break, this seems to be an issue mostly when a sabatoge is used that interrupts its use, pretty much permanently disabling it
Train: the train itself is a problem, not only does it not open up when theres only 1 player left ( at least not for a long time) but when first loading in you get massive frame drops until you get off
Toy Assembler: audio seems to be broken, it dips in and out for RESs and is completely mute for the monster
Progression: coding seems abit wonky, you get the error messages like you did last season but also sometimes it breaks the toy box and there also seems to be an xp issue, in many cases i have to reload the game
Server Migration: this breaks the game entirely, if a server has a migration ( and it quite normally does) you lose alot of players on the RESs side making it alot easier for the monster to win there needs to be a better system for migrations so its not kicking players from the game
Communication: chat needs abit of tweaking, most games have a world/party/team system, in my opinion it be nice if the monster could communicate with RESs in some situations, such as when the monster is being nice, as squatting and swatting at stuff isnt really clear
Audio: natural audio itself seems funky, for example a monsters walking is incredibly loud but the jump-scare noise is almost deathly quiet, i feel like in the long run the audio menu should be broken down so everything can be individualized
Note to complainers: ive been in a number of games now where players have complained about the monster being a tryhard targeter, 1. theres no name tags we cant tell whos who, this is made worse by the fact by 2. half the lobby is using the golden huggy skin ( which im sick of seeing alongside the robot monster skins
Skins: Huggy needs more love, aside from the toy box and the easter skin he really dosent have much compared to the others, both mommy and boxy have dominated the first toy box and the valentines and st Patrick's event and now the store as well
Maps: the maps are pretty, but this is supposed to be a run down abandoned facility, why do they look like state of the art buildings that grand opened yesterday?
Emotes: the dance emotes ( and certain ones like the threatening fist emote on both sides should continue to animate until cancelled by input
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2023.06.04 18:11 THEGAM3CHANG3R Part of Nate's apology letter to Ted

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2023.06.04 18:09 AutoNewsAdmin [Video] - US,China looking to de-risk. What does that mean?

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2023.06.04 18:09 Samir4431 What does this mean?

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2023.06.04 18:09 kdnyfilm What is the last "cool thing" you did before getting covid/long covid?

In February 2020, I went on this unexpected but incredible wild boar hunting trip with some locals on Molokai (Hawaii). It was intense and physical and in many ways I felt like I was in the best shape of my life during that trip. I got back to New York and a few weeks later I got covid and my life has not been the same. I think a lot about that trip and how it marks a kind of high point that I'm trying to get back to. Physically, I wonder if/how I'd survive on a multi-day trip in a remote valley filled with hiking, scrambling, and sleeping on a cot. Emotionally, I think about how the trip also represents the adventurous spirit that I used to have which long covid has shaken. Aside from the physical challenge, I imagine all the stupid little idiosyncrasies I've developed to manage symptoms and crashes- how that detracts from being present and spontaneous and open to a little discomfort.
What is your last cool thing? What does it mean to you? Do you think you'll ever be able to achieve it or something like it ever again?
I'm working on a film about my boar hunting trip (I filmed the trip but never edited because of covid) told through the lens of now having long covid and how it's altered the meaning of the trip for me. I'm interested in hearing other people's "last cool thing." Share your story in the comments or feel free to dm me.
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2023.06.04 18:09 i_know_nothing123 Astrology observations pt 44

DISCLAIMER- Placements will not play out the same way for everyone and having challenging placements + aspects does not mean that you are a bad person or that you will have a bad life. Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t
-Juno in the 12th house may indicate getting married in secret/eloping (12th house—escapism, both literally and figuratively)
-possible job prospects for people with the 6th or 10th house cusp in scorpio is not limited to detective work, psychology and the occult, they can take on careers involving reproductive health (like urology, gynecology, working in an STD testing clinic, etc)
-the health branch for someone with the 6th or 10th house cusp in Capricorn or Aries includes dentistry (Capricorn rules the bones including the teeth and Aries rules the head/face).
-Juno in the 3rd house can indicate that you will meet your future spouse on a messaging app (dating or not), while you are out on a short trip, or through a sibling. I can also see that happening through a “dialing the wrong number” situation
-another way a harsh venus-Neptune aspect can manifest (aside from not seeing red flags until it is too late) is getting into a lot of unrequited love situations and the effects are more painful if Chiron is also aspected
-Jupiter in the 3rd house or aspected with mercury can manifest literally via talking too much or sending your brain into overdrive by overthinking.
-people with 6th and 12th house stelliums (or the moon in any of those 2 houses) usually love animals and are most likely to have had quite a few pets throughout their lives
-Saturn in the 11th house can indicate having friends that are older than you or that you connect with older folks better than people around your age
-the type of envious people 8th and 12th house stellium natives tend to attract are the type that envy them but still want to stay in close proximity to stay in the loop of what is going on in their lives, like a monitoring spirit
-people with pluto and/or Uranus in the 4th house experience the most dramatic family dynamic changes, whether it’s divorce, abandonment or something else
Ps- I’m open for reading, book one if you’re interested
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2023.06.04 18:09 Cishuman Judge Dagoth

