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2023.06.04 18:59 Tothehills_myfriends I am in the court room, staring at the man, the drunk driver , who is sobbing remorse for the fatal midnight that ripped my family apart, asking for the maximum sentence, recounting the guilt, the pain, the regret and begging for forgiveness….

I begin to forgive so we can accept and move on, until he catches my eye, winks and flashes a grin that only I catch.
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2023.06.04 18:58 Asleep-6563 Living through a hallucination dream

I just woke up confused and like I ran a marathon. It started with me and my freind she slowly began to ignore my and only see a boyfriend I never met . I became all alone and then I was in a hospital room they told me to admit I was crazy. Then the nurse walks in and says " hmm no one's admit that there crazy before" but I didn't talk to them. They gave me pills and said I'll be fine but I wasn't crazy. After I took a pill I began to go in and out of hallucinations. One of the put me I my house where I did a scripted YouTube video. But ended up have worse hallucinations init and as I tride to hide it , it got worse. Part of my dream repeated where I was in my house and made a video but with small change. Then I repeated for the last time I walk into the video room and see all the actors piled up dead but there was one person who was not she looked mid 20s and had a 60s styled hair with a menacing smile and scary aura I ran and soon saw zombies I ran and got biten. The game like dream repeated I ran and saw three people who I couldn't tell where zombies or not I snapped the neck of one of the teen boys and felt shocked and guilty he looked normal like the illusion fell the other two boys ran. I had braces at this moment that where not there before fall out as well as some dimonds.. I saw the lady slowly chasing me through my house. I looked out side and saw snow like never before. I ran all the was to the other side of the house and before I could lock 4 doors like before she was there I looked at her and asked to leave this dream. she grew dark purple wings that where now apart of a dress on her she glew and and every thing slowly became what but a few would she said as she left where written on the glowing back ground don't forget I'm then I faded before I got her name and I popped up out of bed her name had a o or k in the beginning and two ll it was a short name 4 or 5 letters maybe. I felt like I just lived through a gods game I dont know to be mad at her or thankful for her waking me up. I have no idea what all of this means and if anyone knows please tell me. Ps. I didn't take any medication or substance before this.
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2023.06.04 18:58 meg_baker119 New college grad working in Manassas is looking for a safe studio apartment in the Fairfax /centreville area. Max budget is $1500…is this possible? Any suggestions, please? Thank you!

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2023.06.04 18:57 SelfCareBears Banging noise coming from our apartment

We just moved into the top floor of an apartment building a month ago. Our downstairs neighbour left us a note complaining about loud banging noises coming 24/7 from our apartment.
Initially we thought it was the washing machine or dryer so we haven’t been running it for the last couple of days. However, the downstairs neighbour just came up with security (it’s 2 am here rn!!!) saying that we’re being noisy. However, for the last hour we’ve just been quiet (I’ve been on the couch in the living room listening to music - quietly- and reading, my partner has been in bed asleep). The noise was apparently loud enough to wake their baby.
The floor is carpeted and we don’t wear shoes in the house. It’s possible that it could be from our footsteps, but we’ve just been walking around normally during the day. I don’t know what to do - obviously we don’t want to cause such auditory distress to the neighbours, but also we have the right to quiet enjoyment of the apartment and should be able to walk around whenever we want. We’re not stomping around or anything, and the heaviest person in the apt is 250 lbs (which is big but shouldn’t be THAT big).
Also the previous tenants here also would have walked around, and it apparently didn’t disturb the downstairs neighbours. So again regular footsteps shouldn’t be an issue? We also didn’t receive any complaints in our respective previous apartments.
The building manager is going to investigate whether there’s an animal in between the floors, but I was just wondering if there was anything else it could be? What more could we do to mitigate the noise?
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2023.06.04 18:56 Soilmolida How do I (32F) maintain a friendship with a friend (39F) who got cancer but also very judgemental at the same time?

