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Events, get togethers, and suggestions on what to see and do in Columbus, Ohio!

2016.07.12 15:38 soiguessthisisit Room For Rent

In senior year Mitch Baldwin won the lottery. Three years later he was flat broke and a laughing stock. He's been holed-up in his family home ever since. With his father retiring, talk of downsizing pushes Mitch to suggest renting a room to a mysterious stranger named Carl. When Carl upsets Mitch's routine way of life, a battle of wits turns into all out war involving deception, humiliation, spying, and revenge. The question is how far are these guys prepared to go? The answer, too far.

2023.06.04 18:15 aquarius01gurl Feel really depressed after moving out of my parent’s home

have moderate depression but lately, I’ve had some life changes and I believe my depression is getting worse. Around April, I got really sick out of nowhere. I lost a lot of weight due to my illness and missed out on a lot of work because I didn’t feel well and I also had to keep going to the doctor to see what was going on. Then In the beginning of May, I moved out of my parent’s house. I’m 22 yrs old, female and I live completely alone. No pets, no boyfriend but the guy I’m seeing does come to visit me frequently. I just feel so alone. I have to feed myself, get myself up for work, if I’m hungry, I can’t wait on my mom or dad to cook for me. I have to look out for myself. I still visit my parents very often. But Yesterday I just couldn’t stop crying. I don’t know why I just was extremely emotional and on top of that, I started having some suicidal thoughts.
I went silent and ghosted all of my family and closest people to me because I feel like my life is a mess and when I’m depressed, I tend to isolate myself from everyone. Including starting him from work. I miss being able to go out, & not worry about bills but now I have to worry about paying for my rent, car note, gas in car to get around town, food to eat, and extra stuff for example if I want my hair or nails done I have to wait for that because my bills come first. Nail salons are just getting too too expensive.
I was depressed while living in my parent’s house also due to some trauma. I am going to therapy and talking to my therapist about everything that’s been happening in my life. Is it normal to feel stressed out and depressed after moving out alone? I moved out 3 years ago at 19 but that time, I had roommates, I didn’t feel as depressed but this time is much different when you’re completely by yourself. I don’t want to move back in with my parents is not the point of me writing this. I’ve been on my own for about a month now. I guess because this is a huge life change, I just need to adapt to it? I’m thinking maybe I just could be homesick? How long after being away from your parents do people usually start to adjust?
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2023.06.04 18:15 Lasagna_Addiction How dangerous would it be for me to put up a Robert F. Kennedy Jr 2024 bumper sticker on my car (I live in Pacifica)?

How dangerous would it be for me to put up a Robert F. Kennedy Jr 2024 bumper sticker on my car (I live in Pacifica)?
So I've lived in Pacifica since last November. I like the area a lot, reasonable age and socioeconomic diversity (at least for the Bay Area I think), it's very quaint and beautiful, love the weather, the beaches, the fog, and the relative peace and quiet. It feels homey, safe, and the location is great if you work in SF or the surrounding areas. Granted, it's the Bay Area, so I'm not expecting anything remotely close to Midwestern nice over here, but as a nonwhite minority I never get watched when I threw away trash in the dumpster (happened to me in San Carlos) or had the neighbors call up the landlord when they saw a "strange man" at their house (happened to me in Benicia).
The one serious downside I'm having here is the weird parking situation with my neighbors (I am renting out a room). I was warned by my landlady when I moved in that the neighbors can be extremely territorial over street parking. I've lived in 4 different states and I'm not milquetoast, so I know very well that everywhere, street parking is public parking, and that means a private homeowner can't claim street spots for themselves if some other person's vehicle shows up there. But she asked me not to park in front of certain neighbors' houses. It's rarely an issue because I can park just fine in front of her house.
I had a rental car earlier on, and had come back late at night once, and the parking spot where I normally park was occupied. I found a spot a few houses down and parked there. When I woke up early in the morning, something was telling me to just move the rental car. So I walked out to that car and saw this (see photo). Now, he or she might have thought I was partially blocking the driveway. But still, this is clear-cut vandalism to paint something on the car. Thankfully I was able to get it removed and cleaned up, but this is illegal. He or she could have gotten it towed if it were that bad, but when you deface someone else's property that's a huge no-no. If the stuff hadn't come off, and if I didn't have many appointments that day, I would have called the police and pressed charges.
Anyway, I returned the cleaned rental vehicle without issue. I do have my regular work car here and (knock on wood) have been OK so far with that here. Before this rental car incident happened, I bought a political bumper sticker for my work car, and had deferred on putting it up on there. I strongly believe in freedom of expression and support anyone's right to display support for anyone they want to. However, I am thinking of buying surveillance-style security cameras for the inside of my car first to prevent that getting vandalized, too. How likely do you think someone is going to be in getting violent against my car if I put up that bumper sticker?
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2023.06.04 18:15 shaylafor Fiancé wants to move his parents into my vacant rental home

He wants to move them out of state and told me that houses are expensive and he’s going to pay a lot for a house anyway. I just don’t like the idea that I’m doing business with my soon to be husbands family. I told him it rents for $3,000 and he asked why. He was thinking I’d give him a deal and I got upset. I don’t know why he’d expect a discount from me for something I’d give to someone else for more. Someone tell me why this is or isn’t a good idea? I’m leaning strongly towards it is a bad idea.
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2023.06.04 18:14 LooneyLockup_Punch11 Disabled Riders and the need for Bart to stay alive.