PELINAL: You are about to enter the court-room of Judge Dagoth Voryn! The people are dead. The cases are argued in an aetherial tesseract outside of linear time. The rulings are final! This is Judge Dagoth!
DAGOTH: Please state your name for the record.
NOCTURNAL: I am UR DROTH, the part of the part that at first was all, part of the darkness that gave birth to light, that supercilious light which now disputes with Mother Night her ancient rank and space, and yet cannot succeed.
DAGOTH: Your legal name, please; not your Tumblr bio.
DAGOTH: Of course. And what is your grievance with the defendant?
NOCTURNAL: This songbird sought shade beneath my bough. The terms were loathsomely clear: “My Shadow’s protection against all hues and snares. But in turn you shall attend to my Evergloam forever, Nightingale, singing for your supper.”
That he should rook me so, lending his music to the Doom Drum, draws my umbrage.
DAGOTH: Duly noted. Next plaintiff: state your name for the record, please.
HIRCINE: I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life, and the giver of Life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death.
DAGOTH: Just asking for a name, please.
DAGOTH: And your grievance with the defendant, Mr. Hircine?
HIRCINE: I swaddled that whelp in my livery! He is my footman, no matter the number of feet that he wears. I expect him at my flank, bearing my torc and implements when I take the heath. So take my heed, runt - if even you should elude me in this parlay, your soven home is no guard - my teeth shall not cease to flash.
Not until I wrench them on your neck.
DAGOTH: Noted. Next, plaintiff: state your name for the record. And I must stress, just your name.
HERMAEUS MORA:I'm just an old cowboy with twigs in my hairI'm 2/3rds Alligator and 3/4rtrs bearAnd 1/2th a liar but let it be knownI've nevertold 1 lie that was not my own.
DAGOTH: [grievously frustrated sigh] Why did I give Nerevar the first blow?...You have standing to seek redress with the defendant?
HERMAEUS MORA:Those grains you fed them, contained hormones,The fruit was full of sugar.You should have knownYour child could get brain tumorsFrom that mobile telephone.
DAGOTH: Great. Just great. Alright, last plaintiff - your name, for the record.
MOLAG BAL: I’m Molag Bal! Who the fuck are you?
DAGOTH: I am Dagoth Voryn, Sharmat of the Sixth House, Love and Consolation of the Velothi Race.
MOLAG BAL: Never heard of you, Diego. Anyway, I let this dong-sheath crash at my pad in Bravil for like 6 months. Never paid me rent. Ate all of my goddamn poptarts. And his goddamn goat broke my butler table!
DAGOTH: You have a house in Bravil?
MOLAG BAL: It's an apartment. A studio.
DAGOTH: Alright. Well, anyway, would the defendant please state their name for the record.
DRAGONBORN: Bendu Olo. It means “hope” in Ancient Colovian.
DAGOTH: Your real name, please.
DRAGONBORN: I’d rather not shout, not just yet.
DAGOTH: I’m sure. And how do you answer the torts lain before you, Mr. Olo?
DRAGONBORN: Dead to rights. I owe them a soul.
HERMAEUS MORA: [Abyssal Mollusc-Like Exclamation].
MOLAG BAL: I mean, I’m really just looking to get the butler-table referbed.
DAGOTH: Very well. However, we face a not inconsiderable problem in that extradition - spiritual or otherwise - doesn’t really allow for even splits.
NOCTURNAL: We are prepared to accept an uneven judgement, so long as it means the upstart is punished.
DRAGONBORN: But of course. And surely as the eldest, the Ur Droth, remember, you are the greatest of your siblings and most deserving of the contested prize.
HIRCINE: Fie! My sister is the most senile and inert of powers, content to sulk in corners and cellars. She is most deserving of cobwebs and mold, that is her kingdom.
NOCTURNAL: What a savage “hunt” you are, Hircine. I simply fear that you are too gorged on your venations already, field-mice and chickadees, and that you should have no palette for this little wyrm.
HIRCINE: Languorous Harlot!
NOCTURNAL: Dog Botherer!
MOLAG BAL: Meeeeooww…
HERMAEUS MORA: Sometimes in our lives, there is pain, there are headaches. But what a difference homemade onion soup makes. Boil a chicken to make a bouillon With salt and tarragon Add several chopped onions Simmer over a low flame. Add carrots and celery, And (why not?) a cup of Champagne, And more onions. If you're depressed with phlegm in your chest, Lonesome in winter in the Midwest, Toss in sliced chicken breast, Add croutons or wonton, Call up Leon, Diane, Don Juan, Yvonne Dionne, William Shawn, Louis Khan, Pope John, That whole group, And serve them soup.
DAGOTH: Indeed, civility is essential to the proceedings. I’ll thank everyone for abiding by the decorum that this venerable tesseract demands.
DRAGONBORN: Truly…but there can be no civility without honesty. And honestly, one does have to admit, Hircine is the more…shall we say, volatile or reactive power? What is the greater boon? To be made the raptor? Or to be made to seek refuge from his rapture?
DAGOTH: Your point, Mr. Olo?
DRAGONBORN: Only that Hircine's gift constitutes the greater loss and therefore deserves greater remuneration. Allow me to demonstrate: Lord Bal, what grieves you more? The slinking, shadowy theft of your poptarts; Or the rambunctious goat that headbutted your butler-table?
MOLAG BAL: You said the leaf just fell off!
NOCTURNAL: This is asinine! I am the shadow! I am everywhere, even in idiom do I lurk - Hircine dwells in only speechless beasts and idiots!
HIRCINE: Asinine! ASININE?! Every “ass” is your demesne! None would tolerate your touch otherwise!
HIRCINE: That’s not actually an insult!
MOLAG BAL: Divayth Fyr gave me that table!
[Dagoth Ur slams his gavel several times]
DAGOTH: Order! Order! Everyone shut up!
[Everyone hushes]
DAGOTH: Goddammit, I thought Azura was annoying! Now if everyone is done with the childish remarks-
HIRCINE: She started it!
[Dagoth Ur slams the gavel another around]
DAGOTH: Don't shit on my head and tell me it's rain! You're all fucking culpable in this mess but somehow it's my eternal torment to sort it out, so I'd appreciate a just a cunt-hair of mature discourse out of you ageless, primordial entities. Unless you'd like to spend time in the hallway with Officer Whitestrake.
[Pelinal steps into view. He cracks his knuckles.]
PELINAL: Howdy Pardners.
[Everyone remains silent]
DAGOTH: Didn't think so.
DRAGONBORN: Your honor, if I may, I believe that I have a solution to the current tetralemma.
DAGOTH: Is that so?
DRAGONBORN: Quite. I happen to have contrived an ingenious method by which every member of the plaintiff suite may be provided with my soul, as befits their illustrious station.
[Dagoth slams his gavel again]
DAGOTH: Excellent. Done. Do it. I’m so fucking done with this case.
DRAGONBORN: As you will, your honor. Well, first come, first serve. So, Lady Knock-up, for the gracious gift of your shadowy cant (for nightingale song is most lovely!) here ya go,