I really appreciate your advice for this. I have a close friend who has been always very judgemental, such as criticizing how I look or how I spend money. We know each other for 10 years. I consider herself as one of my close friends. I consider around 5 girls in my life are close friends who I often meet and travel with, and they helped me when I was depressed and had difficulties.
In terms of criticizing me…For example, one time I went to a hair salon and spent $70, and she said I was wasting money (though I only had my haircut every 8-12 months; and I had a decent income). We also have very different values. She is more conservative while I am more liberal, so political topics are off the table. The reason we maintained good friends over the past 10 years is because we both love travels, so we traveled together a few times before, and we often talked about travels. When she was diagnosed with cancer last year, I was very sad because it is very difficult to have a good friend. However, I gradually found she becomes so much meaner and even more judgemental after she gets sick. I still want to be a supportive friend. However, it become harder and harder to chat with her since now she is not traveling and we have almost nothing to talk about. Currently, she still has “okay” energy that she can go for a small hike or small biking trip, but she is weaker than before due to chemotherapy.
I also can't share my worries with her anymore because she is struggling with her treatment. She also starts criticizing me more. Just yesterday, she criticized that I should not buy takeout food because I am wasting money (it was only $15). She used to earn around 120k/year before getting on sick leave, so I am not sure why she would do this all the time. Occasionally, I shared some of issues at my work, and she showed no empathy at all. I understand that she is now in difficult time, so it’s okay. But I feel it’s difficult to maintain this friendship, and I would like to have some guidance because I still want to be supportive.
Note: We met each other about once a month (for ski, canoe or hike weekend trips) before she got sick, and now I tried to visit her every two months (we are 1.5 hour driving apart). We talked on the phone once a month.
TLDR; My friend and I are friends for 10 years. She became meaner and much more judgemental after she was diagnosed with cancer last year. We also have less topic to chat with. I want to maintain friendship and want some suggestions.
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2023.06.04 18:56 Umarch0 Introducing OGz - The Revolutionary MemeFi Project Empowering the Community

Hey, fellow Redditors!
I wanted to share some exciting news about OGz, a groundbreaking MemeFi project that aims to revolutionize the world of decentralized finance while embracing the power of Meme culture. This project is all about empowering the OGz community and creating a financial system that is inclusive and equitable. It's time to step up and get involved with the realest DeFi & Meme project out there!
But what sets OGz apart from other projects? Let me break it down for you:
🚀 Lowered Tax Rates: We heard you, and we value your feedback! OGz has reduced the buy tax from 8% to 3% and the sell tax from 8% to 5%. This update aims to provide a more favorable environment for our community members.
🌐 More Than a Meme Coin: OGz is not just another Meme coin project. We have significant news to share with you soon, so stay tuned!
🔥 Affiliate Program: Join our referral program and become part of an ecosystem where you can earn rewards for referring new users. A 1% tax system ensures sustainable rewards and passive income.
💎 Dynamic Staking: We understand the power of staking, but we've introduced something new. 1% of the tax will be allocated to a dynamic staking contract, and we will announce various staking pools based on demand.
🗳️ Governance: We believe in community involvement. Our governance system includes a dashboard where you can discuss proposals before voting. Join our official Reddit page for active community engagement.
✨ Amazing Community: At OGz, our community is not just a buzzword. It's a living entity that we cherish and nurture every day. We invite you to be part of this revolutionary OGz MemeFi project.
So, are you ready to experience the ultimate DeFi and Meme project? Join the OGz family today and let's make some moves in the crypto game!
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2023.06.04 18:56 calloutpost Puppy barking whenever I have to leave

Going on 6 mos with my mini poodle. He’s doing pretty good in most ways for his age, but he’s def found his bark lately, which manifests as alert barking at any noise or when I leave him alone. I tried to separate from an early age occasionally to get him used to it since I WFH and am around him constantly. I also live with my family right now so he’s rarely ever alone. I would let him in the bathroom with me sometimes while doing my routine but I’ve been working on making him wait outside the door and while he might whine a bit, he’s usually fine in these instances.
Lately, however, leaving him in the crate to go out of the house has been a stressful ordeal. I got him accustomed to the crate from the get at night and for naps, when he’s sleepy he usually settles ok but I think prefers napping in his playpen. He would always whine/bark for a little while if I left the room, but as far as I could tell after like 20 mins he would stop.
But it’s just gotten worse rather than better lately. I think he barked for an hour probably nonstop last time I left (how long I was gone, I heard him still barking when I went into the house) and I’m terrified because I’m moving into an apartment at the end of the month and cannot afford to get kicked out over this or upset the neighbors.
I’ve read so many pieces of advice on treating this separation anxiety but I feel time crunched and also like there’s such conflict in the tips. Leave with a treat or don’t leave with a treat, ignore or don’t ignore the barking, I’m just overwhelmed 😅. I tried giving him a filled kong while walking away/out of the room but it seems like he was excited with that and only distracted until the treat was done. Then he panicked because he noticed I was gone.
If anyone has any game changing tips I can utilize this month, I’m desperate. I’ve been trying the yo-yo method for now but whatever else you can share, I would really appreciate it! I know I can’t force a timeframe but any improvement will help, I plan to give my new neighbors a heads up that we are still training too.
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2023.06.04 18:56 Constant_Ad6351 Survival Multiplayer Realm (18+)