So today I just discovered that there was a rally yesterday for public transportation. Not only for San Francisco but for California. The one thing that stuck out to me was the effect that it would have on people with disabilities, like me. I was born with cerebral Palsy and because I that as I got older it was mild but for me growing up my doctor told me because my side is weaker than the other side and eye coordination is bad, driving a car would me bad for me. That's why I rely on transportation like Muni and Bart.
I know people talk about crime and safety on Bart and Muni, but what's happens when there's no more buses and trains, For people like me who are blind disabled, and or who cannot even walk it will become a struggle.
  1. We will have spend more money on that expensive Uber ride, which will break our income cause every week like me I have doctor's, physical therapy, and mental health therapy every week and if those places are far guess who's not going be able to live independently and pay rent, me and the thousands of people who are also disabled. It would be a disaster
  2. No more service or less services such as the regional center. it's already hard for us to pay bills and to get around. With no public transportation if can't afford to get to our appointments lots of us will be forced to stay home because were on a limited budget, we still got bills to pay. When people stop going to these places like regional centers not only it will create problems for public transportation but also for disability services as well because most money that comes in is people who are disabled.
My main concern is that is this the end of public transportation in California. Will I I have to force myself to leave the state that that I love because ridership is low and funds are running out.
It's just sad and terrifying for people who are in fact disabled.
Last thing, what if you where disabled and you had no way to get around and services where cut because no one can't afford to go get services that are needed for them.
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2023.06.04 18:14 cjoneill89 Forced to move out of 2 bedroom apartment in JC due to animal infestation and structural issues.

Living in a building in Jersey City for over two years. Made landlord aware in January 2021 and nothing was done.
Fast forward to an exterminator coming and telling us the place is unsafe. We scrambled to find a place and move in a week.
Sent a contractor to the house who reported to us it’s unsafe and may fall due to structural issues.
Lawyers charging 7k retainers.
City won’t help us because we moved out. We need to make sure this place isn’t rented again.
Can anything be done?
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2023.06.04 18:13 MoonlitSintari [AA] The Hunt