[A luminous dragon-soul erupts from the Dragonborn. Its light is so great that every stray hint of Nocturnal is washed out of the room.]
And for Lord Hurts-Just-Fine, who dearly needs a master to bait his game, may I safely present the most dangerous quarry,


[Another dragon-soul emerges from the Dragonborn. Hircine flees, but its flight swiftly overtakes him.]
DRAGONBORN: Careful, he bites.
But who could forget Mr. Herman Moore? I know I almost always do, my memories of you are just a dumped abyss. Anyway, figure out this mystery,


[Yet another Dragon soul erupts from the Dragonborn. It holds Hermaeus Mora’s paper in the toilet.]
HERMAEUS MORA: I should be writing my memoir, In March it's due. Instead, I'm in Miami, [Gurgling from being severely swirlied]
DRAGONBORN: Hint: It rhymes with Tragon.
Well now as I live and breath! Lord Moldy Balls!
MOLAG BAL: Hey now, I just want the table referbed. I don't even want your soul, man. I've already got closets full of 'em! Vivec's making me haul 'em to Goodwill! I'll even settle for the poptarts back!
DRAGONBORN: Don’t worry, lots of deities experience shrinkage in coldharbours like such. Not to worry though, I’ve got just the thing to warm ya up:


[One last ropey dragon-soul shoots out of the Dragonborn. It violates Molag Bal thoroughly]
MOLAG BAL: The poptarts!
[Dagoth bangs his gavel]
DAGOTH: Case…uh, Case closed.
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2023.06.04 18:08 Malcorin Vising Palermo / San Cipirello

Hey all! I'm digging in to my ancestral roots and would like to see where my grandfather grew up. For me this means visiting the Palermo area. I'll likely be traveling from Berlin => Bologna => Palermo. Does anyone have any feedback on the most cost effective route? I'd love to just take a train down but I think I'm really just better off taking a train from Berlin to Bologna and just flying from Bologna to Palermo, but since this is my first time in Italy I figured it would make sense to ask the locals.
I also have plans to spend a day or two in San Cipirello - I don't believe any sort of public transport would be available for this - what are the possible ways that I could travel between Palermo and San Cipirello? Possibly an Uber type service?

Thanks for any feedback,
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2023.06.04 18:08 srstable 2000+ hours 20 years ago, No idea how to play!

Like may of you, I committed so many hours to playing this game when it was released on the Gamecube; my best friend and family became wholly obsessed and we played constantly. I even had a level 200 FOnewearl!
However, we played ENTIRELY offline. Which means I have no idea how this game actually works for real, or how to play it more effectively. I had a few questions to help clarify some things for me!
For context:
  1. I've been looking up guides for recommended equipment and see things like 10+ targets, 4 Targets... When would I want to use a "single target" vs "Single-target multi-hit"? What are the advantages?
  2. I see recommendations for building a Mag for Power with a bit of Dex, rather than wholly Dex. Does that mean ATA doesn't affect gun power, simply accuracy?
2a) Related, does that mean Shifta and Deband on a FO wouldn't actually increase the power of their spells?!
3) Is there a guide anywhere that recommends quest progression, etc? I'm currently going through the Side Story since I never saw that before, while occasionally doing the Ragol Boost Road mission for some extra XP
5) Is there a big difference between Handguns and Rifles? I see a lot of handguns recommended, but rarely a rifle
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2023.06.04 18:08 malfunction459 Best Way to Rehome My Cats