I have a realm that is new. I have not been to the end yet and have really just been building in the overworld.
I'm just looking for others that are trying play smp together. I'd prefer if bases be kept apart so others have new areas to explore. You can travel as far out as u like. (l'I be connecting portals to each base so that's how we'll get around) I’ll also be starting to make an organized nether hub/highway once more players join.
Absolutely no griefing, stealing, or hacking you'll be kicked and please keep bases separate.
I have also made a discord in preparation of this post for more organization. I hope you consider joining. DM or comment if interested.
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2023.06.04 18:55 tbone1058888 21m [m4f/ftm] #kentucky looking for my potential forever partner

i never been in a relationship cuz I never really found myself being a stable spot for it but lately I've been feeling extremely lonely for multiple small reason adding up but enough of that I'm more about what I'm looking for.
as the title says I'm looking for my forever partner someone that would move in with me and I could be happy plus start a family with i would like someone who acts cute all the time even if you don't act like that to other people other than me because that would just brightens up my days together with you and be able to tolerate me being silent and just want to be with you most days (bad social skills at times)cuddling playing coop video games like stardew Valley and it takes two I'm a big affectionate softie at heart even if I don't look like it or acted towards friends and family. someone to listen to me complain about my work day about how annoying or boring it was and vice-versa for you. I don't mind if you have mental illness or suicidal it makes me think I can fix you but I really don't mind clingy the girls I actually prefer them I do have the preference to an emo/goth looks
and as for me I'm 5'4'' I'm short I know I can't fix that I got a long brown hair in a ponytail i wear glasses I don't got a dad body but I'm also not ripped either but everyone says im getting skinnier I don't really think so myself for personality it's weird as it said above I'm really affectionate at heart but I don't show it much to friends and family I want to be more outgoing but my crippling social skills stop that dead in its tracks so I ended up as a introvert that kind of jumps at the opportunity to go out and do something like a midnight drive with someone even if we're silent the whole way i dont do big party's tho I just end up getting the feeling I'm not supposed to be there plus where I don't really drink and i dont do drugs it makes me feel left out and finally I'm not very religious or more likely to say I have my own ideas on that don't really align with most my whole family's Christians tho.
as for my interests I'm a big gamer have been since I was a kid PlayStation gang plus pc I watch a decent bit of anime mostly isekai I like to see how overpowered some of the protagonist Overlord,That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, and Saga Of Tanya The Evil to name a few I really liked in the past I like being able to tear something apart to figure out how it works not so much on the put it back together though (where's this fucking screw go) yes I curse a lot. as for music I listen to a lot of different things there's a good chance you will hear me listening to rock or metal though because those are the main ones but I listen to a lot of other older stuff just not a lot of the newer things that come out like this newer rap and hip-hop and such I am in the middle of retrofitting my playlists so if you want them you're going to have to wait a good bit and finally I'm young I'm a horndog please get that so if you're into something like that I am too if not so be it. well that's all my interests
you can message me anytime but be aware I work night shift so I'm up the later half of the day and I might not speak for hours if I'm at work because I have to wait for breaks but I'm open all night tonight since I don't have work because something else I had to do today as of posting
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2023.06.04 18:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] Grant Cardone – Intro to Multi-Family Apartment Investing Full Course (

[Download Course] Grant Cardone – Intro to Multi-Family Apartment Investing Full Course (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Grant Cardone – Intro to Multi-Family Apartment Investing Full Course (
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Starting at the age of 33 and investing in a single-family home, Grant Cardone made a quiet entry into real estate. Cut to three years later of exhaustive research, intense study and countless property tours Grant broke onto the multi-family real estate scene and has been a driving force in the industry ever since.
Over the last 28 years, Mr. Cardone has closed over $1 Billion in transactions and has over 5,000 units. He has created Cardone Capital to offer accredited and non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest with him.
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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.04 18:54 piercecharlie I'm just so angry