His vision was a void. Endless black was the extent at which he could see. No light was present even when he opened his eyes, but that was how they preferred it.
He opened his eyes and again there was no light outside. On the inside, there was a hum and chopping sound as many blades cut through the air to string them along on their journey.
“Closing in on drop zone, Almahar is now in sight”, the pilot relayed to them. His heart pumped faster and faster as the seconds drew by. No matter how many breaths he took it would not stop the impending fear of death.
“It's been quite some time since a new Incarnate has been spotted, hasn’t it?” A member of his squad asked the pilot. “Correct, Dark Force hasn’t been mobilized outside of Hirimazeth in many years”, the pilot answered. This news made his hands shake and his heart race faster.
“Lights on”, the pilot said, and all at once weapon mounted torches were aimed down at the sand. Ahead of them, a large spotlight beamed down drawing a path to their landing zone. What was he thinking getting cold feet now? There was no backing out of the mission. He was trained well and knew what they were asking of him. His heart eased and he regained control of his jittery hands.
The six of them hopped onto the sand on the outskirts of the city as they were just about to land. Similarly, another helicopter landed next to theirs and unloaded just as many men. “A backup team is on their way, but you're expected to capture the Incarnate without them”, a final order was commanded and the two SHOCK helicopters lifted off without them. Now there really was no chance for him to chicken out, but that steeled his heart now more than anything. They were trained and ready, he could do this. Flashlights lit up the walls as they rounded corners and shifted through alleys, guided by an overhead white beam.
They arrived at the Incarnate's suspected location and circled it. His team took the front of the warehouse while the other took the back and roof. Everything was still and quiet. An unnerving aura spread throughout them as no one had ever heard of a quiet Incarnate before. The two team leaders consulted each other on if they were at the right building, but they agreed they were. With hesitance, they followed the plan anyhow. Gas was dropped into the warehouse from any opening they could find and within minutes it filled the whole thing with billowing smoke. But still...nothing.
For minutes the team looked at each other with a sense of dread and pulled out their sealed masks. Now with renewed shaking hands he too put on his mask. They were going to breach.
Most of his team formed around one side of the wooden door while he was on the other. His task was to open it for the others to smoothly enter, but something was off. His hand shook on the handle as if it felt a presence on the other side.
Soon they were cleared for action and his heart rate once again began to build. “Three, two, one, go!” His heart rate was spiking but he built up his confidence. Through shaking fingers, he twisted the knob to open the door, but there was no need. The door suddenly became lighter and flung off its hinges with part of the beige mud brick wall soon following.
He was knocked to the corner of the building as his squad mates were launched through the air. Soon after, white nauseous gas poured out the side of the building alongside the scales and feathers of an Incarnate. He scrambled to find his weapon somewhere along the ground as the dazed and broken members of his team were cut down.
Two handheld crescent-shaped blades cut through the heavy sweat-soaked gear of his ally's before turning to him. His heart stopped as he locked eyes with the sneer of the beast. An electric cord then snapped into the wall beside its head causing its feathers to raise and its gaze to be focused above. The tip of his finger then hit the grip of his weapon and he launched his cable as well. Though it hit, the hooks didn’t properly latch into its skin. Even with a mere glance however, it was enough electricity to sting and drive it off. Through the winding narrow streets, the monster fled, and through those streets they had to follow.
He clambered to his feet and retracted his cable from the dirt. It wound back inside with an intense ferocity not even the Incarnate could match. “You’re the new team leader, call your copter I’m calling ours”, the other team leader told him as he approached. A bit startled he looked over to his team members' bodies, his eyes stopping on the previous leader. “What about their bodies, no one has even checked if any of them are still alive”, he hurriedly asked. “The bodies can be picked up later, even if some are alive, they won’t be for long”. He was then handed his team's radio and that was as much quarrel as he was allowed to give.
As the two helicopters landed, two members of the other squad joined him. They took off and found the Incarnate making its way toward the edge of the city in a straight line.
They set their lights on it and then made a swift gliding motion down closer to the ground and in front of its path as the other helicopter did the same on the other side. Both the soldiers flanking him fired their cords into the creature's upper body. His cable bounced and landed somewhere closer to its abdomen. The other side fired their cables as well however, weren't as lucky, with all of them bouncing off the harder scales and feathers on its back. Nonetheless, the three of them delivered jolts of lightning into its flesh causing it to spasm for the moment.
For that moment he really thought they had it, they were going to take down one of the few remaining Incarnates that plagued Durma. Then the two cables which sat beside him were yanked and into the darkness below they fell. Instinctively he unlatched his as its arm went for it, just missing the incredibly speedy cable as it wound itself back into his weapon. With another deathly stare into his eyes, it leaped for a back alley and bolted toward another part of the city. They followed it from the sky like nothing happened until it smashed through a cathedral wall and out of sight.
They naturally set down and made their way inside. Both helicopters then loomed above with searchlights circling the outside.
They crept into the dark open space that acted like a familiar void. On creaking steps, they spread out past chairs and tables a century old.
The five of them waited, scanning around with their torches. His torch shook more than the others but not noticeably so. There then came a creak and a bang which sputtered light around like a swarm of angry bees.
He slowly traced the direction of the sound until his weapon locked onto a door. Soon it seemed they were all in agreeance on the direction of the sound as all lights focused on his.
He edged himself towards the door and pulled the pin from his unused gas grenade. It rolled under the wood and filled the room beyond with smoke.
As white clouds seeped through the cracks, an unsettling feeling swept over him again. The gas didn’t work last time they tried it and he suspected it wouldn’t this time either, even if it was in that room which he now doubted.
He scanned once more with his light all around the room but there wasn’t any space they hadn't looked at before. There weren't any more doors or walls it could hide behind and then it hit him. Slowly he angled the light up and up until he found out the cathedral had rafters. He paused for a moment and then it came.
Over a ton of dense muscle and steel crushed one of the five and cackled a raspy voice all the while. The rasp then faded as it noticed its predicament. With one leg caught in the floorboards they spread out evenly and plunged their cords from every angle. The room then lit up with blue light as smoke rose from the points of contact. A deafening roar was then emitted as it slumped closer and closer to the floor, the sound of a beast defeated. The electricity stopped and they all waited. The other team leader brought out his radio and reported its state to his pilot.
While waiting for orders he heard another creak, then a low-toned groan and lastly the snap of wood. The floor suddenly gave way and he cut his cord from his weapon. He landed on the other side of a stone wall while his sparking cable snaked over it above.
His tailbone hurt immensely and his head felt dizzy. He removed the mask and breathed in what he thought would be a supply of air, but was now smoke from the flames on the other side of the wall. A burning piece of dried floorboard then fell from above almost crushing him.
He made his way down his corridor while pulling out his radio to alert the pilots. When he was about to speak he heard the order. “Permission to use emergency payload authorized”. His eyes went wide and he double-timed it down the corridor.
Bricks rained down from above with smoldering wood as he reached the stairs to a cellar door. He pushed open one side, then the other, and collapsed just before getting fully outside.
He lay there for a time absorbing the fresh air that smelled like gunpowder. After his moment of delusion, he found the searchlights in the sky again and heard something similar to “both four missile payloads expended” come from his radio.
His heart thought it was over as it was merely focused on the absorption of fresh oxygen but somehow, he knew it wasn’t.
He followed the white beams with his eyes which stopped somewhere inside what remained of the cathedral. Some kind of brass dinging pierced his ears and he flinched. By the time he opened them, he only caught a glimpse of a fireball careening down towards Almahar followed by a large bell. The remaining beam then lost less and less light as it went higher into the sky.
What emerged from the building was now most likely less than a ton in weight. It billowed out smoke from its nostrils and flared what remained of its feathers. Scales withered and fell off its body as it staggered toward the desert with one less crescent-shaped blade. The latch from a cord was still hooked into its torso with a gash wound from what looked like a knife mirroring it on the other side.
Although he expected his heart to sink and his limbs to shake when it scanned over him again, they did not. Instead of a cynical glance, he was treated to the maw of fulfillment.
His target trotted to the meager fence which kept out the open desert then stopped. The sound of far-off searing wind was picked up by the both of them and they turned to look at the heavens.
Four more explosions landed just beyond the fence and blew back the Incarnate.
What landed after didn’t bring the sound of chopping blades or determined men, but a simple thump and a wall of kicked-up sand.
Standing taller than the other was a metal feather-clad creature bearing the words SHOCK across its body. Two jet flames on either side of its wings began to simmer out and in a dazzling display of mechanical brilliance, sharp feathers rose out to tip them instead.
Half bird half machine feet sprung from the sand they planted themselves in and carried the creature closer to its target.
In a gasp that didn’t come from him, a raspy dead voice questioned back a name he had never heard. It opened up foreign dialogue to the abomination and yet didn’t meet a response. Severe loss and sadness carried through the words he couldn’t understand.
He had no understanding of the dialect and yet he somehow understood fully. He understood the grief and despair, the years seen and loved ones lost, the honors won and victories previously achieved, and yet the mechanical abominations beautiful eyes didn’t change. Its stride grew longer and its feathers extended until it was on top of the defeated hero centuries old.
The fight was not fair in the slightest. Large slashes formed quicker than he could see strikes swung and it was done.
The Incarnate collapsed into a pool of his own blood as he did not once attempt to strike his opponent.
Chopper blades could soon be heard far off and they landed, bringing fresh men in to collect their prize.
He clambered out of the ruins and into the spotlights where weapons were immediately trained on him then back onto the Incarnate.
Much after that was a blur.
He boarded a helicopter which strung them along, beside them the mimicry of a real jet.
The sun began to crest dunes far away and he was asked a question. He looked over to his superior officer and answered “If I get to work with it” then looked over at the mechanical abomination, “I'm in”.
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2023.06.04 18:12 Eja7777777 Could I use someone’s bike ?