(please read everything before commenting) I hope this is a good place to post this.
I am currently in a historically unsafe marriage. My husband is working hard to change, and things might get better, but the truth is, it's too little too late and I don't think we will last the year.
My husband is not a cat lover, but I told him I didn't want dogs. As a result, he ended up getting multiple pets throughout the years which he didn't care for, but I of course fell in love with. All of which I asked him not to get, because I didn't feel we could be responsible pet owners. We have two currently. (we got a second after the first, which was mostly his cat, passed away). Both have been emotional support animals for me and essentially the only source of love I've had in the home. I am not one of those people who call pets my babies, try to treat them like people or call myself their mom, but they are extremely important to me.
My cat Pidge, especially, has been with me the longest. She refuses to leave me when I'm sick or upset. She comes to check on me and snuggles with me during emotional breakdowns, and when my depression and anxiety get too much. She's woken me from nightmares and alerted me to medical issues with my husband. In the midst of all manner of abuse, she was the only one who made me feel wanted in my house.
We are moving in July, and I will be moving in with a friend while we are between homes. Honestly, I'm not sure if I will be moving in with my husband again. He's put in a lot of work, and I'm very proud of him for changing as much as he has, but a lot of his behavior is still just not acceptable, and he may say he's willing to do counseling, but... it's not happening.
I've been looking for alternatives to be able to keep my cats when we move. I do my best, but with the financial abuse, it's hard to give them the proper care they need. I've been looking for a temporary foster situation, but no one has been willing. I totally understand that. I have an amazing community and support system, but it's not their job to deal with my or my husband's irresponsibility.
My cats are suffering from flea dermatitis (I treat them every month and have worked my butt off to kill them in the house, but the apartment complex doesn't treat and they come in under the door. And again, I can't go to the vet). The female is not fixed, though I hope to get her fixed before we have to move in a month and a half (these cats are indoor only). Other than that, they are super well-behaved and in good health.
I don't want to be in this situation at all, but the worst thing I can think about is having to drop them off at a shelter the way they are (black cats with skin problems during kitten season, I don't see them getting adopted) and having them put down.
My husband says he doesn't want to put any more money into their care if they are just going to die. I have my own separate bank account, but it gets emptied regularly and I'm trying to save for a safe place to go if and when we end up divorced. So while I can probably pay for a cheap vet checkup and spaying the female, I definitely can't pay the multiple thousands it would take to board them.
So, here is the deal. I'm not really looking for help with my marriage, I have an amazing community and counselor, and I'm working with them to plan the next steps as my mental health and finances allow. What I need is some help on what is the wisest route forward that will be the most helpful for the cats. I'm going to keep trying, but I don't want to get desperate and end up putting the cats into a situation that would be even worse than a humane euthanasia just because I'm scared. I am trying to be responsible to find them a safe home and I want to keep them if at all possible but I don't want to be selfish and hold out for an option that would allow me to keep them. Does anyone know of resources that might foster the cats, or adopt them out safely? What is the best way I can know my cats are going to a safe home where they aren't just going to be adopted out again, or abandoned or mistreated?
I hate being the person who is irresponsible with their pet. I'm someone who believes responsible pet ownership means not getting one if it's not possible for you to keep them safe and comfortable until they pass, preferably in the ownership of a single person. But what's done is done, and the only thing I can do is ensure it doesn't happen again and take care of the animals I have as best I am able.
I'm in the central Florida area. Any advice, resources, etc, would be so much appreciated.
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2023.06.04 18:07 PreviousNoise Flurry Question

Quick question on the Flurry tree - Does Crescendo (slightly less damage on first and second blows, buff to third) work with Boundless Blows (channeled Flurry) when using a bow?
It doesn't appear to trigger it - I don't see the Crescendo buff cycling while channeling , but it does seem to cycle to the next buff every time you stop channeling.
I would assume they don't work with each other based on what I've seen, but I do see that the number of arrows during the channel are counted (Fusillade), so that should mean it theoretically could.
If yes, does that mean every 3rd channel does extra damage? Or is it cycling the whole time but not updating the buff icon?
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2023.06.04 18:07 Zoro180 Ranking Advice

So I mainly play Support since that's what there is to play ((Tank doesn't interest me and I don't want to wait 5 minutes every time for DPS)). I genuinely like DPS and Support, and I'm still new sort of but I know enough about the game now. I've been in Silver for a bit now but just recently dropped to Bronze; for both DPS and literally just now Support. Why does this keep happening 😭 I don't do terrible, before I would be going up every time; I don't understand honestly. Am I really that bad? How do I go up? And please I just want genuine advice don't be mean
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2023.06.04 18:06 hillycan Worst birthday ever