My grandma died one week ago today at 96 years old. She would have been 97 in September.
She was my best friend and my favorite person. I saw her every week, multiple times a week if I could. I saw her more than anyone else.
She got Covid in March and then pneumonia. Earlier this year she found out she had a type of cancer but it was such a slow growing that realistically she would die of old age/other health issues before the cancer became an issue. But I wonder if that's why Covid hit her so hard. And then the pneumonia.
She had an increase of fluid build up, but there was nothing they could do. At the end of April they put her on comfort care. She qualified for hospice but they thought a diuretic and massaging her legs would help with the fluid build up. The massaging didn't because it had the fluid collect around her heart. She signed a DNR and didn't want any life support/feeding tubes.
Ultimately I suppose she died from heart failure but it doesn't take a genius to see it was due to the complications from Covid. We were all with her when she died and it was very peaceful. It was sudden. I had just seen her two days prior and while she wasn't in the best shape, I never would have guessed she was going to die so soon.
I'm just feeling really angry. I'm angry that no one cares about Covid anymore. I'm angry that the laws changed and you don't need masks in nursing homes. I'm angry that I don't know how safe the rest of my family was being with Covid. I have been hyper vigilant, because of my Grandma and because of me and society.
It just makes me so angry that people say oh well the only people that die from Covid are old. I don't care that she was 96. She was my best friend. And her goal has always been to live to be 100. At one point her doctor thought she would make that easily. She was very proud of her health and how well she took care of herself. It feels like she was robbed of that accomplishment of living to 100 because the US government stopped treating Covid seriously and protecting our most vulnerable.
I tagged this as Covid, but I also could have put vent. I'm not looking for advice. If anyone else is struggling with anger as apart of their grief, especially for Covid related deaths, I'd love to read your stories and feel a little less alone ❤️
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2023.06.04 18:54 Active-Algae-8940 Help me please on Canadian and US Tax for an Visa worker

I am a Canadian who just started a job in the US. The job allows me to work from home. I spend two days working in the US office and then work remotely three days in my Canadian home each week. This means I spend around a week only in the US per month. This will be helpful as my family resides in Vancouver Canada and I do not need to rent another place in the US which will double my charges. I mean not paying for two homes/places. I understand that Canada and US have a tax treaty to avoid double taxation, but I am still afraid that my calculations are wrong, and it may be better to get only a job in Canada until my family conditions are improved and I can fully transfer. Is there a way to estimate roughly the total Canadian and US taxes for $200K USD? I got my first pay cheque and I see another high amount FICA+MED. I do not understand it but it seems Fed Tax and FICA+MED are 25%. Note that I pay a $10K health insurance in Canada. I read about 30% flat rate non resident alien. I read about some US ties such as work. I read about that my visa does not need me to live in the US. I read about many CRA issues but I am willing to pay both Canadian and US taxes. I am a law-abiding citizen, and I am totally confused. Any help with the tax amount here? Please help me. I am also willing to pay for a professional advice but I got different answers.
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2023.06.04 18:54 IcyPin3736 Corona2020

That's it Tobey McGuire in MCU Jamison same guy Spiderman from (MANHATTAN ART SCHOOL) eras of blogs 13th precinct bought to prove they real to baby snuggles+Obama have Now same Jamison from itsnottvitshbo TV channel show: Oz. All Spiderman is one now I make thanos from DC Marvel #1 with my adderall I brc Chelsea manhattan
...fixing brc home+ set bronx ny magenta street shazaam apartment from panhandling for little nemo on abc occupy wallstreet set tragedy when they ran in my facebook and they made tragedy
Happy 10 year! Freedom tower just appears at random manhattan world city!!
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2023.06.04 18:53 Fickle_Airline5194 Talked to my ex after 1.5 mo NC