Hi, my bike just got stolen (so mad) and I don’t feel like it’s worth it to buy a new one for just the next two weeks - does anyone have a bike I could just borrow / even rent for the time being? Just up til the 16th of June? I know a lot of people have bikes and don’t use them often, so if you are one of those people and want to be a kind soul / make a bit of extra money before summer, please please message me !!
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2023.06.04 18:11 Constant-Berry6272 literal absolutely cheapest place to live in Los Angeles?

One person and a cat. will literally live in any place for rent that is super cheap?
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2023.06.04 18:11 Severe_Appointment89 Poor graduate student

I'm starting full time school in a few weeks across the country and I'm becoming increasingly worried about having money for food. My school doesn’t have a cafeteria as it’s a small private school.
My class schedule is 9-5 everyday and because of the type of schooling, everyone is suggesting to not work because it’s easy to fall behind and fail out of school.
I applied for SNAP benefits and insurance aid, but because I have worked this year already and don’t have an address in that state yet I was denied.
I decided to take the schools insurance which is $3k a year and my student loans would cover it. I really don’t want to take out loans to pay for food as I’m already taking out extra for in loans for rent. My first years tuition is $130k and I’ll be in school for 3 years.
Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to get assistance and aid? Or any stories of what you did that would help me?
Thank you so much!
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2023.06.04 18:09 Cishuman Judge Dagoth