I made a more detailed post, but it didn’t post for some reason. My (29f) girlfriend (43f) wanted to plan my birthday party this year on the beach. She had bought a nice tent to fit up to 9 people and I invited 4 friends to come. We had planned it for 2 months. 3 of my friends basically said they may come but they have other plans when the time came closer and 1 friend never gave me a direct yes or no answer to coming to my party. I was fine with this because just my girlfriend and I doing it was enough for me. Yesterday was the morning of my party and today is my actual birthday. Yesterday, I woke up 3 hours before the party and came into the livingroom and she was sitting on the couch. She immediately started in on me. She began shouting saying I didn’t pick up a few pieces of my art project on the floor in the garage. I had just been working on it 2 days prior and was still sort of working on it. After her going on a tangent about it for about 5-10 minutes and her calling me names and saying I’m disrespecting her by leaving a sheet of moss on the floor in the garage because she had just spent the prior weekend cleaning the garage, I apologized. I did understand why she was upset about it. I told her I had left it there because I was still actively going in there and gluing pieces. She told me to quit making excuses. I stopped saying anything about it and apologized again. She got mad and was telling me my apologies mean nothing and that she’s not going to my birthday party. I started crying and begged her to go and she once again said she’s not going. I kinda lost my bonkers and said “Well no one is going anyways so I just won’t have a party” and she started calling me narcissistic and saying all I care about is my birthday. I went to the bedroom and cried for a while. An hour later, I asked her if she could please just go to my party. I had bought cornhole, a beach wagon, sunscreen, and she had bought a tent and some decorations. She said “I guess I have to go” and she went to the bathroom and started taking a shower. Time was kinda running out, so I went and packed everything into the car. I came back inside and told her I had put everything in the car and she said “Why? I’m not going anywhere.” I started crying again and went back outside and unpacked the car, came back in and told her “If you don’t come to my birthday party, I’m not doing this anymore. I’m done. I can’t forgive you for hurting me like this.” and she once again called me conceited and told me I want everything to be about me and that she’s fine if it’s over. I texted my friends and told them the party is canceled. After crying for a while, I put my swimsuit back on and called one of my friends. She had invited me to the beach an hour away because she was going on a weekend vacation there. I had declined at the time because my party was that weekend. I ended up driving an hour to her vacation rental that she had gotten with one of our other friends and we hung out at the pool, got dinner, and got ice cream. I was there for about 8 hours, but honestly, I was just trying to not be a buzz kill because I felt really sad, so I spent 8 hours pretending to be fine and happy. I did tell my friend why I ended up coming because she asked what happened to me having a party. I came home and my girlfriend was sleeping on the couch so I went and slept in the bed. This morning I woke up, it’s my birthday, and my girlfriend hasn’t said a word to me and it’s been 4 hours. She’s just been tidying the house because her friend is stopping by from out of state and they’re going to brunch. I was supposed to go with them, but I’m obviously not now because we aren’t even talking and I guess broke up? I’ve been crying for hours, can’t really force myself out of the bed, and I’m trying to think of what I can do for my birthday that would be fun by myself. I normally don’t even celebrate my birthday or make it a big deal, but it’s the last birthday of my 20s so I wanted to do something this year. I’m just really upset over all of this.
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2023.06.04 18:06 TheRetroToad Death Note book club day twenty four

Sorry everyone for not posting yesterday, It was my brothers graduation! Congrats to him and everyone else who graduated this year!
I decided I’m not going to be posting on Saturdays and Sundays anymore so that people can catch up on days that they missed
So last post everyone was saying how in the Kira broadcast L was in the K and I actually never noticed that I noticed while reading this chapter it’s kind of like rubbing salt into a wound to L it’s kinda funny
Sorichiro driving the bus into Sakura TV studio is so cool it’s something nobody would do just because you’re driving into a building and what makes it even more cool is that he left the hospital! he was in the hospital and he left to drive a bus into a tv station. Sorichiro is one cool dude.
L why do you have your thumb in your mouth bro?? Oh wait maybe it’s because you’re licking all the chocolate off your fingers
Aizawa is probably feeling pretty useless he wanted to go to help Ukita but L stopped him then Sorichiro goes in and saves the day
Really the security guard is the reason why Ukita died if it wasn’t for him doing 🙅🏻‍♂️ to him he would be alive
When Sorichiro drives the bus into the studio Ukitas body is gone from the scene does that mean Sorichiro drove over him or what
Demegawa looks more chubby in the book haha
The only reason why they’re playing the Kira videos and aren’t stopping is because they don’t want to die
Ok ok I know I keep saying this but Sorichiro has so much facial expression compared to Demegawa just look on page 538 and 539 they’re faces are side by side and they did Demegawa dirty on that one
It was a good idea to make copies of the videos but too bad Sorichiro was smart enough to know he could have made copies he didn’t have to pull a gun out but I do feel it was necessary for this situation
Sorichiro thinks L is crazy when he tells him to walk out the front which he probably is but he didn’t know L had a plan
Sorichiros look of surprise in his face when he saw what was outside just adds to my point of his character design
L and Deputy Chief Kitamura’s plan was so good Sorichiro thought L was crazy
Matsuda caring for Sorichiro ahh I love Matsuda so much
Aizawa telling L that he knows people down in forensics I don’t remember the user I don’t even know if he reads my book club posts but do you think Everett (The guys OC) and Aizawa know each other that would be cool if you could confirm that
In the show they ask L if he stayed up all night watching the videos but in the book he didn’t just something I noticed
The last panel Light has the Kira smile going on and Ryuk, well he’s just being his old self
That’s all for today tune in next time aka tomorrow for your almost daily dose of book club
Bonus game! Guess the character from this quote
Dead women tell no tales.
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"Virgin" used to be equated to "innocent". That is, quite simply, no longer true.
I was just watching a documentary. They interviewed several high school girls.
There were several young women who have been quite promiscuous.
A couple tho? They stated they were still "virgins". During their interviews, they admitted that they have "hooked up" several times but "never had sex". They stated that they have "made out"..."maybe a little 'oral'...but no sex". Pikachu Face
Btw...I am only 28 but "hooked up" always meant sex. Times...they are a-changing.
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2023.06.04 18:05 JuanToeFree My feedback post

Since it seems to be a popular format, let me chime in with my own ideas for potential reworks, new features etc.