I talked to my ex on the phone last night after 1.5 months of Nc. I wanted closure from our blindsided breakup. The night he broke up with my I was in such shock I couldn’t think or process what was happening. Taking time away from the situation for over a month helped me think, process, and come up with questions. He agreed to talk on the phone. I went into the conversation with no expectations. I didn’t get many of my questions answered. I got a lot of “I don’t know” and “I’m a coward” answers. When I was explaining to him how I was very intentional our entire relationship not to put pressure on the future and how I was patient in taking things slow with him he seemed to get triggered. I was saying “when you said you weren’t ready to live together I asked you if you were okay if I just moved closer and you said yes. I thought you were worth it to make that small step and to continue to use my patience until you were ready”. Then he responded with “were worth it, past tense”. That’s when I lost it. I was like “yes, past tense because that happened in the past. You and I are not together. This conversation happened in the past. I’m confused why you’re getting triggered by me using past tense. What do you want me to do beg on my knees to take me back? I’m not doing that because you’ve made it very clear you do not want to be with me and we’re not a good fit. So, yes, I’m confused as to why you’re getting triggered by my using past tense “worth it”. I’m not saying your not worth it as a person currently, I’m saying what I was thinking in the past.” He didn’t say anything to that. I just thought it was interesting he got so triggered by that, yet the whole time was saying I wasn’t a good fit for him. Overall, I’m glad I at least tried to get some answers. I feel better after the conversation.
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2023.06.04 18:53 Practical-Present279 Hire a hacker to Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing tracking your partner phone best way to track your wife’s phone how to trace a phone hire a hacker

It’s no secret that relationships are built on trust, but sometimes that is not enough. Occasionally, you may need to resort to other methods like how to track a phone or looking into and tracking your partner's phone to make sure your wife is completely honest and faithful.
Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can track your wife’s phone. However, the most reliable way is through a phone monitoring app. The best phone tracking app should be able to track iPhone and Android smartphones.
Best of all, this lets you track everything that goes in and out of her phone secretly. This happens regardless of how far you are from your wife. This mechanism makes tracking your wife easier than ever before!
Besides, some apps are superior to others and deliver more functionality. Also, they can conceal themselves and all the activities from your wife’s attention.
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If you need further help and have questions about how to track a phone then feel free to send us a mail [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.04 18:52 Susi2432 Advice on Good Appartment Agencies in Edmonton Canada.

Hello, I am currently searching for a good appartment to live in Edmonton and I was looking at appartment agencies such as Mainstreet or The Residence and I am just wondering if they are good? As Mainstreet appartments seem nice and cheap but I have seen comments stating they have issues with bed bugs and roaches and I am just wondering if there are appartment agencies which don't have these kind of issues or if Mainstreet is good to rent with? Thank you.
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2023.06.04 18:52 Active-Algae-8940 US and Canada Tax on a U.S. visa worker

I am a Canadian who just started a job in the US. The job allows me to work from home. I spend two days working in the US office and then work remotely three days in my Canadian home each week. This means I spend around a week only in the US per month. This will be helpful as my family resides in Vancouver Canada and I do not need to rent another place in the US which will double my charges. I mean not paying for two homes/places. I understand that Canada and US have a tax treaty to avoid double taxation, but I am still afraid that my calculations are wrong, and it may be better to get only a job in Canada until my family conditions are improved and I can fully transfer. Is there a way to estimate roughly the total Canadian and US taxes for $200K USD? I got my first pay cheque and I see another high amount FICA+MED. I do not understand it but it seems Fed Tax and FICA+MED are 25%. Note that I pay a $10K health insurance in Canada. I read about 30% flat rate non resident alien. I read about some US ties such as work. I read about that my visa does not need me to live in the US. I read about many CRA issues but I am willing to pay both Canadian and US taxes. I am a law-abiding citizen, and I am totally confused. Any help with the tax amount here? Please help me. I am also willing to pay for a professional advice but I got different answers.
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2023.06.04 18:51 Ok-One-1279 WIBTA for calling the humane society on my sister?

My sister (27) got a dog a couple years ago. She paid in the range of 3K for the puppy I believe, he’s a pure bred Neapolitan Mastiff. Well 4 years have passed now and the dog is GINORMOUS. He’s got to be over 100 lbs by now. My sister lives in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment.
She never bothered to train him so he’s insanely aggressive to strangers. Their breed are guard dogs from my understanding. He’s cooped up in her tiny apartment for 9 hours a day while she’s at work so he goes nuts when she goes home. He drools constantly and she hates it (she told me so herself). Long story short, once her designer puppy got huge, she lost interest.
I dogsat for her for two weeks while she was back home and it was a nightmare. The dog was aggressive, anxious, pissed and shit in the house. My sister said to just put him out on the balcony. This dog needs a bigger home, and a yard. He takes up nearly the entire couch. My sister told me she only walks him once or twice a day bc she’s ‘tired’ and he pulls at his leash and hurts her arm. He’s full of pent up energy which is terrifying with a dog his size.
I’ve been debating calling the humane society to do a check and possibly remove her dog. She has a massive dog that I don’t think she’s equipped to care for properly but I know she’d lose her mind if she lost her designer dog and would hate me if she found out it was me who called. WIBTA?
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2023.06.04 18:51 lcmoxie Road bike rentals