PELINAL: You are about to enter the court-room of Judge Dagoth Voryn! The people are dead. The cases are argued in an aetherial tesseract outside of linear time. The rulings are final! This is Judge Dagoth!
DAGOTH: Please state your name for the record.
NOCTURNAL: I am UR DROTH, the part of the part that at first was all, part of the darkness that gave birth to light, that supercilious light which now disputes with Mother Night her ancient rank and space, and yet cannot succeed.
DAGOTH: Your legal name, please; not your Tumblr bio.
DAGOTH: Of course. And what is your grievance with the defendant?
NOCTURNAL: This songbird sought shade beneath my bough. The terms were loathsomely clear: “My Shadow’s protection against all hues and snares. But in turn you shall attend to my Evergloam forever, Nightingale, singing for your supper.”
That he should rook me so, lending his music to the Doom Drum, draws my umbrage.
DAGOTH: Duly noted. Next plaintiff: state your name for the record, please.
HIRCINE: I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life, and the giver of Life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death.
DAGOTH: Just asking for a name, please.
DAGOTH: And your grievance with the defendant, Mr. Hircine?
HIRCINE: I swaddled that whelp in my livery! He is my footman, no matter the number of feet that he wears. I expect him at my flank, bearing my torc and implements when I take the heath. So take my heed, runt - if even you should elude me in this parlay, your soven home is no guard - my teeth shall not cease to flash.
Not until I wrench them on your neck.
DAGOTH: Noted. Next, plaintiff: state your name for the record. And I must stress, just your name.
HERMAEUS MORA:I'm just an old cowboy with twigs in my hairI'm 2/3rds Alligator and 3/4rtrs bearAnd 1/2th a liar but let it be knownI've nevertold 1 lie that was not my own.
DAGOTH: [grievously frustrated sigh] Why did I give Nerevar the first blow?...You have standing to seek redress with the defendant?
HERMAEUS MORA:Those grains you fed them, contained hormones,The fruit was full of sugar.You should have knownYour child could get brain tumorsFrom that mobile telephone.
DAGOTH: Great. Just great. Alright, last plaintiff - your name, for the record.
MOLAG BAL: I’m Molag Bal! Who the fuck are you?
DAGOTH: I am Dagoth Voryn, Sharmat of the Sixth House, Love and Consolation of the Velothi Race.
MOLAG BAL: Never heard of you, Diego. Anyway, I let this dong-sheath crash at my pad in Bravil for like 6 months. Never paid me rent. Ate all of my goddamn poptarts. And his goddamn goat broke my butler table!
DAGOTH: You have a house in Bravil?
MOLAG BAL: It's an apartment. A studio.
DAGOTH: Alright. Well, anyway, would the defendant please state their name for the record.
DRAGONBORN: Bendu Olo. It means “hope” in Ancient Colovian.
DAGOTH: Your real name, please.
DRAGONBORN: I’d rather not shout, not just yet.
DAGOTH: I’m sure. And how do you answer the torts lain before you, Mr. Olo?
DRAGONBORN: Dead to rights. I owe them a soul.
HERMAEUS MORA: [Abyssal Mollusc-Like Exclamation].
MOLAG BAL: I mean, I’m really just looking to get the butler-table referbed.
DAGOTH: Very well. However, we face a not inconsiderable problem in that extradition - spiritual or otherwise - doesn’t really allow for even splits.
NOCTURNAL: We are prepared to accept an uneven judgement, so long as it means the upstart is punished.
DRAGONBORN: But of course. And surely as the eldest, the Ur Droth, remember, you are the greatest of your siblings and most deserving of the contested prize.
HIRCINE: Fie! My sister is the most senile and inert of powers, content to sulk in corners and cellars. She is most deserving of cobwebs and mold, that is her kingdom.
NOCTURNAL: What a savage “hunt” you are, Hircine. I simply fear that you are too gorged on your venations already, field-mice and chickadees, and that you should have no palette for this little wyrm.
HIRCINE: Languorous Harlot!
NOCTURNAL: Dog Botherer!
MOLAG BAL: Meeeeooww…
HERMAEUS MORA: Sometimes in our lives, there is pain, there are headaches. But what a difference homemade onion soup makes. Boil a chicken to make a bouillon With salt and tarragon Add several chopped onions Simmer over a low flame. Add carrots and celery, And (why not?) a cup of Champagne, And more onions. If you're depressed with phlegm in your chest, Lonesome in winter in the Midwest, Toss in sliced chicken breast, Add croutons or wonton, Call up Leon, Diane, Don Juan, Yvonne Dionne, William Shawn, Louis Khan, Pope John, That whole group, And serve them soup.
DAGOTH: Indeed, civility is essential to the proceedings. I’ll thank everyone for abiding by the decorum that this venerable tesseract demands.
DRAGONBORN: Truly…but there can be no civility without honesty. And honestly, one does have to admit, Hircine is the more…shall we say, volatile or reactive power? What is the greater boon? To be made the raptor? Or to be made to seek refuge from his rapture?
DAGOTH: Your point, Mr. Olo?
DRAGONBORN: Only that Hircine's gift constitutes the greater loss and therefore deserves greater remuneration. Allow me to demonstrate: Lord Bal, what grieves you more? The slinking, shadowy theft of your poptarts; Or the rambunctious goat that headbutted your butler-table?
MOLAG BAL: You said the leaf just fell off!
NOCTURNAL: This is asinine! I am the shadow! I am everywhere, even in idiom do I lurk - Hircine dwells in only speechless beasts and idiots!
HIRCINE: Asinine! ASININE?! Every “ass” is your demesne! None would tolerate your touch otherwise!
HIRCINE: That’s not actually an insult!
MOLAG BAL: Divayth Fyr gave me that table!
[Dagoth Ur slams his gavel several times]
DAGOTH: Order! Order! Everyone shut up!
[Everyone hushes]
DAGOTH: Goddammit, I thought Azura was annoying! Now if everyone is done with the childish remarks-
HIRCINE: She started it!
[Dagoth Ur slams the gavel another around]
DAGOTH: Don't shit on my head and tell me it's rain! You're all fucking culpable in this mess but somehow it's my eternal torment to sort it out, so I'd appreciate a just a cunt-hair of mature discourse out of you ageless, primordial entities. Unless you'd like to spend time in the hallway with Officer Whitestrake.
[Pelinal steps into view. He cracks his knuckles.]
PELINAL: Howdy Pardners.
[Everyone remains silent]
DAGOTH: Didn't think so.
DRAGONBORN: Your honor, if I may, I believe that I have a solution to the current tetralemma.
DAGOTH: Is that so?
DRAGONBORN: Quite. I happen to have contrived an ingenious method by which every member of the plaintiff suite may be provided with my soul, as befits their illustrious station.
[Dagoth slams his gavel again]
DAGOTH: Excellent. Done. Do it. I’m so fucking done with this case.
DRAGONBORN: As you will, your honor. Well, first come, first serve. So, Lady Knock-up, for the gracious gift of your shadowy cant (for nightingale song is most lovely!) here ya go,