Part 1: space combat

space combat is just not very fun right now, there's mainly 2 issues.
first, getting breached in a full health ship doesn not feel fair at all, taking any large ship into raid is just begging for trouble as half the map will try to breach into your ship, completely nullifying their utility.
the second issue i have with the current state of space combat is how unrewarding it feels in most cases.
i will not talk about ship and weapon balance as i'm sure the devs have heard everything there is to be said and balancing is forever a WIP.

there's been a lot of ideas to "fix" breaching on this sub, the most talked about one is to make it impossible to breach ships until they are damaged enough. a similar but more flexible approach IMO would be to make breaching take time based on the amout of hull left in the ship and it's tier. the players inside the ship would hear a loud drilling sound at the breach spot giving them enough time to prepare an ambush. it might take 20s-30s to breach a full health heavy frigate, or 2s to breach a 15% hp rustbucket. this would achieve the following:

unrewarding dogfights:
winning a dogfights usually results in the ship still standing pelting the downed ship until the players in it pod out, there's really 4 options here:

after shooting their ship for an appropriate amount of time, you have to:
overall this takes forever, is incredibly dangerous, and you might only get a luger and some 9mm for it. the xp for disabling ships is very low as well.

my solution:
Allow us to destroy downed ships. After depleting "hull integrity", give us a second health bar of "system integrity", when it reaches 0, a horn blares in the ship before it blows up killing everyone inside. this achieves the following:

part 2: QOL

obviously the game is very buggy and fixes are a priority, but i'm not going to get into that here.
vertical audio pls x)
zero to hero need some adjusting in places but since every second thread is "sas captain where?" i guess the devs are aware of that.
lots of small ergonomics changes to inventory management are needed. filling a large containers with meds takes way longer than it should. i made some suggestions here.
more post raid info would be really nice.
stacking meds. seriously, please allow us to stack meds. so much space is taken by meds, i can hardly loot anything :'(
prestige cost rebalance, 10 prestiges worth of Ps for a 6th hangar bay, is this a joke?
zero to hero probably shouldn't reset on prestige.

part 3: base upgrades, "kits" and supergear

this part is 100% imaginary features, i'm just spitballing ideas here.

Kits are packages that may contain any combination and amount of any kind of gear. the default kit is the classic "p08 pouch rig box of 9mm", more kits can be unlocked through questing, fulfilling trade requests, crafting base upgrades, achievements, prestige unlocks, whatever...
In the play screen, under the ship card and above the crew box, add a box for kit selection, with the default kit selected by default every raid.
Every kit outside of the default one costs money.
In raid, on the shelf where you would normally find free gear, you have a box instead that contains your selected kit.
most likely, kits would only be available to the crew's host.
there would be essentially 3 tiers of kits:
low tiers would contain cheap gear, maybe better than the current ship gear, might include sack bags, cheap helmets and a couple bandages, innefective weapons such as the sten, m1a1, various sidearms etc, these would be most useful for early prestige, noobs and broke players with some money in the bank, they would cost between 50-80% of their combined price.
mid tier would contain the better weapons and armors available for sale by the various traders, maybe some modded guns such as the m50, tommy, svt, ppsh, uzis etc, there are more useful for established players who want the convenience, they would cost 150-200% of their combined price.
high tier would contain endgame loadouts for VERY HIGH prices, these would act amongst other things as a cash sink for players currently accumulating millions with nothing to spend it on. is a kit containing a 12-12rig, radio full of meds and a modded bar slightly broken? yes, but what if it cost $750k?

base upgrades:
these would act as a ressource sink and long term goal to work toward.
have a bunch of stations and upgrades be craftable and upgradable, with low tiers beeing various degrees of very cheap, and high tiers beeing various degrees of extremely expensive.
workbench would gate the crafting of most weapons/armors/bags
chem lab for explosives and meds
ammo dump, med cabinet, gun racks, armor racks, hangar bays, crafting chest... would add new tabs in the gear menu, between player inventory and stash inventory, leading to unique stashes designed to store large amount of specific items.
for instance, the ammo dump would, at tier 1 be able to store 600 of every large ammo and 1200 of small ones. double that at tier 2, double again at tier 3.

treasures, treasure mats and supergear:
this is my problem: nothing in this game feels all that rare or valuable, gold bullions, meh, nukes, meh, supply crates, meh... the vaults are kinda worthless, the supply depots are full of crafting mats but i'm not excited about anything craftable.
this is my solution: treasures.
add a new tool, the breaching charge, used to get inside a secure chest found in every vault. that tool however is uncraftable and reasonably rare. (single use obv)
in this chest, have a decent chance to spawn 1-2 items from the trasure lootlist, amongst other high tier gear.
these treasures would include valuables worth A LOT, collectibles that might lead to achievments/quests/insert other features, and most importantly treasure mats.
treasure mats would be combined with a ton of regular materials to craft extremely high end gear that would outperform regular stuff, with the caveat that they would be NON REPAIRABLE.
for instance, say you open a secure chest and find a superpanzer rig blueprint, combine it with 12 reinforced metal, 15 fabric and 20 synthetic scrap to get a 15 armor rig with 3 2*2 pockets and 150-200 durability.
this might sound completely op but it really gets you from 5 bodyshots with an stg to 6 and it does fuck all for you if you get shot in the face or legs.
this achieves the following:

anyway, that's all for now, thanks for reading and let me know what you think.
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2023.06.04 18:03 Spirited_Note3615 My Protector