I’d like to try out some different road bikes, but it seems like Sunnyside is the only bike shop in Bend / Sisters that rents them. Not looking for a townie or e-bike, just a normal road bike. Are there any rental shops out there that I’m missing?
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2023.06.04 18:51 EzzyCrafts Steam is killing off Windows 7 for THIS disappointment of a UI.

Using basic video evidence we can clearly see that the Old Steam VGUI is faster, DESPITE the fact that I opened up resource intensive tabs and Discord on the old VGUI benchmark in Firefox, compared to just having blank Firefox open with the New Chromium-Based UI.
What a huge disappointment considering that this abomination is what they're killing off Windows 7 and the old lightweight framework (No more skinning, too!) for.
The sad part is that Valve's soy-dev UI designers don't bother to listen to ANY criticism regarding their "redesign" because they can't get in any trouble over it.
Steam is supposed to be a lightweight client that does nothing but launch games and chat with friends, not a bloated monster wanting to shove bright colors and fancy animations in your face, running processes 24/7..
Chromium Client - June 4th 2023 Beta Sneak Peek Build
VGUI Client - March 20 2023 Stable Build
Seperate Benchmarks:
New Chromium Based UI -
Old VGUI -
I'd really like to hear your opinions about this.
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2023.06.04 18:51 Obekos Unknown person is parked in my rented space

I’m a resident of an apartment complex, and the complex has specific rules about where residents are permitted to park. You must park in your rented space and nowhere else.
However, there is someone parked in my space currently, and they don’t even seem to be a resident of the complex (the housing office provides you with a mirror hanger thingy with your rented space’s number, and this person doesn’t have one)
I have sent an email with pictures of the car to the housing office, but it is Sunday and so the office is closed. I have also had to park in a nearby Harris Teeter parking lot and I’m worried about getting ticketed.
My question is this: Am I allowed to call for a tow truck to get this person removed? Or should I wait for the housing office to deal with it, and risk the chance of a ticket for being parked in the Harris Teeter lot?
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2023.06.04 18:51 Nerdyeducatedaggie14 30 (M4FM) Hispanic professional seeks to be long term third fwb/lover for a couple for regular ongoing dating/fun with your wife, also open to single woman for long term fwb

I'm a single young educated Latino professional who's been in the lifestyle for a couple of years.
I'm looking for a couple that is looking for a young guy for the wife for her pleasure and fun. I am interested in threesomes focused on her as center of attention or where the husband just wants to watch me and her have fun together.
I'm the geeky type who's into video games, science, technology, and history. I'm also a great lover of the outdoors and love to hike and camp.
I'm open and would enjoy developing a great friendship/relationship outside the bedroom also with y’all and doing other activities as well. We can all hang out, go camping, hiking, etc. I have no problem becoming a lovethird for your wife if that is being sought for as well and would be honored to be your wife’s lover as well.
I am a sensual type of pleasurer. I enjoy to sensually touch and lick and have some foreplay and give her oral before doing more. I'm not the aggressive type. Love to kiss sensually and make out and feel her up before as foreplay. I love to kiss deeply and cuddle and feel each other before we have some fun.
I am looking for something regular and on-going. I hope to find a woman or wife would enjoy a sensual nerdy guy for some regular sensual fun and maybe teach me some new tricks. I have no problem hosting at my apartment if y’all can’t.
I’m open to threesome play focused on her and if she wants 1-1 play with me or me be her lover and hang out/date her I’m open to that as well.
Please let me know what y’all are looking to establish and develop so we are all on the same page.
I'm 5-8 tall and 160 lbs in average shape and my endowment is on the thicker end. I’m fully clean and ddf with proof from my annual physical. I can share results if needed and requested. I would enjoy if I could go bare and if she would want me to finish inside of her.
I live near memorial park and can meet for dinner or a drink and see if we are all interested and get to know each other.
Hope to chat with y’all and establish something long term.
I’m also open to establishing a long fwb with a single woman if you enjoyed reading this. I looking to a be a long passionate fwb.
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