[A luminous dragon-soul erupts from the Dragonborn. Its light is so great that every stray hint of Nocturnal is washed out of the room.]
And for Lord Hurts-Just-Fine, who dearly needs a master to bait his game, may I safely present the most dangerous quarry,


[Another dragon-soul emerges from the Dragonborn. Hircine flees, but its flight swiftly overtakes him.]
DRAGONBORN: Careful, he bites.
But who could forget Mr. Herman Moore? I know I almost always do, my memories of you are just a dumped abyss. Anyway, figure out this mystery,


[Yet another Dragon soul erupts from the Dragonborn. It holds Hermaeus Mora’s paper in the toilet.]
HERMAEUS MORA: I should be writing my memoir, In March it's due. Instead, I'm in Miami, [Gurgling from being severely swirlied]
DRAGONBORN: Hint: It rhymes with Tragon.
Well now as I live and breath! Lord Moldy Balls!
MOLAG BAL: Hey now, I just want the table referbed. I don't even want your soul, man. I've already got closets full of 'em! Vivec's making me haul 'em to Goodwill! I'll even settle for the poptarts back!
DRAGONBORN: Don’t worry, lots of deities experience shrinkage in coldharbours like such. Not to worry though, I’ve got just the thing to warm ya up:


[One last ropey dragon-soul shoots out of the Dragonborn. It violates Molag Bal thoroughly]
MOLAG BAL: The poptarts!
[Dagoth bangs his gavel]
DAGOTH: Case…uh, Case closed.
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2023.06.04 18:08 todumbtofight Moving back to vegas spouse has bad credit any advice?

Looking for minimum 2 bedrooms under $1600 near strip, safe for family. Stay at home spouse has bad credit with charge offs, but working spouse has good credit and income above 3x. Any advice on renting if stay at home spouse doesnt meet requirements?
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2023.06.04 18:07 Mammoth_Energy8567 Intrusive patterns around homosexuality

I identify as and enjoy straight sex my whole life though I’ve had a nagging feeling I am perceived as gay by others from early childhood. I’m masculine but high Eq and am more easily friends w women have rarely had good guy friends even as an adult (I’m 32). Raised by two parents no abuse that I’m aware of. Mom was more in control but dad was present too. When I was young when masterbating I was curious about my anus and would put objects pens etc inside as curiosity this didn’t last. When I was 12-13 a friend showed me how we jerks off and I was ashamed and pre pubescent, he was older. We jerk off just one time but made me uncomfortable and we didn’t remain friends. I became rebellious in hs and got expelled twice for attention seeking, threats and behaviors.
While home alone I masterbate constantly. One day my brother (younger of three) saw me and we did it mutually even touching each other and humping. Only happened twice. I’d cum in food items like PB and mayo and our family ate it (gross). Graduated and was arrested for drug and alcohol three times. Worked with a guy where I stayed over for early morning jobs, he asked us to watch porn together I knew he was watching me jerk. Stayed friends but didn’t do that again.
Around same time met a business mentor who did same watched porn talked about girls I was shy but he was helpful in career so I remained friends tho stopped jerking together after a few times. Got cheap rent from another gay guy for a short time but nothing happened.
Have played hockey and notice myself wondering about guys dicks or my eyes looking at their crotch it’s like I’m curious but the idea of interacting with turns me off. Dated a great girl good sex to start but turned lackluster and I cheated for years before leaving. Have healthy dating life now with great sex.
Have done psychedelics and they often show me gay imagery or scenarios which are repulsive, but I try and allow it to show me insights. I feel it’s from the past intrusive things that I was exposed to but maybe it’s more.
I dont judge homosexuality but also doesn’t appeal to me, I just have this baggage that fucks with my self image. Curious if others relate and maybe the numerous gay incidents mean I am gay and my psyche won’t allow it and I need to embrace it. I’m not attracted to men but dicks are impressive 🤷‍♂️ how do I shake this?
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2023.06.04 18:07 SonOfGallifrey Canoe rentals at voyageurs