Alright I'm not gonna exaggerate and make my fiancee sound like she's legit trying to be a manly man-girl. She does work out, she has some muscles, but not Arnold Schwarzenegger muscles, she likes to wear hoodies when cold, Calvin Klein sports bra/tanktop when hot, and she is taller than me, almost towers my dad. But she has long dark hair, looks beautiful in whatever dress she wears. She is still a lady. And always will be. With that being said, whenever she gets angry Belle becomes Beast. I don't want you guys to think I'm constantly being harrassed or bullied like some soap opera but on occasions there times you come across someone who just feels tearing you down for mo other reason except, they fucking felt like it. I think I may have told this story in comments but here's a recap. Fiancee and I went to the gym, and because I don't exercise that often I just stick treadmill, planks, and spot my girl when she's lifting weights. Anyway, I'm on the treadmill listening to a video when a girl who looked like she just came from a Concentration Camp (no disrespect intended I'm just emphasizing how skinny this girl was if you still have a problem with it let me know and I'll edit it I mean no disrespect) some anorexic chick comes up to the treadmill, leans against it and attempts to make small talk with me. I say hi, trying to be polite as I could even though I couldn't really hear because I had my headphones on. Then I see my girl confronting her, this serious look on her face, the skinny girl backing away like she had a gun infront of her then ran out the building. Apparently the girl was trying to flirt with me and not only is it against the rules at the gym to flirt(applies to guys and girls) but I'm my girl's man. No one should be flirting with me unless they are immune to being bashed in the head lol. So here's another story, this was last year so she was still just my girlfriend before we got engaged so just know I'm mentioning the same significant other. My girlfriend and I are getting ready to get on a plane to Florida, we were going to visit Weeki Waaci (a mermaid water park) then DisneyWorld because it was a rough week, we, or I needed a vacation. We're walking through the airport, once again we're dealing with who should carry the luggage. Most of it is our clothes. The other suitcase has personal stuff like her business laptop, books. And my Cheshire Cat themed bag she got me for my birthday with a couple of notebooks and my phone, charger cord, headphones. This isn't a legit full blown argument but it usually consists of her being, "No, honeybunny, only I should carry the stuff, you just bring your beautiful face"(She would say the loving yet cheesiest shit ever lol) and me going, "Babe it's not for you to carry everything, let me carry something otherwise I feel like an asshole." "Nope. I will not put my little prince through such labor" "Can I at least carry my Cheshire Cat bag. Its light." "Actually hon can you carry the Chesire Cat bag?" "If you insist babygirl." Y'all probably thinking "You're exaggerating because this is the rolereversal subreddit" but I'm not lol. This legit what I experience 24/7 with this goofball. God I love her. Anyway so we arrive at our gate. We have at least one hour before we board so we have time to sit and chill. I am very uneasy on flights so I take an advil and tylenol pill(half of a tylenol because I don't wanna be drowsy) so it'll calm my nerves. My girlfriend grabs me tea from a nearby McDonald's, sit me on her lap, I swallow them down and so we kill an hour snuggling on the seat. "Flight blah blah bloo to Orlando Florida now boarding". We get our stuff ready, girlfriend hands me my ticket, window seat😁, and we get in line. So we're just standing around waiting for our turn, when this dude (I gave him the name, Mr. Obnoxious Cougher)stands next to us and he starts coughing. I understand that we have the vaccine now so the idea of maybe getting stick shouldn't be as risky as it would've been back in 2020. But guys, please understand, we are taught in kindergarten to cover your mouth when your body releases bodily fluids like salvia or snot. Its fucking common curtsey. This 40 something year old is coughing like he's auditioning for "Cough The Musical". He is just doing the complete most. I start distancing myself from him but, and I shit you not, he came closer. "What the hell?" It went from a dude having a genuine respiratory issue to doing it on purpose to be obnoxious. He looks forty but hes standing there with his mouth open, coughing like a two year old. So my girlfriend and I just chatting trying to ignore him. I noticed a dude ahead of us with these sweet look shoes. They were Nikes, black bottom, and metallic top. They looked sick. "Hey do you think you could get me those?" "Yeah babe just remind me later" "Yeah yeah. Damn they look beautiful." Suddenly as if I feel like something had sprayed windex in my direction this guy starts coughing in my face. I was freaking livid. "Yo what the fuck?" "Oh sorry." He was standing little inches away from me and coughing right into my face. I actually began to angry cry(you know when you get so mad tears start falling but you're not necessarily sobbing) a millisecond later my girlfriend rushes at Mr. Cougher and actually pins him to the wall, her arm squeezing his throat. She's shouting loud enough for everyone to hear. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU DISGUSTING PIECE OF COW FODDER?!" "S-s-sorry I'm ha-ha-having trouble breath-" "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF YOU'RE CHOKING ON YOUR BLOOD! COVER YOUR MOUTH! YOU DON'T COUGH ON NOBODY LIKE SOMR DAMN 2 YEAR OLD!!" I'm just standing there, wiping my face, almost no reaction while everyone else is like😮😲😬😳 "IF YOU EVER DO THAT CRAP AGAIN, YOU BETTER PRAY TO CHRIST YOU'RE NOT ON THE SAME FLIGHT OR I WILL BREAK YOUR NECK!!" She let's him go as his face starting to turn blue then returned to her place in line beside me. But not before giving the dude a nice knee to the crotch sending him down to the floor. Yeah, she does have a real short temper and was once attending anger management classes before she and I met. But she never gets angry at me because I'm the prince in the relationship. That and I'm fairly easy going so we don't have so different of opinions that we'd get into an argument (Yes I'm aware that its healty to have arguments we are our own person, different perspectives and ideas, I'm just saying I'm not the type of person who is eager to convince everyone that their way deserves more of a look into)unless you count the luggage lol. The only time I remember her being actually irritated with me is one time we went shopping and I would constantly let go of her hand just to rile her up. But thats a story for another time. For those who go to airports you know how the separate lines, right, "Now boarding line 1-5, now boarding line 1-5." We're in line 5-9 they now announce our line and we board our plane. My girl has a very successful career so I've only flown first class since having this girl in my life, hell yeah. So we get to our seat, I managed to snatch her carry on bags, and with speed lifted them into the cabinets above our seats before she was able to react. I had a look of triumph on my face as I took my seat near the window, meanwhile she had a slightly annoyed look on her face. Guess I have a lot to learn about being a little prince lol. So we get comfortable, we fasten our seatbelts and await for the plane to fill up. The armtray between our seats is moveable, so my girlfriend lifted it and put her arm around me as she usually does incase there are times I get anxious and need a snuggle. I nuzzled into chest, her arms wrapped around me and whispered, "My hero." since earlier and rewarded my maiden in shining armor with a kiss. The plane fills up and we're basically ready to get this bird across the runway. Until we see a stewardess and a familiar face beside her, its Mr. Obnoxious Cougher. "Attention passengers, our flight is full and we're look for volunteers who would willingly give up their seats and be bumped for a later flight for 200 dollars" Ironic enough we were flying American Airlines. If this was Spirits I'd wind up like that doctor. No one moved. In general my girlfriend and I wouldn't be the first people to give up seats because why ruin our trip because of someone else's problems. But because of what happened earlier with this person, there was no pity in my eyes. I was just chilling, enjoying snuggling with my girlfriend, but something told me that she was looking at the dude with fire in her eyes. It was unanimous that no one was moving so the stewardess had to escort Cougher out. Everyone could literally hear him throwing an absolute tantrum as he walked back down to terminal. He was swearing and screaming just running his mouth. It was quite amusing. The pilot went over the safety instructions, I turned on a inflight movie, and we relaxed as our flight got ready to take off. It wouldn't be the last time my girl had to bust some heads in order to make sure I was good and safe and God bless her for it. She's like my big sister, my best friend, girlfriend and now fiancee and I can't wait to spend time rest of my life with her.
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2023.06.04 18:02 Concrete_halls Psychedelics are not hallucinogens, but perception modulators