I'm looking for recommendations of where to rent canoes at voyageurs national park for a long weekend. Ive only found 1 service listed online but I would assume there are more since the park is water based.
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2023.06.04 18:07 arod3000s My lil monster Flux 😅

My lil monster Flux 😅
I barely used my Hpi Baja 5b Flux due to the limited space I have around where I live and the warehouse because privately own so can run her to her full potential, but this morning I took her for a spin and the esc caught on fire. Luckily everything is in great shape and almost to none sign of burn marks. Upon inspection and help from my neighbor who's uses alot of the castle 1/5th esc , he actually told me that the 1st gen esc had a malfunction on the 2 capacitors causing it to caught on fire. It turns out that im not the only one that happened to, there's a whole forum about it 😥
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2023.06.04 18:05 Wandering--Wondering Why are mothers so cruel/competitive to other mothers?

Why is it that mothers always seem to be competing? I see a lot of reddit posts where parents vent about a struggles they're experiencing with parenthood. I'd say at least half the time instead of offering support or advice the other person just cuts them down. Everyone talks about the isolation of motherhood and the dangers of postpartum, but it's incredibly unhelpful for all these folks to be so judgemental and competitive.
The situation that specifically set me off was a mom was venting about the difficulties and disappointments of being the mother to a disabled child that is non verbal and who will never be able to live independently. Everyone got so mad that she felt this way, even saying well you shouldn't be a mom to a special needs child. So what is she supposed to do? The child is already born. Others would say "don't have a child if you can't come to terms with raising them for life." Yet I'm sure the folks saying that are not in a similar situation, and their 'raising a child for life' is letting their 264 month old live rent free. The few that were in similar situations would brag about how their child is a blessing and so amazing, and how that mother should be ashamed of herself. Which is probably the most unhelpful.
Idk this is why I'm not friends with moms, way too much drama and reminiscent of high school friendships.
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2023.06.04 18:03 BobDeBouwer_15 Help, what do i do when out of cargo containers

So I’m currently trying to unlock the tayga 6455B. I still need 4 cabins for the ‘Old Sawmill’ contract, however there is only one cargo container left at the pier. And only two cabins in yellowrock international forest. This means I still need to make 1 cabin. But I have checked every single warehouse multiple times and i dont seem to have any cargo containers left. What do i do now? Do they replenish? Do i find some in the wild? Help?
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2023.06.04 18:02 hotwinterhug Getting back to life - Read my story

Hey Redditors!
Warning - long post, but maybe someone can relate and it can open eyes of a person in need - please read all!
I am aware of the borrow and assistance subreddit however I'm new to Reddit and haven't been using it a lot therefore my karma is low and I can't post there. Most of the time just scrolling and reading other people's stories which showed me that there are kind hearted people out there.
I am in need of a small financial help for food and for bus ticket for this week till payday. I don't want to be donated, but would like to borrow £50 until my payday this Friday, 09th of June, happy to pay small interest. Ideally PayPal but I'm happy to make an account elsewhere if it would be easier for my potential borrower. Can provide screenshot of my payslips as proof of being able to pay back (I'm being paid weekly)
I am in a tough situation myself this week and it's been a long way already what I will talk about below so I decided to post here.
How I put myself in this situation is because I've been depressed - out of life energy, feeling like I'm not any good and I successfully put myself down more and more. I closed myself in and stopped sharing things that bother me with anyone, keeping it all to myself. I was and am that person which will never show on the outside something is wrong, because I would usually smile and not share my worries or problems because I always felt like everyone has enough of their own issues for me to share mine with them as well, at the same time, always being a great listener and supportive friend. I quit my job and stayed unemployed for a year. I had some savings which I lived off during that time, but it was rather dark times. I would look out the window but feeling myself like I'm in a prison. I distanced myself from friends and family. Stopped going out as I would only leave the flat to get shopping. Even a sunny day would feel sad. Got to a very dark point where I was due to being kicked out of the flat due to unpaid rent. I was ready to end my life right there at the age of 27, but luckily I spoke to an old friend who opened my eyes. Who told me that asking for help is not a shame (which I always felt like it is and therefore tried not to bother anyone with my problems) because we are all humans and can have our struggles. Since that time it's been over a month. I started to work and I'm half way through of becoming permanent (temp to perm, 12 weeks). My friend helped me with accommodation as much as he could (2 weeks) which allowed me to get my first wages. That then allowed me to somehow slowly progress, renting a cheap room Monday - Friday and then staying over at cheap hotels on the weekends and putting money aside for renting a room (deposit and first month of rent). Finally, this Friday I had enough to rent a room, but that's also why I'm out of money.
Apologies for making it so long but I felt like sharing my story can help someone who is feeling exactly how I felt. Like there is no hope for a better tomorrow, that at the end of the tunnel there ain't no light - there always is! Never lose hope and don't be ashamed or afraid asking for help if you feel like you cannot cope anymore. Don't repeat my mistakes because it can get real tough. It costs nothing to ask for help. And it ain't no shame. Remember that!
Also, if you feel like you need help, advice, someone to talk to (I feel like it's easier to open yourself to people you don't know due to feeling more safe that way) - don't hesitate to send me a message or use services which offer support and help you need - they're usually free and I can promise you that they can only help, advice and make things better, not worse.
I wish you all a good weekend!
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2023.06.04 18:01 opcoupon $128.79> #Z-Edge Ultra 1 Portable Monitor for Laptop, 15.6” Geekbuying Coupon Code [USA Warehouse]