About a month ago, I wrote a post explaining how I view psychedelics and their effects. It was a lengthy post, though, so I can understand if most people find it to be too much to read. In any case, I believe the concept is valuable and will attempt to simplify the main points of this model into a 3-minute read rather than a 15-minute one.
Although psychedelics are, as you might know, officially hallucinogens, in my opinion, there is a big difference between what I would consider a true hallucination and a psychedelic effect in the way their subjective effects are formed. I consider hallucinogenic effects to be an outward projection into the existing 3D subjective experience, like deliriants and certain psychiatric states do.
Due to the new understanding of neural science in the last 20 years, we now know that the brain doesn't replicate information from objective reality, but reconstructs it by its own rules, which evolved to be useful for us into our subjective experience. Our sensory organs take data A, process it, and make it into our subjective reality B to make sense of it and organize it in a useful way to help us function as modeled by evolutionary pressure.
So, there is objective reality A and subjective reality B, What happens is that psychedelics change the way that information is proccessed and we get to subjective reality C instead. So we go from A>B to A>C, which can explain a variety of unexplained psychedelic phenomena, such as shared psychedelic experiences, better than "telepathy" or similar explanations would. If we think of subjective reality as the desktop of a PC, instead of adding new icons, which would be a hallucination, psychedelics instead change the software itself, making us go to a different operating system.
The difference is in information flow, instead of outward projection to subjective reality, it's a change in information processing in the first place. Although there is not enough research to really understand what happens to the brain under the influence of psychedelics yet, we know more about how the brain works in a sober state. By contrasting the subjective experiences of these two states, we can identify a few potential mechanisms by which changes might occur.
Some mechanisms would include a reduction in the filtration of information, reducing the usual threshold of information accessibility to our awareness from the brain's usual background processes, less strict rules of information processing based on past experiences, changing the grouping of objects both conceptually and sensoryly, synesthesia-type of information output, the same nerve signals repeating beyond their usual limit, etc. Important to note is that, due to our still limited knowledge of the psychedelic experience, the mechanism could be different, perhaps as simple as just our information processing "bugging out", but the result would be the same: a different formation of subjective reality from the same sensory data.
Now, some would argue that evolution would drive us to see more and more accurate reality, as that would give us an advantage. However, as evolution is a mathematically precise theory, that can, and has been tested. When taking into account two factors, accurate replication of reality or focus on fitness, species that focus on fitness traits always come out on top, while those that value accurate representation of reality go extinct almost every single time. Here is a TED talk by Donald Hoffman for those who want a deeper understanding of this concept. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYp5XuGYqqY
In this context, it would mean that our subjective reality is already an abstraction, we just go from one abstraction to another made from the same data processed in different ways. There is no color red in objective reality as we see it, it exists just within our subjective reality, and in objective reality there is just information in the form of wavelenghts. Alteration in perception does not necessarily equate to hallucination.
TL;DR Psychedelic effects might not be hallucinations as an outward projection from the mind into the 3D subjective environment, but a change in how information is proccessed and formed in the first place, as our sober subjective reality is not a replication of objective reality, but an abstraction made to give us an advantage through the useful organization of data. In a sense, psychedelic effects are at least as real as our subjective experience of color.
Here is a link to the more detailed post I shared last month if anyone is interested in a more detailed explanation: https://www.reddit.com/Psychonaut/comments/13fnmpc/psychedelic_effects_are_not_hallucinations_but/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
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