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2023.06.04 18:00 ronnyt8 Aftermat ISlands

Aftermat ISlands
Aftermath Islands is about ownership, creation, and community. Own land in the Metaverse today! Which Island will you choose?
15% off all products with this Promo Code - 15%RAX3UXKSKO
About Aftermath Islands
Aftermath Islands is a blockchain-based virtual reality interactive platform.
Aftermath Islands as first described in the initial whitepaper published in 2017 and then subsequently updated, was based on the premise of a water-world that had islands that represented destinations in a global virtual game. Since then, the Aftermath Islands metaverse has evolved and now represents exciting themed based islands, communities, and estates where players can experience a wide range of adventures and opportunities.
In Aftermath Islands’ virtual world, users can buy, develop and trade Virtual Land (VL), property and items, like buildings, crafted items, transport, and other items all through NFTs, a non-fungible token that represents the ownership of digitally created items. Each plot or parcel of VL is unique and owners get to choose what content they want to publish on their VL.
This can range from simple scenery and structures to an interactive game, store, warehouse, dwelling, facility, or destination. Users can purchase VL as well as all other goods and services in Aftermath Islands with CREDITS, the current code name for in-game currency, fiat and other authorized currencies, coins and tokens.
Aftermath Islands is a shared virtual world, much like the Metaverse described by author Ernest Cline in his science-fiction novels Ready Player One and Ready Player Two. Expected to launch mid-2022, Aftermath Islands will allow users to connect and interact with each other, create content, craft, participate in activities and quests and play games. Aftermath Islands will have a virtual economy where users can engage in a myriad of in-world economic transactions as well as monetize the content, items, quests, and applications they build.
15% off all products with this Promo Code - 15%RAX3UXKSKO
The Lost Kingdom of T’Sara early sign-up - Earn 50 Aftermath Island Credits - T'SaraRAX3UXKSKO
Yotube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIrwsRw6qgs&feature=emb_title
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2023.06.04 17:58 420clefairyprincess [TOMT] [Book] [Early 2010s]

YA book with the cover being two teenagers (a boy and girl) embracing and wrapped in string lights
The book is about a girl who moves out to a new city with her mom. The girl meets a friend who gets her into fashion and vintage clothing and pretty much teachers her how to dress. She then meets a boy and the eventually move out to an apartment together. As time goes on, she gets tired of him and starts saving up money to move out. I remember there was a point in which she’s having sex with him that’s she’s disgusted by the pimples on his chest.
As she’s saving money to move out, she discovers that she is pregnant by him. I can’t remember how she pays for it but she gets an abortion. With the money she saved up, she finds her own apartment. When she’s living alone, she’s working at a cafe to pay her rent and eating Mac and cheese to survive. She hangs up pages she’s ripped out from fashion magazines but I can’t remember if that was when she was living with her mom or completely on her own.
That’s the most I can remember and I read it when I was in high school, so sometime between 2009-2013 is when it might’ve been published. Might’ve been a Simon pulse novel but not sure
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2023.06.04 17:58 GlemChally Found this scat in the corner of the yard, looks to be a hotspot portapot raccoon latrine?

Found this scat in the corner of the yard, looks to be a hotspot portapot raccoon latrine?
There's quite the mound there, must be using for a while now i just rent here. But have seen the trash pandas around a lot. Have to weigh our garbage can lid down to keep them from raiding it.
Must be raccoon, no dogs or cats around that I've seen.
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2023.06.04 17:57 Ok_Barracuda449 Itinerary for my honeymoon to Galway!

So my fiancé(23f) and I(22m) have our honeymoon October 2-6 of this year! We have an Airbnb right in Galway City. We have a car rented too. She definitely wants to see the cliffs of Moher and to go hiking around the prettiest parts of Ireland (which, from what I’ve seen, seems to be the western half of Ireland). She also wanted an attractive town to stay in and I thought Galway City would be perfect! Well, my question is what are some great attractions for a newly-wedded couple to see along the west coast/half of Ireland for a honeymoon? We are willing to travel around the country, too! I just want to utilize this trip and to see all the amazing things Ireland has to offer. I’ve compiled a few things to see, but she and I have never been to the country so any advice is appreciated, especially if you’ve been there before! Thank you for taking the time to read!
We fly in early in the morning at 6am October 2nd and fly out October 6th at 2pm.
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